At Least WILL-O”s Leaving Us with Some Nice Parting Gifts

It really was sad to hear that WILL-O’ is disbanding in a month’s time. They’re carriers of a hell of an idol legacy reaching back to when the loud stuff was pretty much just a chika thing, and chika idol culture hadn’t (to my knowledge, at least) been nearly as mainstreamed as it would be over the ensuing years. Fittingly they have all the hallmarks of a major group writ just a little bit smaller, with great polish and delivery on the kind of songs that most units wouldn’t have wanted to touch a decade ago. WILL-O’ masters that juxtaposition and makes it work for them.

Anyway, digressions and all, the point is that WILL-O has a month of life left, but on Christmas day dropped a whole album of re-recorded material:

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Your Team Homicidols Best Of 2020

You didn’t think we were going to let 2020 slip away without giving ourselves a chance to go off about our own personal Best Ofs, did you? No, friend, this annual ordeal may have begun with my commenting on community picks, but nowadays we have ourselves a proper Team post on top of the community. I like it this way — it really does highlight the difference between absolute individual preferences vs. community aggregate, maybe gives you all some leads to check out, and it gives us a chance to promote our favorites more! Continue reading

I’m Serious, Kick out 2020 with Akugi’s First MV

Akugi, one of Codomomental’s new mysterious projects, has decided to soften out parting with 2020 by providing us with an amazing first MV for their first track r u serious?

Now, I use soften out here in the loosest of ways; our dear Dae has described the video as “Visual ASMR gone wrong” and “revulsing”. I prefer the term cathartic  and nightmarish, for my part. The song will wrap you in a trance-like state for just under 3 minutes, and the psychedelic visuals of crushing, squishing, stabbing and an horrifying figure straight out of the likes of The Magnus Archives.

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NELN Releases ‘REM’ MV

2020 has been a challenge, and people have had to cope the best way they can. Some have been fairly constructive; for others, though, they’re at the point where they’re losing their religion. Everybody hurts sometimes, after all. If you’re here, no matter how you’ve faced down 2020, idol is a respite, and pretty much nobody idoled harder this year than NELN, who this morning dropped their ninth in a series of 12 monthly MVs to commemorate their debut.

Twelve in a row! But why not? If you believe they put a man on the moon, you can believe in NELN having a lot more up their sleeve. Which they clearly do — their work so far has moved around between different flavors of creative rock and pop, and the frequency this time is a nice, subdued feel-good vibe:

Well that’s just nice. Anything that ends with shiny happy people and a very relieved yarn monster is okay with me. But it’s a powerful message nonetheless, because I think we can all relate to losing the one we love. It’s not the end of the world as we know it, though; as long as we have friends or busybody local girls or what have you, you don’t need to stand for anything because your problesm will be solved for you. Actually, I have no idea what the message is.

Three more to go. NELN good.

There’s Another New akugi Song, You Guys

There’s been a lot of Codomomental to work with these past few days, gang, what with Tsurezure previewing their final song the other day and akugi letting us all know that we’re in for a world of trouble when their first MV drops probably any minute now. But the cherry on top (or maybe the whipped cream, I’m bad at this analogy) is that akugi is also gracing us with another new track, a complete change of pace from this one that under ordinary circumstances you’d only have two hours from the origin to view so if it’s still not yet your time zone’s equivalent of 9:00 AM ET then friend you should click in the tweet but otherwise you do realize which website you’re on right now right?

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Let’s Discover Some Idols: Anthurium

Who else wants to close the year by getting a head start on discovering some new idols, and/or maybe learning about not-so-new idols who are nonetheless noteworthy? I mean, it’s my website, I’m completely free to blog the sound of farts all day if that’s what I want to do, so consider yourselves lucky that instead I want to blog about idols!

And with that out of the way, let’s discover Anthurium (Twitter)! Papermaiden is, I believe, the member of Team who is most into this kinda-does-all-of-the-things group that actually debuted all the way back in 2019, but who’s counting? They were always out of the corner of my eye until some recent video (and PM) made them much more attention-pay-grabby: Continue reading

This Is Why You Should Get the New Satanic Punish Single

Or something! Look, gang, I’ve been pretty direct about my opinion that Satanic Punish owns, and the reason for that is that Satanic Punish friggin’ owns, and they need our support to grow up to be big and strong and make more music that owns.

On Christmas Day, Satanic Punish released a new single in a deliciously sacrilegious move. It is appropriately titled “Alpha Omega.” It is loud and it is idol and it sounds boss af:

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Please No End to Aina the End

Cal’s favorite singer, Aina the End of BiSH fame, has always had at least a few toes in other musical waters. Her early solo work, which I do encourage you to check out, shows a young woman who can do just about anything she’d want to. Her more recent material, which I kind of regret only half-mentioning in passing in the Weekender a little while ago (but here you go), is great at showing off her chops; her first full studio album, THE END, is out in February, but she released the first single from it yesterday. Friends, we must do everything we can to protect this gift to humanity.

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A WACK Way to End Christmas

If somebody ever told you that Christmas is about togetherness and family, they lied to you and you should stop talking to them. Christmas is about gifts, sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected. The culmination of the PARADISES audition gave us the expected Christmas EP featuring some of the WAgg girls and also the unexpected results:
1. Utauuta will be promoted to PARADISES
2. Tsukino Usagi will join trainee group WAgg for 6 months
3. Yuina Empire, formerly of EMPiRE, BiS2nd, BiS and CARRY LOOSE, will join WAgg

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Your Homicidols Weekender #214: The Christmasing

Merry Christmas! Do good and loving things with yourself today. And then take some dang time off!

Wait, It’s All Gifts?

Jared out here with the best possible synopsis of one of the best possible events of the season:

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