This Is What FRUITPOCHETTE Sounds Like Now

Ever since the big reveal that FRUITPOCHETTE, left for dead at that point, would in fact be back and with the original lineup in full, things have been unfortunately quiet from the all-time record-holders as Loudest Idol from Ehime. This of course fit right into the necessities of Mina’s comeback, that it be a limited affair that took her health into consideration, so it wouldn’t be polite to suggest any dissatisfaction with the group’s output. What you see is what you get and what you get you’ll like!

This means that anything that we do get is good as gold, and I won’t waste any more of your time before showing you this live clip:

It’s not Classic Frupoche, and it’s definitely not ill-fated One-month Frupoche, but it’s Shiori and Mina doing their thing together on stage, and it rocks and they’re great and I’m happy. Let’s hope that they’re able to keep it up somewhat regularly, do some more recording and maybe even make a few big appearances down the road. It’s the very literal least that they deserve.

Yeah, mikicco, You Kick That Song’s Ass

I wish that I had more time to do this song justice, but I don’t, so we’re going shortform and let’s deal with the aftermath later, and also structure sentences so as not to stomp all over the idol’s preferred name rendering.

You remember mikicco, right? Mikitsuko Mikikko. Solo indie idol, pretty good at her craft, doesn’t do a ton of releases and that’s fine, what she does release is good? She has a brand-new MV, and in fact a couple of them, but let’s start with today!

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Chiaki’s New MV Left Me Unable to Create a Title for This Post

Things around the Idolverse are starting to warm up a little bit, my friends, or at least I hope so. It is, after all, now practically March, which means that spring releases need to be announced and promoted, and no longer the midwinter doldrums that apparently are only good for gut-wrenching heartbreak. But though I’ve been slow the uptake, there are some good things moving around now, and good music, and even some by-the-gods debuts worth talking about.

The very first thing, though, is new in the sense that it’s very forward-looking, but also not new at all in that we’re talking about a veteran here, and who we’re talking about is Chiaki Mayumura, who is a goddess made flesh and given voice, and I implore you to take all the time you need with this one, because it gets better the more time you spend with it:


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Withdrawn Wednesday #2

The past fortnight has been a little quiet for lost oshis. But what did you expect? They’ve graduated! Still, here’s some highlights we’ve collected the past couple of weeks of our biweekly “Remember ____? This is them now ft. Tentenko” segment. Remember, if you discover a former idol doing things elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll feature them in the next edition of Withdrawn Wednesday!

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Did you know ex-Migma Shelter Seisei has a photobook? I sure didn’t! You can buy it here!

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We (Blind!) Review Stuff- Gokitei’s MV for “Iketara Iku”

Whoops! This article came a bit late. Well, Maniac took the wheel for me last time Gokigen Teikoku released a music video, so really I have no excuse, let’s just watch it.

Since we, at Homicidols, believe it is always good to challenge your horizons, we put Papermaiden on the Gokigen Teikoku MV review this time. 

Her impressions after the cut Continue reading

Kodomochan’s Crowdfunding Success Means We all Win

With a strong closing week to their Campfire campaign, 2018 Corenament defending champion Minna no Kodomochan hit 100% of their all-or-nothing fundraising goal with just two-and-a-half days to go.  This means that Everyone’s Children will now bless us all with a new song for each of the next five months and follow that up with a 15-date, Japan-wide tour. 

They immediately celebrated their campaign’s success by releasing a dance MV for “Shoujo A”.

Is this donation tax deductible?

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For that handful of us that gets irrationally excited every time NEO JAPONISM does something cool and good (for instance right here), this latest stumble-upon of their legitimately impressive, never-disappointing work is really one to pay attention to. Yes, it’s a deviation from what we’re used to from them; yes, at that same time it’s arguably the best thing they’ve put out, and that’s really saying something. Listen to this!


This is just the first entry in a six-day marathon of content drops. I’m kind of annoyed at myself for missing the first few days, in fact, given that this all happened on Friday and the thereafter is littered with excellent live MVs from their Christmas Eve show at Shinjuku Blaze:

What else are we going to get? Whatever it is, it’ll be a treat, and I’ll continue to kick myself for not pushing this always-rising group harder as a real breakout candidate for 2019. Everything they do is at minimum good and often outsizedly impressive.

There Will Somehow Always Be More REGiNA KiSS Video for Us

My goodness, will REGiNA KiSS ever run out of songs to MV from the iDOL SHREDDER album? Survey says “not today!” It’s wild — I haven’t even posted every single one of them, and it seems like an an absolutely exhaustive months-long run of stuff. Where do they even get the cash to do it? I can relate, actually, because I also went through a good chunk of time spending every dollar as it came in and then treating myself to even more indulgence any time there was a hint of surplus. I call that time the Aughts!

You aren’t here for reminisces on my profligacy, though. You’re here for this!

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PSA: Here Are Broken By The Scream’s Lyrics, Translated

This isn’t exactly new news, but to hell with it, there are bound to be some people in the next little while who are like, aw jeez, what’s this Broken By The Scream thing all about, and then they’ll look up some stuff on YouTube and have their faces melted off; subsequent to their faces being un-melted by time, they might venture out to learn more stuff, including translated lyrics (in English!) of Broken By The Scream’s total opus, and I’d be remiss to not have that available.

Yes! An intrepid soul on Twitter did the dirty work to break BBTS’s songs down into stuff that we all can read and understand, and is therefore a hero unto the ages. What say you, friend?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #119

Good morning, friends! Please join me in calling back at this past week with mockery and derision, for it was dumb and sucked. I’m not even talking about idol! Ol’ Maniac had the usual load of crap to deal with, and got to pair it with intense personal loss that just reaffirmed that loving anything is pointless and stupid and you should never do it! Boo to things!

I’m letting idol off the hook, either. Idol was boring this week. I get that this is usually the time of year when it does, in fact, suck quite a bit; I also get that I could have really used a new thing or two from personal favorites, for even if there’s not much time to blog posts about them, there’s still a lot of emotional pick-me-up, you know? And what did I get?

So cut me some slack. This is another not-great Weekender, as I hadn’t the energy to try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. There’s still good stuff, and of course there’s always the Fun, which is a good and challenging one. Now get to it.

Never Love

Twenty-four hours with EMPiRE sounds like a bit much, but still:

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