Babymetal’s ‘Metal Resistance’ Album Broken Down UPDATED with poll

We live in an age when exclusive content may as well just be pointed and laughed at; Metal Hammer is running a massive Babymetal feature in this month’s issue, complete with a track-by-track breakdown of the upcoming Metal Resistance album. For the smart people who pre-ordered, it’s already arrived in some cases; it hits newsstands tomorrow.

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Oscar Snubs Are Dumb; Start Monday with a Bang

I almost forgot about the Oscars. I lived and worked in and around Hollywood for four years, but I’m mostly removed from that now and the Academy Awards themselves just weren’t ever that big a draw. So of course I spent most of the morning going “oh, right, Chris Rock and stuff. Stacey Dash what?”

The idolverse started off last week quietly, too, only to build and build and build, so there’s hope yet for this Monday morning, but I’ll tell you that, other than Lolisyn’s finale or prepping for Adopt-an-Idol, this is the most exciting thing going:

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Lolisyn Says Goodbye

Earlier today for those of us in the West, Goho Lolita Syndrome, Lolisyn, held their farewell show at Twin Box Akihabara:

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I Fix Things: The House Needs Me this Weekend

It has been fun as hell this week, gang, with all kinds of new music all over the place. But my in-laws are visiting and I have to fix and clean a whole bunch of things, so please do take this and enjoy what’s there. Tell a friend or two, “Hey, I really like this stuff going on at, and I think you would, too.”

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Project Adopt-an-Idol Going to Halfheartedly Kick off for Now

As discussed elsewhere on the site, was created to give me opportunities to bloviate about idols be a portal by which Western (or at least English-language) music fans could connect with the hard side of idol, the punk and metal and 10 kinds of -core performed by the Japanese cultural phenomenon, the idol.

It can be done. Just through some casual digging, I stumbled upon a bootleg rip from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s album that a kind person had put on YouTube because Kiminosei lacked the good sense to give us a video with the release. It was good, so I posted about it, then was able to add another after an exchange with the, uh, publisher. This was the result:

This is what this site exists to accomplish, and now that there’s been some time to breathe, maybe it’s time to try a little project. Continue reading

Melancholy of the Black Cat Mini-Vid Released Basically Just to Promote a B-side

When last we left Kuronekonoyuutsu, they were releasing their single and had a stripped-down, behind-the-gym-after-school-weed-smoking-makeout video to promote it.

This came out yesterday:

Honestly, casually fishing seems like a perfectly acceptable activity

I would love to own a copy of this single, dude.

What Growing up Sounds Like: PassCode’s ‘AXIS’

You know what’s always a nice surprise? When PassCode just drops another free album preview right into your lap:

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Babymetal’s ‘KARATE’ Is Here, and It’s Amazing UPDATE: Download ready! Audio also on YouTube!

UPDATE: Currently available for download! iTunes says $1.29, but it becomes a free download if you pre-order the album (which, you know, you should).

Also available on Spotify!

One of the most anticipated single releases of the year so far, period, and something that the international metal community has awaited with dread both great and awful, “KARATE,” the first single off of Babymetal‘s second album, the upcoming Metal Resistance, has landed. Listen above, or dive deeper for the official Metal Resistance trailer and get a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released music video for “KARATE.” Continue reading

Idols Got Talent: Saki Goes Busking

I feel like it’s been a minute since Guso Drop appeared on here, and I saw this rolling through Twitter this morning and thought it’d be fun to share.

Here’s Saki (Guso Drop and 2&) doing her thing out on the streets:

Look at that Twitter account or Saki’s for more.

Crowdfunding for SKULLS IN THE STARS, No Translation Needed

We had seen before that Necronomidol is looking to crowdfund a video project for “Skulls in the Stars,” but a whole ton of details have just been released in English (praise Jeebus):

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