Your Homicidols Weekender #314

Over here in the US of A it’s the Thanksgiving holiday; that special time of year when we briefly lay down our assault rifles in order to stuff ourselves full of even more high caloric food than usual. Once we awaken from our food comas, we then consecrate the celebration through our indigenous shopping ritual, Black Friday. Usually, this season of unbridled consumption is only good for acquiring some heartburn and a mediocre deal on some clothing or electronics. This year, however, the idol gods decided to toss some offerings our way.

First up, Black Friday bought us word that Tokyo Psychopath will be making their US debut next Memorial Day weekend at Saboten Con ’23. Continue reading

Chris Graduates from Team Homicidols

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the graduation of Chris, aka Toxicbreakfast, from Team Homicidols, effective immediately. Cheki tickets for Chris will not longer be honored, and we’ve already spent the money so refunds are not available. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Since we didn’t have a white-sheet-of-death graduation announcement prepared, here’s the notice from Twinkle☆Stars regarding the departure of Yuria Shirota.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #313

I hate going Weekender to Weekender with no other new posts on Ye’ Olde Blog, but this week was a congruence of mad happenings and distractions. It’s not for lack of trying: if you could see the post queue, there are two half-written pieces that didn’t quite make it out, plus there was another sad event that I wanted to write about, but, see aforementioned madness.

In additional to localized craziness, there was plenty happening in the alt-idol world, from new drops from A-listers to some unfortunate transphobia from Z-listers. And while all that is going on, Twitter may be falling apart. Since we get most of our traffic from there, I’m expecting to receive an invoice from Elon any minute now.

So while I take a moment to catch some deep breaths, here’s what happened this week:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #312

Here we are again, at out weekly capstone of alt-idol happenings. The big news this week came in the form of some major departure announcements which are tucked down in the Oshiloss Corner where they, hopefully, won’t hurt anybody too bad. 

Stateside, we have two big idol live events happening this weekend. If you are anywhere near Houston, Texas, be  sure to hit OniCon today to meet up with SENANAN and check out a mini-BURST GIRL reunion with Rinchama and Miyako.

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‘Tis the Season for Hanako-san

The holidays are a hectic season for everyone, but this year, no one except maybe Santa himself is busier than 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san. With an upcoming birthday show, new album and an overseas live, everyone’s favorite grindcore ghost is perfectly poised to paint the season in her signature blood red. So take all of the savings that were put aside to buy holiday gifts for the family, and direct them towards a safer investment.  Remember, the more you support Hanako-san, the less likely she is to murder you in the toilet.

First up on the calendar for overseas fans is the November 19th livestream of Hanako-san’s birthday concert. Hanako-san rarely allows her performances to be captured on camera, so this a rare opportunity  being offered via friend of Homicidols, Idol Underworld.

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Reader’s Best – The Final Chapter: Dave & Roy’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We did it! We have reached the last stop on our journey through the readers of Homicidols picks for the best idol songs in all of recorded history.   Thank you again to everyone who participated. Since I love data (my favorite computer game is MS Excel), I have commingled everyone’s submissions into a single, monstrous data set and subjected it to proper statistical analysis. I will present the results of that post mortem later.

Before then, please enjoy our final Top Ten lists as curated by Dave and Roy.  Not only have they collaboratively compiled 20 legendary tracks for us to go out on, but they somehow conspired to put the cap on all of our communal efforts with a double-shot of Pour Lui in the final #1 spot. Continue reading

We Interview Idols: Niji Universe Inc., POLARIS★ and MIKO-DOLL®

It was just a normal week when Nippon Ơi!, a Cosplay – Anime convention in Da Nang, Viet Nam, announced the lineup of idol units who would appear in the event.

They started with a surprise: four ex-members of SGO48 (AKB48‘s sister group in Viet Nam) would appear as LuvLike (@LuvLikeOfficial) and have their first official stage together.


Next were two veteran groups in the scene: our North Star idols, POLARIS★ (@Polaris_idolVN); and the colorful rainbow from the South, Niji Universe Inc. (@Nijiuniverseinc). Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #311

While it feels like this was a slow idol week, it’s just illusion. Sure, not much was released the last few days but that’s just because the idol world was recovering from Halloween, one of the biggest holidays on the idol calendar. A week’s worth of new material got dropped last Sunday and Monday, and then everyone retired to spend the rest of the week in recovery. 

As proof, here’s a quick retrospective on the week that was: Continue reading

Reader’s Best: Apfelcracker, Eric and FKP’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to November, and the home stretch of the Reader’s Best series featuring our first triple-shot of top ten lists. That means that this installment features 30 tracks of idol fire curated by Apfelracker, Eric Sutherland and FKP. There are a lot of affinities between this trio (and a lot of Oyasumi Hologram) and their picks run the gamut, from the early years of vintage alt-idol right up to songs released this calendar year. They also include the first two tunes by SIPP to grace our exercise in idol excellence, so you know they are after my heart.

Let’s Go!! Continue reading