Your Homicidols Weekender #157

Good morning!

Yeah, it’s Saturday. What a week. At least I’d been loosely following Twitter up to a point! I checked in yesterday evening and had this massive, sudden realization that not only had Friday come and effectively gone, but that I had barely even though about much of anything beyond work since, well, the weekend before. But did putting this together help to cure what ailed me? In small measure, friend, it did.

Seek Help

The last time I led off with Up Up Girls 2? Never!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #156

Good morning, ya goofs! Today is a special day. Yes, it’s Saturday, and yes, by the vagaries of the turn of the year and a few fortuitous personal circumstances, I for all intents and purposes completed my meaningful job-work for the year yesterday. Stress is down, hope is up, and while it’s true that the winter chill has arrived a little earlier than usual to Maniac Mansion, I’m looking forward to some wonderful time that begins basically now.

But that’s not what makes today special! No, today’s special because, if you math along with me, you’ll see that this is the effective third anniversary of the Weekender, which (do not try to correct me) I believe is the longest-running weekly episodic blog post about idols who scream and swear and so on. I’ve done a lot of these, and some of them have been good (this one is good) and some of them have been bad (I make no guarantees though), but all of them have been done in an effort to capture a much wider sampling of what’s happening in the hard side of idol in a given week, and maybe expose you all to some related things that might otherwise slip through the cracks. The Weekender has evolved to include more big-ticket stuff in recent months, but its core purpose and stupid format remain largely intact since the very beginning.

Anyway, I enjoy it, and I hope you do, too. Data suggest that a good number of you do! So that’s fine.

Now go play the Fun and let’s look forward to at least a few dozen more!

That’s an Odd Way of Saying “Seven”

There’s a (great so far) new project from tapestok records; give a listen to Los An Jewels:

satis faction is already my favorite idol ever

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Your Homicidols Weekender #155

Good morning, ya goofs! It’s a little bit late for the Weekender to be hitting newsstands, but your friendly neighborhood Maniac is on the road and a bit short of time. And does anybody actually read the intros, anyway? Probs not! So go play the Fun and then dig in and enjoy yourself a weird glut of idol.

Oh That Was Abrupt

Aizawa Ayaka certainly knows how to make an announcement:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #154

Good morning! Good heavens, what a week that was. I write you today in the pre-dawn hours as I enter the final day of a whirlwind that fortunately brings one phase of one thing to an end and leaves me space for a little while until the next phase begins. And what a week it was! When I checked in yesterday afternoon to try to get some additional items for this here Weekender, it was done under the impression that, well, that I really needed to find some stuff for the Weekender. Little did I know that it would blow up like this!

So enjoy, and relax, and spend some time outside in what’s a beautiful time of transition all over the world except for people in the tropics or the polar regions. Here we get fallen leaves; people in the Upside Down have spring; and it’s all good. And play the Fun while you’re at it, because Halloween is mere days away and you may as well get your nightmares solved early!

What Are You Calling a Nightmare?

Our old pal Montero has safely delivered!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #153

Well that was certainly a week, wasn’t it? Idol is just the most infuriating thing. Yes, musical acts disband or retire all the time in every scene, but I’m yet to encounter a comparative for how deliberately and frequently it’s the practice in idol, and that after the incredible effort put into the endeavor by everybody involved. And people wonder why I resist going Full Wota! Anyway, 2019 has been pretty much the worst of all worlds.

And yet we slog on! Look, Idol Halloween will begin in earnest next weekend, and with it a pretty darn good season. There are plenty of releases in autumn, and then Idol Christmas happens, and of course we’ll be in Best Of mode before you know it. So just as you’re thinking, but Maniac, this is all bad and dumb, guess what: It’ll get better, because it’s idol and it always does. Now go play the Fun.

Pushy, Pushy

Our girls CY8ER going major:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #152

Hey folks, a little bit of a somber one this time because Japan — you know, the place and culture that makes this stuff we love happen — is getting absolutely assaulted by Typhoon Hagibis and there was apparently an earthquake in more or less the same area at the same time. Short of a radioactive monster suddenly appearing, I don’t know if that situation could get more Japanese. Or worse, frankly. So do the #PrayforJapan thing if prayer’s what you do, or consider that there might be some need for aid in the coming days and what you can do to help. No, buying more cheki from Idol Underground probably ain’t it.

For everybody in a safe place now, though, it does you nor they nor us any good to dwell on bad things, and lookie here at all of these (mostly) good things. You know that idols are going to play a role in a the very least cheer up people affected by the typhoon, after all, so may they right now bring some cheer to you whether you need it or not. Also cheery? Playing the Fun and thinking about idol movies!


Yeah, go read it:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #151

Good morning! Welcome back to Saturday! Yada yada!

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in my time, going back to delivering community newspapers for $0.05 each when I was 12. Did I run a gamut from fast food to fine dining? I did! Also worked in construction, light industrial and retail service stuff before and between various creative things. I may be a fancy-pants now, but I didn’t exactly take the easy way to get there, is the point, and I’ve had a whole mess of bosses, good and bad, through the whole thing. My current boss is an excellent study in contrasts, in fact, and kind of sums up the whole experience — she is simultaneously the best and worst boss I’ve ever had, a gifted motivator and leader whose brain just so happens to work exactly like mine … who is also a deeply disordered thinker with no regard for anybody else’s time and a glaring lack of perspective that blinds her to significant issues that begin immediately with her #2.

I say all that to introduce the fact that I didn’t get to participate in #praiseawota yesterday, and it broke my heart. But duty on top of duty called while new duties were piling up, and then getting home was just running from one place to another, and the whole thing unspooled with nary a glance at it from me.

But dang if it wasn’t beautiful. Kerrie’s effort last week inadvertently yanked at some scabs in the community; the love-in that unfolded from #praiseawota is such a blessing to scroll back through that I wish I could scrapbook it. And yeah, I appreciate some kind words thrown the direction of yours truly and ye olde website, but honestly the best thing was seeing people holding up their friends and sending good vibes to and fro across the idolverse.

So anyway, go play the Fun if you haven’t, and praise some wota. And then, my goodness, what a wonderful autumn weekend ahead here. Nothing but good feelings from here on out.


BILLIE IDLE with a new single and an amazing title:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #150

Welcome back to the weekend, gang! Yes, now autumn is officially upon us, and I am going to be spending my day indulging all kinds of impulses and whims. This is, after all, my deep-down favorite time of year, when I have excuses to eat and drink a little bit too much, excuses to eat and drink WAY too much, opportunities to productively burn things and don’t get any crap if I want to spend an afternoon working on my car. And the coming month in particular is absolute perfection — October is great weather, all of the major North American sports active at once, a tentpole holiday and pretty much everybody in a good mood. Yes, truly the greatest of all seasons!

And, of course, Idol Halloween. Can’t forget that. We’ve somehow gone three full years since JyuJyu gave us the greatest MV of all time, and I keep hoping that they’ll repeat at some point, but alas.

As for this Weekender, it’s a good one, with a slightly different format that seems appropriate now that we’re closing in on the third anniversary of this longest-running post series in idol blogging history. I was toying with the idea of killing the Weekender (as we know it) when we cross that threshold in six weeks’ time, but naw, this helps me to feel connected even when I don’t have a lot else to contribute in a given week.

And as for the Fun, since this is where I normally urge you to go play, wowwie. Kerrie completely outdid herself concept-wise, and the community showed up in spades. Maybe a bit much griping and grinding of personal axes for my tastes, but it was mostly done in good faith and good humor, so I certainly have no complaints. It all just goes to show that wota are a fascinating species.

Is That Some Kind of Dig?

In the latest international feature on idol that doesn’t quite get it but ultimately gets it just enough:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #149

Good morning! This is low-key one of my least favorite stretches on the idol calendar, gang. I cannot pretend that it isn’t. The summer festival season is done, Idol Halloween is a month away, there aren’t a ton of releases relative to like four other periods, and while this is usually an okay secondary debut time, there just haven’t been nearly as many interesting debuts this year.

And yet this Weekender is lit! Maybe it’s because I had a little bit more time than usual this week, or maybe there was just that much more stuff going on in a less immediately urgent way. I don’t know. But this thing is absolutely jam-packed, and I encourage you to make it a key part of your personal weekend ritual. Enjoy this stuff, man. Life is too short.

Then play the Fun, tip the waitstaff and get out into the world. I called last weekend the effective last one of the summer, but we’re getting a little wave of heat these next couple of days and the solstice isn’t until Monday, so I’m going to get in some last-minute licks myself. And, uh, probably fix my car and stuff.


Fucking hell, uijin is calling it quits:

Three-plus years though is pretty good

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Your Homicidols Weekender #148

Good morning! As I was putting together this Weekender, the fact that I had a few days off (and I mean, like, completely out of contact) really hit home. A hell of a lot happened! And yeah, I get to use this space to make up some of that, but I’m also going to drop a whole butt-ton of posts to compensate. I’ve been a lousy Maniac lately, and I feel like I should rectify a little bit.

Also reconnect. That’s important too.

Anyway, we’ve another great Fun to play, and look, it’s the last weekend of Official Summer, so do get the heck outside. I have a date with a winery!

You Say These Things Like We Care

In case you missed NECRONOMIDOL’s interview in the Hammer:

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