Your Homicidols Weekender #323

This weekend should prove to be a lot less eventful than last when PLANCK STARS was galivanting around London live tweeting drinking parties, attempts to master electrical adapters, and their debut European live. In case you missed it, in the midst of all that chaos , their management announced that they were moving their upcoming US show from LA to New York.

Now, those of you within easy traveling distance of the New England States are in for an eventful February. In addition to Plasta hitting The Big Apple, don’t forget that Broken By the Scream are on their way to the East Coast as well. I’ll just be over here living vicariously through you all.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #322

As I type this, PLANCKSTARS just posted that they have landed in Dubai enroute to their weekend appearance in London. I’ve seen various odds laid regarding their chances for successfully clearing UK customs. Judging by the amount of wine flowing during the in-flight meal service, bookmakers may want to adjust their betting lines.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #316

Before we look back over the past week lets look into the future: next weekend is the highly anticipated return of 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san to Los Angeles for her second-ever US show. 

We are working out details for a chance to interview our favorite youkai idol, so let us know if you have any questions that you would like us to ask Hanako-san on your behalf: Questions for Hanako-san.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #308

Welcome to the weekend! I’m actually writing this week’s blurb on Thursday night since I’m traveling tomorrow (Friday) so I can spend the next few days following BAND-MAID around on the Southwestern leg of their US tour. The States have been quite blessed lately with an influx of Japanese artists dropping by for the first time in quite a while. First it was MELON BATAKE A GO GO back in September. Next we get SENANAN, Miyako and Rinchama in Texas plus Isiliel along the West coast in November, Hanako-san in LA in December, Planck Stars is coming in early 2023 and now, Broken By the Scream has announced they will be returning to our shores in February:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #302

While Daemon is living his best life seeing MELON BATAKE A GO GO, I’m in charge of the weekender!

We published a trilogy of articles having Nonamera as a pivot: one about her solo album, one on KAQRIYO TERROR’s newest release and finally, a piece of Kyunchi’s collaboration with her. That’s a whole lot of content for a week!

But what else happened in the idol world?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #300 – SPECIAL ANNIVERSAY EDITION!!

Welcome to the 300th consecutive iteration of the world’s longest-running English language weekly serialized collection of alt, indie and underground idol content! 300 weekends is a long time. 5.679 years, to be precise. Can anyone remember what they were doing 5.679 years ago?

For me, everything before the year 2020 is a bit of a blur at this point so, just for fun, I went back to read the very first Weekender. It was posted in November of 2016 and  is full of talk of BABYMETAL and BiS and the debut album from BPM15Q. I then leapt forward in time to Weekender #100 which landed in October of 2018 and features the debut of Ayuni D’s PEDROWeekender #200 was posted in September of 2020 and reminded me that we haven’t heard from THIS IS NATS in quite some time.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #299

You may not realize it, dear reader, but we are in the midst of a record-breaking streak. We have now published new content on Homicidols dot com for an unprecedented six days in a row. A modern era record! Unfortunately, the streak will end here today as we have nothing scheduled to post tomorrow. We do have a special Monday Match Game planned, so everyone take tomorrow off and we’ll get back at it early next week. Good work everybody!

Even with publishing new articles every day, we still managed to miss a lot including major MV drops from some of our heaviest hitters like:

MIGMA SHELTER gives us a rare MV. Nod in approval at 120 beats per minute.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #298

In the latest news from Tokyo Idol Festival weekend, both BiSH and the unit formerly know as EMPiRE have withdrawn from the event due to COVID diagnoses. Not that it impacts us too much since overseas otaku got region-blocked from the whole festival. But who needs TIF anyway, right? There are a ton of stellar units out there having an amazing 2022 who didn’t get invited to TIF either, like:

MAD JAMIE, who continue their streak of stellar singles.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #297

I’ve really enjoyed the week. With GARUDA and 2& spending last weekend in the UK, NECRONOMIDOL running all over Europe and ATARASHII GAKKO! touring California, my twitter feed has been full of my Western friends attending idol lives in their home countries and showing off their cheki. Sure, I’ve been plenty jealous, but it’s also been great to see and almost felt like old times. Besides, I’ll get my chance in a little over a month when MELON BATAKE A GO GO arrive in my home state for Saboten Con.  I hope to see you there! Until then, I’ll just live vicariously through my Twitter feed and curate items for the Weekender, like:

ASP found a sparkly way to burst back onto our radar.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #296

I am totally jealous of those of you in Europe at the moment. NECRONOMIDOL is working their way across The Continent while being joined by 2& and GARUDA in London for HYPER JAPAN.

Over here on this side of the pond,  things are much more dull unless you happen to be at San Diego Comic Con. Continue reading