100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 54: Duality

Split natures abound as a theme for the Not Secured, Loose Ends members today.

Tsuyame finds the lyrics to the untitled third single difficult to deal with, so she photographed herself and her mirror self.

Komachi is being driven mad by her quest to save Co3 from a life as a vengeance-driven penguin:

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This New Track from Panda Mic Is Pretty Fun

Oh wow, do you guys remember Panda Mic? That very deliberately black and white junior idol quintet was like a little refresher of very poppy punk at a time when it seemed like idol was losing the uniquely well-suited-to-it style a little bit.

Well, they’re back, celebrating their anniversary with a new track available via OTOTOY:

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Zero-chan Says Play the Friday Fun or Get Your Ass Whooped

Hello! Well, there’s so much going on, so lets get to something important first.

Necronomidol’s UK show is this coming Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited! I just want to thank everyone again for helping me get to the show. Those who donated or even just shared my Gofundme, my store or my commission posts. You’re awesome and I love you all so much!

Now, on to the main point: [MANIAC REDACTED!]

Now, after that public service announcement, here’s the best of last week!

Today’s Friday Fun is very, very similar to last week’s #WhatLuiIsThinking. What can I say, these idols are literally handing over these opportunities to us! This time it’s a special request from everyone’s favourite raspy-voiced idol boss, Rei!

It’s only fair. She not only tweeted the above image yesterday, but she was also one of the girls who brought attention to #YuraSmile to the Japanese side of the fandom by tweeting her response. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that tweet now, but she was amused. So it’s only fair that we meme her up too!

Tweet your edits with #ReiSays and #零ちゃん大喜利大会 and let’s see if the reception will be as entertaining as #YuraSmile!

DEADLIFT LOLITA’s Latest Is So Campy, It Hurts

“Oh look!” said I. “It’s another DEADLIFT LOLITA video! I wonder what this one’s like!”

/hits play

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 53: Esoteric

There’s a gloss of cuteness over something far more sinister in NSLE Land today.

For instance, Shidare and her dog:

Look at the machine translation for a laugh

Shida is also acting as if totally smitten with her own groupmates’ doing stuff on stage.

Given the relationship between the two, it may be that this is some kind of code. After all, why would the group’s leader choose today, of all days, to highlight their togetherness? Continue reading

Sweet Holy Moses, These Alloy Songs Rock

I’m sorry, were you guys looking for something loud and punishing for your Thursday Hurtsday fix? I’m afraid that I can’t do anything to help you … other than share these two new instrumental demos from Alloy.

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Up Up Girls (2)’s Existence Continues To Baffle Me, Also New Album

You know how I can never figure out if Up Up Girls (2) are official members of Up Up Girls (Kari) or just a sister group? Well, I’m still trying to figure that one out in my head, as last time we saw them they appeared as members/back-up dancers in Kari’s music videos but now they’re releasing their debut single, without any involvement from the original Up Up Girls (Kari) whatsoever!

Its released August 15, and it’s a double A-side between “Sun!x3” and “No no Ashi Dancing”. Continue reading

We Got Some More New Tracks from NoA

Welcome back, NoA. When last we met, the former DiSPANiC member had put out a few teasers after a long period of (online) quiet; over the last few days, she’s been at it again.

This is “Future.” It’s a nice little song!

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 52: Lull

It’s clear that, following an international tour and then a whole bunch of stuff back home in Japan, the members of Yukueshirezutsurezure are down to take it a little bit easy ahead of their next storm to come. Yes, even Cococo, who wore her best whites, or perhaps wanted her rapidly whitening front half to appear as clothing, to complain about needing a nap after a little too much to eat:

Guzzling fish from the briny deep with do that to you, Co-cubed. Continue reading

There’s Something Hauntingly Romantic about merry merli

I have a big-ass event to run for work today and wasn’t sure if I’d get much of a chance to really do much, you guys, so I figured instead that a little Indie Idol Wednesday double feature might be in order.

Remember merry merli? I sure as hell do; they were a surprisingly good time for a unit that just kind of bopped into existence without so much as an excuse me, and with slightly higher production values than we usually see (though not much more exposure, fwiw). Like immediately subsequently to that discovery, they generated another MV preview and even something of an updated look, and I’m not going to go so far out on a limb as to suggest that this “rocks” per se, but it feels kind of evil and has a sufficiently diabolical name (“Lorelei of the Meridian”! It’s practically Masonic!) that hell, have a listen: Continue reading