100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 85: Fixation

Photos from Shibuya eggman are ready to view!

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Queen of the Scene, Day 1

Homicidol Maniac rides down the ramp, surrounded by 75,000 screaming wota and very confused wrestling fans, in a tricked-out version of the Popemobile. He steps through the ropes and takes the mic to resounding boos.

Welcome all to Queen of the Scene! For the next five days, the biggest and baddest idols in the loud and especially creative game will square off in a series of dumb contests designed to determine once and for all, or at least until the next time we hold a championship event, who really rules over them all.

How we got here! Babymetal won the Corenament final over Guso Drop, but BiSH — and especially Aina the End — had a little something to say about that. But rather than just have two big-voiced titans go head-to-head, I relied on my infallible logic to remove as much bias as possible from the equation, and to give some other heavies a chance to win the crown. Hence, Queen of the Scene.

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This Is How LDID’s Mutsumi Celebrated Her Birthday

Disclaimer: I was giving up on Living Dead I Dolls. It’s not that they don’t do anything — they do a lot! — but that they weren’t doing very much that made me want to talk about them in this context. But then they added this little sucker to Soundcloud, and I got excited for a minute, and then got un-excited for like three minutes, but:

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Say, What Do You Think This New Shuuengo Buppan Song Is About?

The first thing about this new song from maybe the most exciting punk rock idol project debut in a long-ass time is that I probably enjoyed it the least out of everything they’ve put out so far, and it’s still a far cry better than a lot of what else winds up on the idol stage:

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This BiSH MV Is Nothing

Do you get it? Like because people say “such-and-such is everything,” but this is “Nothing,” so I– shut up

When this message hit my feed late last night …

… I immediately geared up for another graduation announcement. After a few minutes of debate, I turned it into “Chitti’s going to school,” which what? I even let a few people’s responses about Hug Me making a return let me fantasize about what it would mean to have Idol Perv Mom back in action (answer: nothing, really). It was a weird half hour.

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Thanks, Minna no Kodomo-chan

We all have our personal idol favorites that maybe aren’t everybody else’s favorites. Maybe we need a word for it — “underoshi” or something — a term that captures the idols that just really speak to you, man, even if they don’t have (yet!) have great mass appeal.

I have a few of these, no I won’t list them, but Minna no Kodomo-chan is part of it. This little sucker’s from their fourth single, which … is out? yet? I can’t tell:


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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 84: Aftermath

No big deal, just time to get ready for the next Codomo get-together:

It’s a busy August!

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The New GANG PARADE Album Sounds Like a Goal

Let the news about late-year WACK releases begin apace! First up is GANG PARADE, whose GANG PARADE take themselves higher!! will drop near the end of November:

I’m guessing that it won’t sound like a Jackie Wilson jam, either

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How Much Would You Like To Know About Dots?

So last week I received a message from a Japanese friend of mine, known on Twitter as “☜ЯЯ۩RR☞”. He’s a very cool and friendly guy I met at an Avandoned/Hijokadian show a little more than a year ago. Aside from idols, we’ve got a mutual love of shoegaze, post-rock and experimental musicЯЯ naturally happens to be a big fan of the mysterious enigma that is “. . . . . . . . .” as well, and he enthusiastically offered to help me put together more pieces to the Dots puzzle. Over the course of an afternoon, he filled me in on a motherlode of intensive and valuable information, and now I’m going to pay his kindness forward and pass this mind-bending knowledge on to you. And be warned, it gets pretty esoteric.

So let’s talk Dots…

First things first, there are currently six Dots. In the beginning they were nine, but four withdrew. Recently, a new, sixth ” . “ has joined them. Continue reading

Rock Me Like a Hurricane! Kamen Joshi on Stage with Scorpions

I’m so sorry. This is just the dumbest thing ever. Not the video, not even the thing happening, just … I can absolutely see some kind of stunt involving idols and scorpions — like, the actual arthropods with the big claws and stingy tails — and I can’t stop laughing. Ridiculous.

Anyway! Remember that thing about some of Kamen Joshi heading to St. Petersburg for this festival thing? Well, Scorpions were, I think, basically the headliners of the concert stuff, and that led to this:

Thanks as always, PIH!

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