Your Homicidols Weekender #244

Good morning! Or as good as it can be — there’s a sort of hell-in-a-handbasket thing going on in the news right now, like everywhere. Even our distractions are terrible. I caught a few minutes of the Olympic Open Ceremony last night and just couldn’t deal with not just the empty stadium, but the fact that it shouldn’t be happening anyway, like nobody other than a handful of rich people really want this to go off. And at roughly the same time, a young hockey player whose rap sheet is longer than his career highlights and who literally said he shouldn’t be drafted into the NHL was drafted in the first round anyway. The world can be so poisonous.

But here we are, and sometimes it’s important to remember that we only have any kind of control as far as our own lives go. That’s good, actually, and it means that we can form the world a bit around ourselves, find things that make it work for us. And, ah, ahem, look at this Weekender and all of the fun in it!

Also go read the latest installment of the countdown, and comment about how mad you are that the thing you like didn’t crack the top 20!

Presumptuous, Aren’t We?

Oh lord, they let BiSH join LINE:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #243

Good morning! I’m so tired, gang. Yes, somewhat hung over, but tired for having put what feels like weeks’ worth of work into just the past few days. ‘Tis the season at Day Job, and though I’m much better at managing the stress than I was in previous years, it’s still a lot. Upshot: I probably won’t pull a months-long disappearing act again! But yeah, sucks, this was actually a pretty interesting week in idol and I feel like I missed it.

So yeah, not the hottest Weekender ever, but I mean it when I say that I hope you have much more interesting and stimulating things to do anyway. Like reading our latest installment in the top 50 albums! But also things that aren’t idol-related. Idol is great in lots of ways … and so are many other things. That’s not a “touch some grass” kind of admonition, by the way, just saying that live is richer for diversity in experience.

And with that said, it’s time to try to blog some posts about idols!

That’s What You Always Say

Always good to see Rie Kaneko solo projects:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #242

Good morning! Did you all have a good week? I’m gassed, personally, because this is the particularly silly season at work and I’ve been grinding a lot of hours. But! This is the first year in a few that I’m doing all of the work and not feeling ground to dust because of it, and I haven’t had even a whisper of the usual stress monsters lately. That is very cool, may it continue, and may I be able to put more time into creative pursuits as a result!

Speaking of creative pursuits, if you haven’t yet you really need to check out the first installment in our top 50 album countdown. D had brought up this and similar topics several times in the past; now we’re finally making them go. It’s great stuff and and was a lot of fun to determine! Just wait until we get closer to the final 10 and a bunch of stuff you love most isn’t there!

Don’t Mess This Up

Idol’s greatest screamer taking a wee hiatus:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #241

Good morning! It’s a holiday weekend here in the USA, the kind of three-day affair that you genuinely get jazzed about. I’m not even referring to the usual independence whoozat; I’m just talking about an extended chance to kick it and see to the kinds of positive personal matters that always have to take a back seat. Enjoy it, friends.

Idol summer is firmly underway (if you hadn’t noticed). There’s an absolute embarrassment of cool things to watch and listen to, and some really big-hitting releases still pending on the calendar. Even with the lurking pandemic issues and goodness knows no shortage of other awfulness to draw one’s deserved attention, it’s been a pretty solid damn year in idol. I’ve been enjoying it, at least. Also enjoying the early stages of a big project that Team is putting together.

And I enjoyed making this Weekender! It’s full of good stuff!


From the Yanakoto Sotto Mute anniversary live:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #240

Good morning! I hope you all had as good a week as you could have. Yes, because you’re all super curious, I did have a great time last weekend at the family event, thank you, and came back energized, only to start a needed medication that has as a side-effect ridiculous insomnia. Actual insomniacs of the world: HOW DO YOU LIVE? I have a cumulative 10 hours of actual sleep over the past three days and my brain feels like pudding. It’s all I can do to show up for work, let alone try to do extra things like run a fancy idol website.

BUT! Perhaps in apology for last week’s meh-fest, this is an excellent Weekender if I do say so myself, and yet again we are blessed with plenty of other delicious material from idols great and small to talk about in normal posts. So blogging? It’s happening, friends. And for now, get out there and enjoy that first weekend of summer unless you’re in one of the places where there’s record-mocking heat or it rains the whole time or you live in Miami and you have much bigger problems to worry about. The world is terrible!

And That’s the Optimistic View

In case you (are literally right now) missing it:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #239

Good … morning? Profusestest apologies, friends, for your friendly neighborhood Maniac is on the road at a big family to-do and got pulled away from being able to wrap up this post at the normal time, and now I’m rushing it out the door but nothing stops the Weekender I hope you all have a great one it’s Juneteenth and then the first day of summer!

Calm Down

Yeah, BOY MEETS HARU album!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #238

Good morning! Who else is just so super tired right now? I was working after hours yesterday to try to clean up a few things, and I had this realization that between that extra time and things I’d done over the course of the week, I’d put in something like 55 hours. Did I promptly stop and go out for pizza and beers with my best gal? Friends, I did not. Instead, I worked for another hour!

This was such a great week for idol and this website, though. Just good material all over. I can tell these things by various metrics — sometimes it’s just a qualitative “goddamn that was good,” and other times it’s the amount of engagement that a post gets on Twitter, and sometimes it’s the sheer lunacy of complaints about the post. We really hit the trifecta this time!

Anyway, weird Weekender here, because let me reiterate: A. Great week; but B. very busy. There are at least five other things that I personally want to cover from the week that are currently in one draft form or another! But otherwise it’s a ton of video and not much else because I kept the goods for more creative purposes.

Famous Last Words

All you folks who had Italy plans last year, prepare to wait another year:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #237

Hey gang! I hope you’re all doing well in whatever relativistic way you may define that. I just had one of those weeks when nothing seems to go right, you lose track of time, and then just when it seems to settle in a little it turns out that someone else on your website wrote a thing that brought in like 10,000 new people, so why intervene? Kinda like that. Though, as you’ll see from this edition of the Weekender, it was a pretty slow week for new stuff. And with that!

Oh, That Was Abrupt

Eternal hero Kamiya Saki may be done with idol, but she’s far from done with show business:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #236

Good morning! My goodness, a ton of things happened this week. And very little of it bad! That’s really the marker, I think. The biggest impact thing here at Maniac Mansion was literal impact — a neighbor’s ginormous tree snapped at the base of the trunk and managed to fall in the only direction it could without really destroying things, but it did manage to crush my fence. I was displeased! And these aren’t the kindly old family next door who bring me mail and chat me up in the yard, they’re the fundagelicals who only recently stopped trying to get me to go to church with them. Am I surprised that they haven’t made a move to get the dang trunk off of my fence so I can call the insurance company? I tell you, friend, I am not.

But other impacts! Like, just so much great music, idol and otherwise. We posted a lot, this is a loaded Weekender, and there’s a whole side list of things that came up in various contexts that I just don’t have a great venue to share with you. And that’s okay! The Thai shoegaze idol group that Cal found, though, that I’m sharing with you here.

Anyway, you all please do have a great weekend. It’s a holiday here in the USA so I’m going to be serious about catching up on some personal projects and otherwise shutting off my very busy brain. We all deserve a break sometimes.

Says the Guy Who Doesn’t Post Enough!

I’m far more excited about the new BiSH album than I probably should be, largely because this is an excellent promo for it:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #235

Good morning! Who else has billions of insects screaming all day and night in their neighborhood? Let me tell you, folks — it’s an absolute gas. I happen to be a big fan of critters great and small, and the more unique and weird and biblical, the better. Fiancee does not share this opinion, so at least once per day I have to grab a broom and sweep nymph shells, deformed adult carcasses and living shrieking cicadas from the front door by the dozen, just so she can leave safely. It’s a hoot.

But in other news, I do have to apologize for a terribly light posting week. We’re entering one of the most horrific busy spells at work, just wall-to-wall stress on its own plus I have some hiring decisions to make and am going through a training course to (hopefully) help one of my programs take the next step, and even though I’ve done a good job of managing my hours overall, the fact is that I just haven’t had the motivation most mornings. Instead, I stare glumly at the news for a bit, check up on things that I know I’ll have to do eventually, feed myself and then lurch into the desk far earlier than I’d prefer. Boo!

So of course this actually was a pretty nice week in idol (back-loaded, fwiw), and thus my malaise is ill-timed, but let’s see how much we can catch up on in a meaningful way.

And That’s What They’re Called Weasel Words

Our old friend is changing identity and announcing a new release all in one shot:

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