Know Your BiStory #3: PPCC

For #3 in the Know Your BiStory countdown, we return to Idol Is Shit‘s Garry MacKenzie for a look at … well, look at it!

“PPCC,” if not the most important (“Nerve” is of course a thing), is one of the most important releases that the original BiS put out. My reason for believing this is simple, it was their major label debut under Avex Trax. Up until that point, BiS had been killing it on the indies and with their anti-establishment message it was somewhat surprising to see them sign to a major label. How their career panned out after that is a debatable subject (I will fight you), but there’s really no denying the historical significance of this single.

Read the whole thing. If you haven’t had enough sex and violence yet in this series, maybe “PPCC” will round things out for you.

/looks at schedule

Nope! Still got plenty more of that!

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