Even When It Rains, It’s a PARADE

Well, this year’s WACK AUDiTiON CAMP certainly was eventful! Auditionee Waki Waki Wakki got added to WAgg and WAgg member Kira May who’s been apart of the group for 3 months got added to GANG PARADE.

…for all of 3 minutes. GANG PARADE will be splitting into two smaller groups. Just as BiS2 made the decision last year to break up, GANG PARADE will be doing the same thing. But in a completely different manner that’s effectively not the same as breaking up. Totally 100% similar.

This is the culmination of an internal decision between members and staff. In Kamiya Saki’s previous graduation announcement, she revealed that she felt like she was holding GANG PARADE back and while Watanabe, the fans and the members probably don’t agree, it set something new into motion. If you can’t achieve your goals after reaching a certain point, it’s okay to try again from the start isn’t it? So, we’re here now, with two new groups born from GANG PARADE splitting into two.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #176

Despite the deluge of not-so-great news flying at us, this was actually a great week for chika idol music. Yanakoto Sotto Mute made their major label debut with an awesome single, Tsurezure put out a double A-side with two of their best tracks in a while,  and we even got a new slow-burner from Ray.

So while Tokyo is locked down for the weekend, let’s remember that good things still happen in the world like:

After an eight month drought, Yukueshirezutsurezure gave us not one, but two new MVs this week. We were able to give REDERA the front page treatment. My deepest apologies “Still Roaring” for only making the weekender. I love you too.

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BURST GIRL to Release a New CD, “story”, in May

BURST GIRL have announced the release of a new CD and a collection of collaboration vinyls this coming May.  The three-track CD, story, will be released on May, 20th. This will be followed by a limited tour in collaboration with the CD’s songwriters with 7″ vinyl singles of each track available at tour venues and from Disk Union. 


The collaborators who contributed songs for the CD include DJ Mariko Gotou, Maya (KING BROTHERS and N’Shukugawa BOYS), Toru Hidaka (THE STARBEMS), and Oyasumi Hologram founder and producer Kouichi Ogawa. Continue reading

That New ZOC Member Is WHO!?

This is gonna be a long one, folks.

So, ZOC unveiled a new music video today, with an added surprise bonus! 

You might have spotted, depending on who you are, either an unfamiliar face or an unsettlingly recognisable one.

That new face, Kannagi Maro, is only ex-ANGERME sub-leader Fukuda Kanon!


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HAPPY SONGS ONLY!! in this Friday Fun

Kerrie is still in self-quarantine, so I get to run with the fun this week. Last Friday, we did our annual exercise whipping out the crystal WACK ball and trying to out-guess Watanabe with our  #WACKAuditionPredictions.

I think, this year, we came pretty close.

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Yukueshirezutsurezure drop “REDERA” MV on Eve of 7th Single Release

Tomorrow, Yukueshirezutsurezure drop what they are calling a “double-A-Side” single and, if you’ve caught the song previews,  you understand the description.  “Still Roaring” and “REDERA” are two of the best tracks we’ve heard from Not Secured, Loose Ends in a while.

On the eve of this double-barreled release, they have also given us a new MV.

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Celebrate Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s Major-Label Debut with a Live-Streamed Band Set

Yanakoto Sotto Mute make their major label debut tomorrow (March 25th) and, to celebrate, have invited us all to a live band set!! Can’t make it to Japan? No problem! Because of stupid corona virus the concert is a live-streamed event via the Internet and you can buy tickets with PayPal.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #175

Well, well, well. All I can personally say is thank goodness Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally out, because with the travesty that was this week, the travesty that will surely be next week, and all the other travesties happening outside of idol, I could use a break from reality, I don’t know about you guys. So, I’m joining Maniac on his virtual vacation this next week or so, so you can at least celebrate that! Thanks a lot to all of Team Homicidols who have added to this week’s summary of what we missed while under Necromageddon, and who will as always continue to keep you updated while the two of us are probably selling our souls to a tanuki (at least, that’s what I’ll be doing).

But first:

We totally slept on this Desu.Rabbits thing! Sorry, Bucho!

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A Friday Fun Where We Expect The Worst

I learned a lot last week, thank you.


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Yanakoto Sotto Mute Launch “Afterglow” MV and Digital Single

At midnight Japan time, Yanakoto Sotto Mute released the MV for their major label debut single, “Afterglow”. 

Bask in it.

It’s beautiful.

The costumes. The strings. Nade-chan eating a rose; Mani eating marbles; Ichika hitting the high notes; Tsukasa with a bucket on her head. It’s all gorgeously absurd and near perfection. Continue reading