The BiS Audition Final Training Camp Thread

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Your new BiS:

  • Pour Lui
  • Yokoyama Hina
  • Nagayama Yukiko
  • Koshouji Megumu
  • Maina the End

Three out of five, but five, ain’t bad!

Quickie updates from the field:

You were right, Garry!

I’m sure they’re thankful for that!

Called SiS! Of course!

Totally amazing work. Still wondering if this includes that lousy quitter Ton Tonko.

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Under Beasty Just Announced a Third Single

This is pretty fun! Under Beasty, whose name always makes me giggle a little bit, announced a soon-to-come third single at their show tonight (in Japan, the past is the future!):

Oh good, you’re thinking, I am happy for Under Beasty but come on, when are you going to do a BiStory Countdown #0? And to you, friend, I retort. Continue reading

Know Your BiStory #1: primal.

Gang, we made it. It’s time for #1 in the Know Your BiStory countdown. There are some truly great songs in the world. And then there’s “primal.”

It’s literally a huge honor to get to write about this song. “primal.” wasn’t the group’s consensus #1 when we all voted, but it sort of emerged while we worked out which track was more awesome than another. And, given everything we’ve seen so far, that shows an extremely high level of respect.

I think the most important thing to consider about “primal.” is that, awesomeness aside, it came at one of the biggest — if not the biggest, period — pivot points in BiS’s tumultuous history; Yokoyama Rina, today known as Rinahamu and one of the most creative, prolific women in J-music, had left the group because she just couldn’t with the antics, and Terashima Yufu, the infamous Yuffy, had been recruited to replace her. They had an album and two singles — both of which are on this list — and this third single was representative not of where BiS had come from, but where they were going.

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Not Just Any Standard, the World Standard

Who’s up for another gothic shot in the arm? I know I could stand for a little gloom.

Here’s the latest from The World Standard, Wa-suta, who have actually made a cameo appearance here in the original TIF Megathread courtesy of @ramenshuriken but fell by the wayside since:

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‘KILLER BiSH’ Will Be Pre-released on iTunes

At this point, any cryptic overnight tweets from any WACK artist about news coming at a particular time in the very near future should be taken with a mix of awe of dread. Such was my response to seeing BiSH send out a note that news was coming at 20:00 JST.

“Something’s fishy,” I thought. The BiS audition finals timing, the Billie Idle turnover … too much potential for something malign to be in the cards (“Aina the End has been traded for Maina the End!” was very possible).

But nope! Just good news!

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It Doesn’t Take Much to Get Me to Post THE SPUNKY

I spied this on Twitter last night, just a couple of minutes of THE SPUNKY, live, doing their thing in wholly different outfits than their previous punk-meets-idol look:

Apparently also big fans of Fresno State football and/or football players named Fresno!

Say, THE SPUNKY fans, do you happen to know of any new stuff happening soon?

Know Your BiStory #2: BiSimulation

The penultimate entry in the Know Your BiStory countdown brings us back to @weeaboowitch, the megafan responsible for “STUPiG” and the BiS Audition Hunger Games. Check out her art at

According to Google, “bisimulation” is “a binary relation between state transition systems, associating systems that behave in the same way in the sense that one system simulates the other and vice versa.” But if you’re not a computer scientist, BiSimulation is the song where we said our farewells to Wakisaka Yurika, Terashima Yufu and the famed Quintet lineup as a whole (but mainly Wacky, since it wasn’t until after the single was released that Yuffy finally got sick of Pour Lui’s nonsense and followed her dreams of being a catgirl). Continue reading

At Last! Kitakaze Impact Choque! Drops a New MV

It actually happened yesterday, but I was a butt and didn’t get to publish and had a hellish workday, and then I figured, “Why not Tuesday? Tuesdays suck.” So here you go, fresh Kitakaze Impact Choque!(.)

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The BiS Audition Finalists Are Here!

On the eve of Pour Lui’s BiS Audition Final Boot Camp Special (not to be confused with the BiS Audition Hunger Games; also nor as fun, probably), BiS has announced a small army of finalists who … I think they’ve been paying attention to us, you guys:

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Know Your BiStory #3: PPCC

For #3 in the Know Your BiStory countdown, we return to Idol Is Shit‘s Garry MacKenzie for a look at … well, look at it!

“PPCC,” if not the most important (“Nerve” is of course a thing), is one of the most important releases that the original BiS put out. My reason for believing this is simple, it was their major label debut under Avex Trax. Up until that point, BiS had been killing it on the indies and with their anti-establishment message it was somewhat surprising to see them sign to a major label. How their career panned out after that is a debatable subject (I will fight you), but there’s really no denying the historical significance of this single.

Read the whole thing. If you haven’t had enough sex and violence yet in this series, maybe “PPCC” will round things out for you.

/looks at schedule

Nope! Still got plenty more of that!