Goodbye BiSH: A Retrospective

BiSH officially disbands today, June 29th, following their last live at the Tokyo Dome. Like the members in their final official portrait (see the banner image above), the most commercially successful unit in the history of WACK ends their existence virtually unrecognizable (other than Atsuko’s glasses) from the fierce punks with all the naïve promise in the world who were booted from the 2015 Tokyo Idol Festival. While our attention on BiSH has waned over recent years as their music leaned more and more mainstream, our affection for the group and it’s multi-talented members has never wavered. Unfortunately, neither has our disappointment that BiSH, in their eight years of existence, never performed an overseas live.

It is hard to not to fantasize about what could-have-been with a BiSH that didn’t sign to AVEX and subsequently focus the entirety of their attention on expanding their appeal at home at the expense of international ambitions. But then again, a BiSH that didn’t sign to a major domestic label could not have evolved into the significant force in J-Pop music, fashion, and culture that they ultimately became. As Cal reminds me: 

“BiSH ARE one of the most popular groups in Japan with a diverse range of punk and pop rock songs who changed the world for the better.”

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Your Homicidols Weekender #344

Just in case you missed the announcement yesterday, we have taken all of the nominees sent in by the readers of Homicidols over the past few weeks and put together a survey to help whittle down the 127 entries to the a definitive list of the greatest alt-idol music videos ever.   The survey will be open until July 7 so, when you have some free time, please let us know how you feel:

Homicidols Survey of Nominees for Best MVs of All Time

We are also expanding our social media reach, for whatever that is worth. Homicidols scored an invite code to Bluesky so please add our account if you are on that social network. It’s a little quiet over there right now, but at least we will be prepared if/when Twitter finally collapses under the weight of Elon’s ego.

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Greatest MVs of All Time: Homicidols Community Project Phase 2

Over the last few weeks, the readers of Homicidols have submitted the five music videos that they considered the greatest of all time. In total, 127 different MVs were nominated. We have compiled the nominees into a Likert-type survey so you can rate each and every one. Your opinions will definitely NOT be used as a personality inventory that we will sell to data brokers so I’m not sure why I even mention it.

Go complete the survey when have some time. Google will save your progress so you don’t have to finish it all in one sitting. UPDATE: the deadline for completing the survey is Friday, July 7th:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #343

I spent most of the week in Las Vegas, so I apologize for the lack of content. I was distracted. I regret nothing.

Before we jump into it, remember that we are collecting reader opinions on the best idol MVs ever made. You have about one week left to submit you nominations here: Entry Form for Best Alt-Idol MVs Ever.

Yurapico released a new song. It’s composed by yossy, the producer behind Chemical X and author of BURST GIRL, Malcolm Mask McLaren and Candye♡Syrup tunes.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #342

Before we jump into the week-in-idol-that-was, I want to remind everyone of our ongoing  project to collect your nominations for the best alt, indie and/or chika idol MVs of all time.

Tell us your thoughts here: Best MV Nomination Form

Trying to come up with a short list of top MV is a tough task, but we will closing nominations in about a week, so there’s only a little more time left to get your thoughts in order and submitted. Here’s some recent candidates for consideration:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #341

I usually start the Weekender with something glib or sarcastic, but I’m not going to be able to pull that off today. We got got serious earlier in the week with our response to the continuing harassment of Sorb3t and other overseas idols. My week also ended on a serious note as I had to say goodbye to Kaede, my feline companion of fifteen years.  

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