Know Your BiStory #9: Suki Suki Daisuki

It’s Day 2 of Know Your BiStory! Today’s entry comes from Justin Ashby, one of the Japan-loving miscreants at A-to-J Connections (Twitter).

This song is just as catchy as it is terrifying. … “Suki Suki Daisuki” is definitely not for everybody; hell, it’s barely for ANYBODY. Still though, it’s an incredible meeting point for two polar opposite genres.

Read the whole thing. Oh, and, you know, actually connect with the frickin’ song.

8 thoughts on “Know Your BiStory #9: Suki Suki Daisuki

      • It was around March 2014 and I was idly searching twitter for, of all things, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, whom I had discovered a few months previously (so you could say it was all down to *her*). From stumbling across her viral hit PON PON PON, she had quickly become my current Favourite Thing Ever but she had not inspired any new musical discoveries.

        However, I came across mention of an album that would appeal to “fans of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Merzbow and Babymetal”). I had never heard of Babymetal but, although not exactly a fan, I was aware of Merzbow and had a couple of his tracks on compilations I owned. Mention of Kyary and Merzbow in the same sentence was certainly intriguing so I looked for more on this “BiSKaidan” (for twas they), found this video, loved it and ordered the CD.

        The album was great, it sounded like workmen digging up the road outside while listening to JPop on a crappy ghetto blaster. But as I listened to it more I got curious about the original songs (especially that really fun one called “nerve”). I searched them out and fell in to the wonderful world of BiS (who I was gutted to discover were soon to be splitting up) and thence a whole bunch of groups who combined my loves of exuberant pop songs and alternative and experimental music.

        (As a side note I checked out this “Babymetal” early on too. I had hoped it was the name of a whole hitherto unknown to me genre of music combining JPop and noise but what I found was just as fantastic.)

        Sadly I can’t really listen to BiSKaidan anymore as, “Suki Suki Daisuke” aside, it just sounds like a load of ruined BiS songs to me now. I do recommend the live DVD though; nerve x13, pig guts and all.

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