New BiS Is Going Full Reality Show

On A-to-J Talks last night, we speculated that Pour Lui’s various motivations to re-boot BiS might have had as much to do with a bit of attention-neediness as anything, given that she trumped her own successor’s video release by making all the news just a few hours later.

That’s not completely indicative of anything, but consider: Day 1 of TIF is wrapping up, and what’s BiS announcing?

So in the first week of September, BiS’s final auditions will be held during a training camp of sorts, four days and three nights of goodness knows what, broadcast live on Niconico (and you’d better believe that I’m going to try to get that stream), with a one-man live for 70 people (tickets by lottery) to culminate the whole business (and is that the same venue where the original [and BiSH last year] kicked off?).

Never underestimate this woman.

5 thoughts on “New BiS Is Going Full Reality Show

  1. Is Pour lui in charge or is she simply doing what her management is telling her ? , i mean in a lot of groups the members don’t always have much saying in how things go , do you have any idea how do things work in this case ?

    • I don’t think anyone has ever successfully managed Pour Lui. She’s not going to do anything she doesn’t feel like doing.

      • Yeah, I think “manage Pour Lui” is kind of like “tame lion.” You try to steer her and keep her happy, but you don’t really tell her what to do too often unless you like the idea of losing a hand.

    • Pour Lui is like the idol version of Axl rose she’s talented and has a lot of charisma but she’s also notoriously difficult to work with and prone to hissy fits. I think she has a lot of say in everything because without her there is no BiS and she knows that. I’m sure a lot of these ideas come from management but she’s been known to have random whims and even argue with members of her own group because she wants things her own way. It’s not like she’s a kid dreaming of stardom that will follow the manager’s orders no matter what she’s an adult who has a very definite vision of how she sees herself and what she wants to do.

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