At Last! Kitakaze Impact Choque! Drops a New MV

It actually happened yesterday, but I was a butt and didn’t get to publish and had a hellish workday, and then I figured, “Why not Tuesday? Tuesdays suck.” So here you go, fresh Kitakaze Impact Choque!(.)

Now, Kitakaze Impact Choque! is, if I’m remembering it all correctly, kind of a reboot of a reboot — the original North Wind Impact (that’s the “Kitakaze” part, the “North Wind” part) was a sort-of rock idol thing. Then they got a little bit heavier and added some biker bar to their kawaii, and then by the time they were competing in Idol Matsuri, they’d added the “Choque” (“shock”) and followed that up with a bit of a return to more normal kawaii of late. Might just be a summer thing, might be permanent, actually doesn’t matter!

“Dive to the Impact” is, I guess, pretty much okay. We’ve been really spoiled lately with a bunch of BiS and Tsurezure and Yanamyu and stuff, and it gets easy to forget that there are plenty of other idols out there doing rock stuff on the regular and being part of the scenery. That’s not to knock Kitakaze (I still think that “Girls in the War” is really good), just pointing out that not everybody is a game-changer.