Screaming Sixties with a Great Single/Video

Good thing I haven’t gotten around to finishing Zekkyousuru 60do’s profile yet: In conjunction with the release of their live DVD backed by punk band 6% Is Mine (their sponsors), they’ve put out this awesome MV for the “Only Place We Can Cry” single. Continue reading

Guso Drop Continues to Tease New Music that Has No Vocals

I’m starting to think that the whole “we’re going to battle Screaming Sixties and maybe quit if we lose” thing is just a put-on. This is the third track to show up on Guso Drop’s Soundcloud in the last several weeks; if they’re teasing new music, it probably means that there’s an album coming, not that they’re going to hang ‘em up.

Jesus. Did somebody offend Yurapiko’s honor or something?

BTW, I’m handicapping that battle in Screaming Sixties’ favor. Having 6% Is Mine as their band is basically unfair.

(Leave me alone. Kayfabe is fun.)

BiSH Saves Christmas (Eve), Embraces “Idolcore” Tag

Not to in any way run down the awesome album art that we got yesterday, but the Dec. 24 releases of TWO new tracks and an awesome international cover have me in a terrifically BiSHitty mood.

Somebody please romaji/translate this 身勝手あいにーじゅ title for me.

GOD am I happy about this song. Punk rock is at its most compelling when it’s being used in anthem form, and this song makes excellent use of a punk anthem around some softer moments, like something from a New America-era Bad Religion. I really like what BiSH has been doing since launch, with a much more refined sound than their predecessors at the same point, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a worried that they’d de-edge themselves. So far, so good.


I’ll have a lot more to say about these songs, and I have a feeling this song in particular, when we’re finally able to listen to the whole album as a product. “Beautiful-sa,” though, feels like a lead MV song, just in the way that those punky bits are wrapped about a chorus with a cute hook (with an English word!).

The REALLy important takeaway, though, is that BiSH/WACK made use of the #idolcore tag on Soundcloud. That’s not a term that everybody signs on for (I first saw it used in conjunction with fan uploads of BiS songs), but I use it because I think it’s very good and descriptive and sounds awesome, so please, WACK, keep using it so I don’t need to feel weird about using it to describe you.

Once again, free download from Ototoy.


I’m embedding this whole tweet because you should follow and share and everything, not just enjoy the recording.

Details on the New BiSH Album

You’d think that there was some kind of strategy involved, what with the way that BiSH has something about themselves in the news damn near every day at this point, and the release of their second album is just a few weeks away.

I’m using the source because I enjoy the SEO potential, but you’ll find this stuff all over Twitter today.

This art:

Album cover for BiSH Brand-new Idol Shit second album Fake Metal Jacket

The album title (we’d heard “Full Metal Jacket” for a while) is newly updated to FAKE METAL JACKET, and they’re rocking a militarized look. BiSH is going to war?

The article has a track list, too, and it looks like this may be a little bit of a reboot (because new members?) with the addition of “Spark,” “MONSTERS,” “BiSH – Hoshi ga” and the song called in romaji on Soundcloud “salovercana” from their debut, plus everything they’ve released in MV or DL form since “OTNK.” There are some currently unknown titles on that list, so maybe we’ll get them before the Jan. 20 release.

Here’s “Spark” for those unfamiliar with the only recording of Yukako Love Deluxe’s vocals on a BiSH track.

“Recycled tracks! Bah humbug!” you say. Relax yourself. It’s a pretty common thing for idol units to do. Hell, BiS’s first album was half stuff that Pour Lui had released as a solo artist, and then they included “nerve” on every album going forward. BiSH is updating with the current membership’s vocals. No big deal.

Everything that we’ve heard from BiSH so far has been pretty great, so let’s hope for more MVs and get ready for that album that WACK is totally going to send me so I can do a full review (right?).

Album art for BiSH Brand-new Idol Shit second album Fake Metal Jacket
St. Chitti, I am unreasonably afraid of you.

It’s about Time: Necronomidol to Release First Album

If you like Facebook as a way to keep up with idols, you could do a lot worse than following Necronomidol, who honestly probably have the best English-language outreach in the game (because their manager is American, see). And then you’d be privy to some of the most interesting news left in the year: There’s an album on the way!

Cover art for the upcoming album "Nemesis" by the Japanese black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol

Because Ricky is very smart, Necroma’s Nemesis will be available via U.S. iTunes around the Feb. 17 release date. With fully re-recorded vocals and at least a few new tracks (15 total!), it’s probably going to be wonderfully dark and completely insane.

Necroma is heading to New Caledonia, of all places, for their next set of international performances. Like, I get that the South Pacific is cool, and it’s close to Australia and New Zealand and is probably doubling as a vacation destination for everybody, but … Ricky, seriously, how about some U.S. dates? Are you telling me that you don’t think you could get into a few Fringe Fests and the like in a densely populated region like the mid-Atlantic and make a pretty good showing?

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Announce Album Release

Well, this is fun: Ultra-promising “yami-kawaii” idolcore group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da (It’s All Your Fault) has announced the release of their first album, coming in about a month on Jan. 27, 2016 (is everybody releasing an album now?).

As a reminder of why this is good news:

It’s like, this is a good song, and then that breakdown comes out of nowhere.

Not all album releases are created equal, and I’m not ashamed to say that this one is one of my personal most anticipated for the coming year. Glad that it’s coming early … sad that it’ll get a little bit lost in the news, with BiSH set to release just a week earlier. 2016 is shaping up to be a seriously good year.

Also, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has the best art (see above).

Oh Holy Shit, Osaka Shunkashuto’s Got an Album Coming … Tuesday! UPDATED

I feel a little ashamed of myself for not knowing this before, as I love Osaka Shunkashuto quite a bit, but I see via Pure Idol Heart that not only has the group joined the Fujiyama Project (as of October), but they’re releasing an album on Dec. 22.

Here’s a nice reminder that Osaka Shunkashuto is worth your time:

Fujiyama Project is kind of new, but they’re no joke: On the Sister Site That Is to Come, we’ll have several Fujiyama signees, including the delicious Niji no Conquistador and sora tob sakana, and there are some additional B-list idol groups on the roster so far. Osaka Shunkashuto will no doubt contribute to their growth, especially in the rapidly growing work of rock idols.

UPDATE: And now like all of Osaka Shunkashuto’s official videos have been either scrubbed or privatized on YouTube, presumably because of the album release. That’s a shame. We want to be able to be their fans, Fujiyama Project! They’re a lot more than “C’mon!” etc.! Just look at the cover photo on this post!

Very Cool Track from Osaka Shunkashuto UPDATED

It’s not an album (yet) and it’s not a new single and it’s like two months old at this point, but here’s a previously-unknown-to me-but-definitely-a-released-single song from personal rock idol faves Osaka Shunkashuto:

Honestly, what is this song even doing? I feel like I’m watching Solid Gold with my parents and it’s 1982 and a heretofore unknown soul singer is making her big national debut and is about to go platinum before succumbing to a nasty heroin habit and dying at least a full decade too early, spawning a drawn-out tribute process on VH1.

That was kind of involved. But it’s a good song, no? Honestly, it sounds like soul. And that’s great. Soul music is good music. But it sounds so much like soul that it has to be a cover, right? Like, Osaka Shunkashuto does a ton of covers, and this is one, right? They didn’t just drop a soul song?

UPDATE: Holy shit, that’s one of their singles?! I didn’t know I could love Shukashun any more than I already do, but damn.

I Love This New Necronomidol Art

Via Twitter:

Necronomidol band photo of the members covered in blood

Kakizaki, what are you even doing?

An Inside Look at Becoming an Indie Idol

I found this article while cruising through Reddit. It’s several months old, but the information is probably still really valuable.

Not all of the idols featured on this site are indie, and the indie scene is so big and diverse that it would be nuts to even try to encompass everything (even the forthcoming companion site won’t try that), but we do have a soft spot for those self-managed, in-it-for-the-love-of-performance idols who “tour” Tokyo or Osaka and have a handful of devoted wotas and otherwise sweet, delicious anonymity outside of the clubs.

This is also a good opportunity to link again to good friend Pure Idol Heart (site / Facebook), who seriously follows the indies and smaller agency talents. There’s another real insider look to the process of becoming and being an idol that you should look into.