The Latest from PIIIIIIIN Is a Lot of Being PIIIIIIIN

Well, okay, maybe it’s not quite as over-the-top as all that, but I was brought into all of the update-y stuff for this post by a Soundcloud notification, and the first thing I saw from it was the song title and my mind did all of the requisite stuff from there, actual facts on the ground that were to be subsequently discovered be damned.

PIIIIIIIN, who technically can only exist when they have seven members, have yet another new regime of seven members, and to commemorate the latest changeover dropped this new number that, correct, did scare me on their behalf, but just turns out to be a nice homage rather than what the past 16 months in idol have us so conditioned for: Continue reading

This New PIIIIIIIN Song Is a Very PIIIIIIIN Song

Ah, PIIIIIIIN … I can’t think of more than a small handful of groups within the broader universe of loudol that do their particular thing quite so well and — if you’ve followed them for a while, you know what I’m talking about — in such an identifiable style. This even after the reboot brought their irrepressibly upbeat rock sound back to our lives; there could have easily been an update to the sound, too, but why would you do that when core elements of the group’s brand are “happiness” and “sunshine” and “toe-tapping”? No, PIIIIIIIN wasn’t going to stray too far from that, and frankly may they continue down this bright path until the very heat death of the universe.

So yeah the point of this piece is to say, hey, PIIIIIIN is back to seven members again*/**, and along with that they revealed a new song — here’s the live clip!

Oh man, you can’t hear much! But what if we actually had the whole thing? Would you like that? Would it prove the point? Continue reading

Catching Up (Real Quick) With Devil ANTHEM

We’re almost through the Catching Up series! Just in case you hadn’t noticed that there was kind of a Catching Up series!

Today’s entry, and alas the only one I’m going to be able to manage, concerns the delightfully variable pop rock of Devil ANTHEM, who released a new single just the other day, and who of course had the original promo content for that out ahead of time, and I’m talking last week, when an MV was dropped and I caught it and queued it and then — record scratch! — today they went ahead and released an “audio” video for the B-side that’s frankly basically an MV in its own right and wowzers, I actually really enjoyed the hell out of it (the B side is the best side, after all), so I’m end-running my original Devil ANTHEM post to bring you the whole single in one shot, and in reverse order!

Oh yes! Continue reading

Devil ANTHEM Is Cool As Heck

Dang you guys, I almost completely fanned on … like the 30th thing just this year that I would’ve missed. At least this time I pull victory from the jaws of defeat! As you may have discerned from the title of the post, this is about Devil ANTHEM, whose body of work is usually pretty enjoyable even at its least homi, but who can still really let it rip when the mood strikes. Do like I do and keep them at least on your medium list — if your short list is the stuff indispensable to your existence — so that any little reminder that they exist and do idol things is a prompt to go see what the latest of those things might be.

Like this video!

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PIIIIIIIN Shows That Yes, High School Can Kick Ass

I feel like you need to be of a certain age, or at least a certain demographic profile within a potential intergenerational range of time, to appreciate a particular orientation toward high school. See, when I was in that phase of life, none of the old stereotypes taught to us by Saved by the Bell or John Hughes movies really held up — radically evolving metacultural forces and growing up in basically nowhere will do that, I guess — but that didn’t mean that people didn’t try to hew closer to certain notions, and especially those who had a foot on each side of the divide in eras. For instance, I had friends who definitely still looked at the world through a lens by which a “popular” person was, by definition, a rude snob with only a tiny handful of sycophantic bully friends; that this all flies in the face of any kind of logic was lost on them. These were the folks, though, for whom high school kicked the most ass, because they could place every instance or relationship into a predefined box and feel confident that the world had an explanation.

And what a world that lets you live in! A world where you and your friends could always start a band and go on to be at least Local Famous just by the power of hard work and spunkiness, where even the biggest jerk teachers secretly see the genius hidden inside you, where the late trend in lip sync videos was a regurgitation of a much cooler era when everybody wanted to be Ferris Bueller a full decade too late, or at least Parker Lewis. It’s a world of constant sunshine, pep rallies, falling in love with your first kiss and impromptu dance troupes with everybody being everybody else’s best friend.

What does that have to do with PIIIIIIIN? Everything, apparently! Continue reading

Loudly Catching up with Party Rockets GT

I’m bad at following things that I like sometimes. This is admitted freely. There’s a lot of stuff! And in idol, a lot of what helps to separate things or make them stand out is whether I get a notification from YouTube as opposed to just about anything else, because YouTube means video, and I always brake for video.

Anyway, in this case, said notification spun me back around on Party Rockets GT from a month ago, when they capped their year-ending one-man with a nice set of announcements:

The really important stuff for us: A new single in June, and three consecutive months of new song releases beginning in January. Which, hey, here we are! Continue reading

And Now an ASTROMATE MV to Bolster Your Day

I’ve lately taken to playing the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist at the gym. Part of it is that I’m lazy in ways that would offend polite society and often don’t feel like going to the trouble of downloading new music; a more germane part, though, is that I’ve lately taken to a new cardio regimen that leaves me in lots of long, lonely, otherwise quiet bouts of activity with naught by my thoughts, so I may as well put on some video, you know? And what better than that woefully outdated, in-terrible-need-of-updating collection of the most exemplary things in almost a decade of loudol?

It’s a trip down Memory Lane, ultimately, getting to reacquaint with music and videos that I, once upon a smitten time, held lovingly in my hands while forming a mental model for what loud idol should look and sound like. Gnarly guitars and slinky synths and way too much percussion and hooks big enough to catch a tuna? Feed me, Seymour!

And so, when this new one from ASTROMATE popped up this morning (thanks Andrew!), I was perfectly situated to enjoy it for its greatest strengths and bask in its perhaps-inadvertent celebration of that legacy: Continue reading

Why Yes, PINKYCASE, I Will Accept Your Feel-good Song

It’s a little hard to believe, but it still hasn’t been two full weeks since Yuigeddon, and still only a handful of days since probably the roughest idol moment in many Western wotas’ lives. People aren’t happy!

I’m all for recovery, though, and idol is one of those things, hair of the dog-style, that’s so crafted as to be exactly what you need when It turns south. Oshi’s graduating? You’re gonna need some more idol, friend, and pronto. Enter PINKYCASE, who released this MV yesterday practically with their hands out in invitation, urging those of us who are hurting to step into another world for a moment, a place where songs can be fun and upbeat and interesting, and nothing bad ever happens. It’s a good time!

It’s funny because they’re supposed to be emo! Well, if the emotion that you want me to feel is optimism, PINKYCASE, you hit the nail on the head. And I am relieved on this dark burden inside for at least a few more minutes.

This Panda Mic Song Is a Great Example of Why We Do This

Believe it or not, this site has a content strategy.* The original was written three years ago, give or take, and while yes it’s evolved over time, the general framework is still in place. The wild thing about strategies is that, like, they don’t work if you don’t follow them. They’re wonderful guiding documents when you need them, but remarkable pains in the butt when you’re short of time and/or capacity and everything starts to happen. Like when I commented the other day that, with TIF just a couple of weeks away, things would pick up? It’s happening!

So this is what digging out of a hole feels like. The double-edged sword is that the Panda Mic song that I’m about to show you is very fun and solid and like what might happen if you let Maison Book Girl write a punky little ditty for junior idols, so of course I’m going to want to show you that even if it weren’t necessarily tired to the content strategy, and it also is that:

Go ahead and admit it: That’s the best intro ever

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Devil ANTHEM Is Like All of the Music Right Now

In case you couldn’t tell from most of the most recent Weekenders, I’m a supporter of Devil ANTHEM. In case you couldn’t tell from most of the most recent Weekenders, they’ve moved beyond their earlier sounds to largely embrace an interesting EDM twist. This … this is usually the story of how an idol group becomes a Weekender regular and stops having normal posts about them appear. Funny how that works out.

The point, though, is that Devil ANTHEM also dropped a ton of material onto Soundcloud the other day, and I thought that it sounded like a good idea to take a spin through some of it.

Just the fact that this is tagged “JUNK POP” fills my heart with glee

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