Some of You Already do This Fun on a Daily Basis

Let’s take a look at the biggest style icons of last week.

This week is another fun where you need to climb into the mindset of an idol. Whether that be your oshi, or idols in general. For this week, you’re going to tweet like one! Better get that impersonation talent going because someone’s gonna have to fill the void if Kamiya Saki deletes twitter after her graduation today!

So, think like an idol, and then tweet like an idol, with the oh-so-original hashtag, #TweetLikeAnIdol.


Get Some Style Tips From This Week’s Friday Fun

I don’t know about you, but some of these idols somehow managed to look even cuter with facial hair.

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We Moustache To Do Something Very Silly This Weekend…

Oh goodness peeps, our whole world has gone mad and we’ve lost minds right along with it. Last Friday you may recall that we did our regular “Friday Fun” stress-relief seeing by asking you, the always wise and level-headed public to give us some really bad Friday Fun ideas..

…the thing is, some bad Friday Fun ideas are bad enough to be kind of well, fun!

And for some odd, compelling reason, I amused myself thinking about this one from AyuniDVa… Continue reading


We Got a Little Desperate This Friday

Last week’s fun was the most active it’s been in a while! Thanks everyone! 

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This Friday Fun Doesn’t Need Any Context

Even the idols themselves (okay, one idol) accidentally got involved last week!

This week, we’re going to watch a load of music videos!

Specifically, we’re going to watch music videos, and take out anything that might seem bizarre, hilarious or concerning and share them without context!

Let’s face it, there are enough idol MVs out there that make no sense even with context. So this should be easy!

This week’s hashtag is #OutOfContextMVs!


Laugh a Little At This Friday Fun

Last time!

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A Friday Fun Where We Expect The Worst

I learned a lot last week, thank you.

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We’re Putting Those Cheeky Yoshis To Good Use This Friday

Last week was very pretty indeed.

So I saw this on my twitter feed and got inspired.


One of my very first Friday Funs was about alternative uses for idol penlights, as at the time I wanted one, but never imagined myself ever going to an idol gig anytime soon. 3 years later, I’ve been to my fair share of idol gigs, and have so many chekis I don’t quite know what to do with them all! Funny that! 

So, tell me what I should do with my cheki collection (other than doing the obvious thing and buying a book to store them all in). Maybe they’d make nice drinks coasters? Or bookmarks? You always have better ideas!

This week’s hashtag is #AlternativeChekiUses, what do you do with your chekis?


A Pretty Fun Friday Comeback

Last week you predicted the future, but not really.

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A Friday Fun Of Unrealistic Expectations

Well, last week was a downfall in and of itself!

You know what probably isn’t going to be a dud though? The new NECRONOMIDOL member(s), that’s who! After nearly six months, two auditions and a whole lot of uncertainty, a suitable replacement for Kunogi has finally been found! It’s enough to bring me out of my intended week-long Animal-Crossing-Release-Date/Trying-to-Avoid-The-WACK-Audition internet hiatus! And then you have the aforementioned WACK audition, the Melon audition (RIP) and whatever the hell Pour Lui is planning, there’s going to be a lot to look out for

So I figured, lets get hyped up a little early in the absolute best way; absolute speculation! Originally, this was just going to be a “guess the new Necroma” fun, but with the announcement of Melon Batake a Go Go’s audition, and the anticipation of a few other new idols (granted, WACK will be getting its own fun closer towards their boot camp from Hell) incoming, I thought it would be more appealing if we covered any and all groups expecting new members. 

So, how unrealistic are your hopes for these new members? Be as silly as possible, as none of us truly know what, or in this case, who, to expect. This week’s hashtag is #UpcomingIdolDebuts. There’s no doubt all of us are going to be totally incorrect with this, but, no matter if we get a surprise post-graduation comeback like Kunogi, or someone who showed up seemingly out of nowhere like Michelle, one things for certain, we’re going to welcome them with open arms regardless.