The BiS Audition Finalists Are Here!

On the eve of Pour Lui’s BiS Audition Final Boot Camp Special (not to be confused with the BiS Audition Hunger Games; also nor as fun, probably), BiS has announced a small army of finalists who … I think they’ve been paying attention to us, you guys:

And the members are!

  • Yukiko Nagayama
  • Rio Michihayashi
  • Second Summer Uika
  • Nozumu Hirano
  • Tontonko
  • Kosheji Megumi
  • Maina The End
  • Tsutsu Sentochihiro
  • Bug Me
  • Yokoyama Hina
  • Terayama Yufu

Intro videos! Now un-blocked because I, um, acquired them! And …


And I was really looking forward to Ton Tonko and Second Summer Uika being back in BiS …

12 thoughts on “The BiS Audition Finalists Are Here!

  1. That is so exciting… I’ve been expecting this moment for so long! My favorites are definitely Michihayashi Rio, Second Summer Uika (I’ve been hesitating between her and Nagayama…), Kosheji Megumi and Bug Me!

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