Because the Universe Is Cruel, We Might Also Lose Q’ulle

It’s not often that Facebook is the means by which idols deliver their news to the world, but that’s what was staring me in the face this morning, straight from the Q’ulle monster‘s mouth:

〇Q’ulle asia tour 2016 「other side of HOPE」
 9/10 福岡 DRUM Be-1
 9/24 大阪 梅田Shangri-La
 10/15 東京 Zepp Diver City
〇8/13発売 2nd LIVE DVD「Proof of ~HOPE~」
〇10/19リリース予定 2nd album「タイトル未定」
2016年10月19日の2nd albumの発売以降の活動に関しては未定となっております。


Here’s the Google translation:

To everyone you have us rooting for Q’ulle
always Thank you for cheering Q’ulle.
There is a more serious your report belongs label ㈱KADOKAWA
detail →Http://Mediafactory.Jp/
This time, by the sudden consolidation of the music department of ㈱KADOKAWA
by Q’ulle there is no department was a member
Q’ulle is, contracts with KADOKAWA group is now censored.
The KADOKAWA group had been indebted than its debut, but now such a carry.
It should be noted that the project is currently the progress of the following
〇_Q’ulle asia tour 2016 “other side of HOPE”
 8/13 Sendai JUNKBOX CLUB
 8/27 Hiroshima CRUTCH SECOND
 9/10 Fukuoka Be-1 DRUM
 9/24 Umeda Osaka Shangri- La
 10/15 Tokyo Zepp Diver City
Rei_8 / 13 release 2nd LIVE DVD “Proof of ~ HOPE ~”
Rei_10 / 19 will be released 2nd album “Title to be determined”
Yes other events that are determined for Q’ulle
is the responsibility of planned release on, will be held.
Becoming undecided with respect to the activities of the subsequent launch of the 2nd album of 2016 October 19.
However, since I’ll try my best in the members-staff so that you should continue to work in the future,
also support thank you now.

For what it’s worth, Kadokawa is listed as their label, not their agency, so the group or some other entity may own the intellectual property that is the actual thing called Q’ulle and hold the rights to the members’ participation, and to that end, Q’ulle may be fine to continue as a thing after the second album’s release.

That’s how I’m taking it. That Guy Who Does Some Translations Sometimes had a much less optimistic opinion after seeing the announcement, and that guy reads Japanese. I do welcome any info fill-in that anybody provides, or insights from the Japan-domestic scuttlebutt. Q’ulle’s most recent single (they’re very prolific) was right on point, so I want to believe that we’ll continue to have another internationally popular idol rock unit that’s like totally above playing TIF you guys.

Otherwise, I’m ready to just call today Black Monday, which would be totally awesome if a bunch of metal groups released singles or something, but it sucks because we have one confirmed dissolution, one confirmed indefinite hiatus and now this.


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