Want Some Halloween Idol Hip-hop?

Hey, do you guys remember DEVIL NO ID? I had been curious if, after that initial promotional blitz, they’d get something else out the door before too long. Of course they delivered it on Halloween.

Nice and spooky!

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Let’s Vote! Who’s Got the Nastiest Idol Nightmare?

All righty, gang, let’s keep it short and sweet: We got some really cool and fun entries in the #IdolNightmare contest, the winner of which is set to have delivered NECRONOMIDOL’s NEMESIS on vinyl. There’s more here than my polling doodad will let me add because I’m cheap and won’t pay for premium, so voting happens in the comments; just write the number or description of what you think takes it (I’ll also accept vote-via-Twitter, I guess).

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We Finally Have NEXT Shoujo Jiken Album Details

After the quick minute of excitement around Maihime finally getting to release an album, things were quiet in the NEXT Shoujo Jiken world literally until all possibility of the projected October release was passed. Oops! But now we have a date, and it may as well be tomorrow:

Thursday! OVER THE NEXT will finally be upon us, bringing with it all of the sick promise of one of my favorite underground idol things. I’d say that I can’t wait, but I can. It’s three more days. Continue reading

Our Halloween Gift to You: 10 Creepy-ass Idol Videos

Happy Halloween everyone! I bring you the big thing I’ve been working on that wasn’t actually very big at all and Maniac hyped it way too much that now I feel bad. Just go look at the official Homicidols Spotify playlist if you want a much cooler gift from me.

But what Halloween is it without seeing something spooky? Unfortunately, this is an idol blog, so I can’t exactly write about Paranormal Activity or Five Nights at Freddy’s or whatever you kids are into these days, but I can bring you some appropriately spooky idol music videos! Some were submitted by you lovely readers, some I found myself. Lets go into the top 10 creepiest idol music videos! Continue reading

I’m Mostly Taking the Rest of the Weekend Off

For the sake of family and sanity, fine people, the rest of the weekend is going to be a restful one for me. Remember to work up your #IdolNightmare entries and get ’em into the thread, and of course check out the bands post if you got the skills and the desire to make heavy-ass idol music with a collection of your peers.

Because you’re fine people, here’s a BUNNY KISS live:

Nominations are still open, too, but we’re going to start making some preliminary decisions this week, so please make sure to get your suggestions official-like.

Playlist Your Heart(bleed) Out

“Gee whiz, Maniac” you often find yourself saying aloud in completely inappropriate scenarios, “I sure do wish there were places where I could go and listen to all of this awesome music that you and all of the other cool kids are always talking about.”

I’m flattered! And also pre-emptively tried to be helpful going back to when I started this project by building the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist, an ever-updating selection of the finest in the heavy, the intense, the weird and the violent in the world of idol.

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Yanakoto Sotto Mute Are the Perfect Modern Idols

It’s pretty atypical that we have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned think piece for the weekend, but the Mrs. Maniacs are visiting and I’m actually writing this on Wednesday night to give you, dear readers, something to tell me I’m wrong about when I’m in no position to defend myself.

You jerks.

I’m obviously a little bit smitten with this new idol project that looks more at home at some chic coffee shop in the trendy part of town than in dark, tiny clubs and sounds like the misplaced bastard child of 1990s Seattle. It’s just, they’re good:

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I Get Letters: Calling All Musical Talents

Now that I’ve loosened you up for the weekend, I wanted to make good on a request from a person who swears that they’re big fans (yeah, right) but didn’t want to reveal their name (WHAT KIND OF DISHONEST LUNATIC HIDES BEHIND A PSEUDONYM?).

This nameless friend had a question/request: It is known that plenty of us can sing, play instruments, etc. What if, just for fun, we (read: you) did regular musical collaborations, covering the kinds of songs that are big hits ’round these parts?

I find this intriguing. Considering that nobody’s probably aiming to be the next REO Speedwagon around here, and there’s plenty of technology for swapping files and meeting in virtual space, I think it’s perfectly feasible to do community covers on a monthly-or-so basis. Continue reading

JyuJyu’s New MV Is Suitably Horrifying

I was completely asleep on JyuJyu’s new single, for shame, and of course this all dovetails with Halloween.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be haunted, stalked and murdered by human curses, and film the entire thing? Get a gander at “Noroi Hajime”:

My guy Pure Idol Heart provides!

Idol nightmare, indeed!

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Yandoll Debuted New Members Today

That’s literally all I got. These sickness idols have felt like they’re right on the cusp of something going back to when TGU first wrote them up, and a cool-if-a-little-done concept and pretty all right sound work for them.


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