Your Homicidols Weekender #275

Welcome to the weekend! I’m gonna be spending it catching up on all the new music that dropped over the past few days. Sure, new music drops every week, but it’s almost as if all of the managers in Idol World decided that the seven days surrounding 22/02/2022 would be the perfect time to release, like, everything. I would not be at all surprised if, come Best-of-the-Year nomination time, a fair number of the entries dropped this third week of February. So take a wellness break from international news and catch up on some of this great stuff:

Thai shoegaze duo SHIMMER SHRIMPER (side project of Best Overseas Act of 2021 winner, Fingers Cross) gave us this absolutely gorgeous new single, “Who Sleeps”.

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BELLRING Girls Heart’s Entire Catalog Soon to be Available via Streaming

After years of silence, the Modern Freaks of “Chika” Idol Department in Japan re-emerged yesterday to drop a surprise announcement that rates as some of the biggest music news of the year: in recognition of the 10-year anniversary of the debut of BELLRING Girls Heart, the legendary unit’s entire catalog will be made available via streaming.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #274

We survived another week and, man, was it a treacherous one!! I am rarely partnered up on Valentines Day, so I typically spend February 14th ducking any reminders that the probability of my dying alone continues to steadily increase. Luckily, idols are always here to help navigate the storm. This time, it was KOYUKI of LiLii Kaona who introduced my  favorite new trend: Valentines Day tweets of idols also doing nothing special for Valentines Day.

Hopefully this becomes an annual tradition. Also, my niece did send me a homemade Valentine, so the day wasn’t a total loss.  Lots and lots of other stuff happened this week too, like:

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New New New BiS Song

How how how many times can we write things like this? You’ll just have have have to read on and find out. While streaming new single from BiSDA DA DA DANCE SONG” of course!

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A Late Valentines RAY Present

RAY were on time, we were the tardy ones! Can we make it up to you by showing you their new music video for “TEST?”

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Your Homicidols Weekender #273

So, you may have noticed, but I’m really bad at this. Last weekend I made two predictions: one about situasion’s Twitter countdown and the other regarding the possibility of an impromptu MANCLE livestream. Exactly none of those things panned out which just goes to prove what you already know: amateur music bloggers have no idea what they’re talking about. Quite frankly, I’d get fired if I wasn’t working for free. I also apologize to anyone who has ever listened to my stock trading tips or advice on poker. My opinions on all other topics though are absolutely brilliant.

With that being said, take everything else here with a huge grain of salt:

Best PV of the year right here!! PIGGS doing a live, piano-ballad arrangement of “Tobenai Hebi” is guaranteed to turn you weepy.

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New and New To Us: Units on the Radar, Report #01

Welcome to a new periodic feature where we highlight units that are brand new, piqued our interest for the first time or otherwise just popped onto our radar and deserve further scrutiny. This is to flag those units that have suddenly dropped out of nowhere with a banging song, unique concept or mind boggling name that begs for continued attention. Units whose discography or digital footprint aren’t large enough for a full-blown “Let’s Discover” profile, but are definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

Some of our information is limited, so if you have any good dirt on the following units, please share it with the class over on the Homicidols Discord Server.

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A Little Peep From BiSH With Pyo!

This new song is pyotty good!

No? Not even a giggle? Alright then just stream the damn song.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #272

It’s the first Weekender for February, so congratulations to everyone for making it through the first month of 2022. As slow as it seemed to be while we were trudging through it, in hindsight, January wasn’t all too shabby. We got excellent new releases from CYNHN, MAD JAMIE, Okinawa Electric Girl Saya, Planck Stars, MANACLE and (who would have guessed it a month ago) GANG PARADE.

I’m not entirely sure what’s coming our way in February except for a new  album from buGG.  Oh, and situasion has something to tell us later today.

While we’re waiting, let’s talk more about excellent new releases like The Grateful a MogAAAz EP, BLUE WIND, that is hands down the best thing they have ever done.

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MANACLE Let Loose New Single, “BAN your HURT”

MANACLE dropped a maxi single yesterday featuring title-track “BAN your HURT” and two additional new songs. It’s available world-wide on your streaming service of choice.

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