The BiS Audition Final Training Camp Thread

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Your new BiS:

  • Pour Lui
  • Yokoyama Hina
  • Nagayama Yukiko
  • Koshouji Megumu
  • Maina the End

Three out of five, but five, ain’t bad!

Quickie updates from the field:

You were right, Garry!

I’m sure they’re thankful for that!

Called SiS! Of course!

Totally amazing work. Still wondering if this includes that lousy quitter Ton Tonko.

Click this for the archive:

If you want to be part of the commentary away from Niconico or JPS or wherever, but like on Twitter, use #BiSオーデ and/or #BiSaudition (yes, Bi Saudi Tion, very funny, go away).

Watch here. You now have to register for a premium Niconico Douga account to watch, but it’s pretty cheap, about $5/month USD.

It’s a 24-hour constant stream, though checks out here and there for breaks. Currently, the camera is pointing at a dark room because it’s 3:00 a.m. in Japan and everybody is asleep.

There’s a scoring system in place, based on vocal performance (and maybe choreo), voting by fans and the staff’s own marks.

The remaining Day 3 schedule:

Swimsuit spectacle results:

  1. Bug Me
  2. Yokoyama Hina
  3. Second Summer Uika
  4. Sen to Chihiro Tsuttsu
  5. Nagayama Yukiko
  6. Terayama Yufu
  7. Michihayashi Rio
  8. Kosheji Megumu
  9. Winnie the Pour Lui*
  10. Maina The End
  11. Hirano Nozomu
  12. Tontonko (deceased)

Marathon results:

  1. Maina The End
  2. Second Summer Uika
  3. Tontonko
  4. Yokoyama Hina
  5. Kosheji Megumu
  6. Winnie the Pour Lui*
  7. Michihayashi Rio
  8. Terayama Yufu
  9. Bug Me
  10. Sen to Chihiro Tsuttsu
  11. Hirano Nozomu
  12. Nagayama Yukiko

Ranks after Day 2 (midnight Friday/Saturday JST):

  1. Kosheji Megumu
  2. Michihayashi Rio
  3. Second Summer Uika
  4. Winnie the Pour Lui*
  5. Yokoyama Hina
  6. Terayama Yufu
  7. Hirano Nozomu
  8. Sen to Chihiro Tsuttsu
  9. Maina The End
  10. Bug Me
  11. Nagayama Yukiko
  12. Tontonko

*I know it’s not her name, but it’s how Twitter translates her name, and that’s hilarious. Also, funny how she started at the very bottom and just keeps on climbing that ladder …

Also, there’s … going to be a swimsuit competition:

Big thanks to our new friend @no3982 for some overnight updates!

Via gakkyokuha in the comments, the results of the first day are:

  1. Kosheji Megumu
  2. Second Summer Uika
  3. Michihayashi Rio
  4. Yokoyama Hina
  5. Sen to Chihiro Tsuttsu
  6. Bug Me
  7. Hirano Nozomu
  8. Terayama Yufu
  9. Nagayama Yukiko
  10. Tontonko
  11. Maina The End

Friday morning results (as of 11:00 a.m. JST):

  1. Maina the End
  2. Second Summer Uika
  3. Tontonko
  4. Terayama Yufu
  5. Winnie the Pour Lui
  6. Yokoyama Hina
  7. Koshouji Megumu
  8. Sento Chihiro Tsutsu
  9. Michihayashi Rio
  10. Hirano Nozumu
  11. Bug Me
  12. Nagayama Yukiko

If you’re interested in creating your own favorites ahead of time, here are their intro videos.

#TeamTonTon is in the process of being let down:

If you are watching/recording (all/anything, not just the swimsuits, you goofballs), I think some people around here might appreciate some, uh, screen captures and stuff.

I didn’t get to use this banner for the “IDOL” entry in the countdown, so I’m using it now.

21 thoughts on “The BiS Audition Final Training Camp Thread

  1. Tentenko, Yuffy and UK all released new music videos today. With that and the BiSH announcement, I bet Pour Lui’s just STEWING right now, haha.

  2. The song’s decent, but it’s only a video in the sense that it was uploaded to Youtube and labelled as such. Nothing from theEnd or Morphine Tokyo has particularly grabbed me, but it’s worth a listen.

    Pour Lui’s in the booth right now, which one of you jokers in the chat said “this girl will definitely make it in”? 😛

  3. Same, and it sucks, but also the JPopSuki IRC. It’s desserted right now but I was trying to tempt everyone to go in there instead of this sideways scrollin-ass UX disaster

  4. Such as shame this is all going on in the middle of the night UK time, otherwise I would be there cheering them on with a homemade ‘Bug Me’ banner.

    Any screen captures and stuff would be most appreciated so I can avoid the hellish niconico… In fact a nightly Big Brother style recap show would be nice complete with an English voice over (or Scottish voice-over as we have over here for BB) but I understand that’s maybe asking too much 🙂

    • I’m keeping my eyes open for any kind of recording. I tried way too late to figure out how to record the stream and still don’t know what I’m doing there, BUT there are some parties who may have accomplished it.

      What we do have in spades are people who’ve been watching, some of whom are going so far as to handicap the audition outcome based on each activity, and at least one of whom is, in fact, Scottish!

  5. I was really enjoying myself watching the stream. Maniac and I had a bit of fun too. I think I saw the first five girls in the booth, a couple were a bit quite, the first and fourth I believe. The second and the tiny little girl that went fifth were real power houses. The third girl held her own, she sure could sustain a note better than the others. I didn’t catch their names since the Japanese was coming out a bit too fast for me, but I could match faces to names if needed.

  6. final results of the first day, from points allocated from singing, fan voting, and staff selection:
    1) Koshouji Megumu
    2) Second Summer Uika
    3) Michihayashi Rio
    4) Yokoyama Hina
    5) Sen to Chihiro Tsuttsu
    6) Bug Me
    7) Hirano Nozomu
    8) Terayama Yufu
    9) Nagayama Yukiko
    10) Tontonko
    11) Maina The End (and Pour Lui)

    • Fantastic! I’m going to move this up into the post. So do you know how they’re doing the scoring? I ask because it looked like Tsutsu won the fan vote (early this morning EDT). And do you know how the other days’ auditions will be handled?

      • the higher someone’s rank in a challenge, the more points they’re given for it, and the final ranking at the end of the day is a total of all three – Tsuttsu ranked 1st place in the fan popularity vote, but her results during the vocal recording were pretty bad (although I only caught the choreo section of the stream), so her final rank is lower than you might have expected.
        I’m not sure what they’re doing tomorrow, but maybe they’ll be practising different songs? the ones they were doing today are all BiS live standards, but the audition advertisement asked for someone “who can remember all of BiS’ indies songs”, so there’s a small part of me that’s hoping to hear songs like “Magnolia” and “let me sleep” again.

  7. So it looks like Megumu is almost certain to make the group, unless she’s hiding a xenomorph under her clothes or there’s some trolling involved.

  8. I hope someone puts together a blow-by-blow from the audition marathon. I see there are a bunch of stream-rip videos on Youtube that I need to check out, but what happened to Tontonko?

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