Zenkimi Released Their Update to ‘Untitled Choir’; Album Watch Is On!

That sneaky, sneaky braintrust at Codomomental managed to head-fake the world this morning by first putting out news about a bunch of new media appearances for their Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da flagship, then offering up a surprise in the form of the first song from Kaqriyo Terror Architect; despite the impending release of Egoistic Eat Issues, one could be forgiven for thinking that the teased noontime announcement would be … well, anything. It could even be a boat video!

But which one? Try an old favorite.

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Come Get Your First Listen to Kaqriyo Terror Architect

Well if that didn’t come out of nowhere — if you guys wanted to get your first listen to the latest progeny of Codomomental, this is your chance! As usual, the 2-hour window applies, but also as usual, that only applies to people who don’t know how to HTML!

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It’s Time to Look at KissBeeWEST

I told one of you guys (Rain? Was it you?) that you should go to this festival and make a point of seeing KissBeeWEST, for they are good and cool, and said receiver of the recommendation was like, OH WOW YEAH THEY ARE COOL THANKS MANIAC! Proof, once again, that you should always listen to me, for I have impeccable taste. Also, yesterday PIH was like, bro, have you ever KissBeeWESTed? And I replied, for goodness sake’s child, yes. I also admitted that I was going to publish something about them, which was true, as I was originally going to do it on Tuesday but got too busy for words, which is partly why that other post about bee stuff came out the way it did.


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PiGU’s Dark Side Is Something Else

What a pleasant surprise! Well, let me draw that back a little bit — the fact that PiGU dropped a full-on MV for their new single is a pleasant surprise. And the song is really good! You don’t usually expect “heavy” for the PiGUs of the world, but anybody can add some extra drum kit or tune things down a little, stick to minor keys, etc., when the situation requires, and it’s not like PiGU hasn’t ever gone toward the dark side before.

That being said, what the heck is going on with “DAY”?


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Let’s Talk about Oomori Seiko, Cult Leader

Another Oomori Seiko video is upon us, friends, and once again one of the truest maestros of the craft … well, it’s not quite as befitting this site as the last one, and I completely skipped over the video from last week because I just couldn’t, not even tongue in cheek, but I want you to really watch this one while listening intently to appreciate the talent on display.

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I Am Putting out a Bounty for Sola Sound Video

Help me sleuth, friends. Have you ever encountered Sola Sound? This is their lone appearance on this site, about a year ago, when they were fairly new; other than some Soundcloud action, there is naught but any kind of real indication of their sound, performance style, etc. I look them up every couple of weeks or so, always curious, like hey, maybe they put some live video on YouTube! And nothing.

Until when I looked yesterday! They were at @JAM (which I knew, but mostly discounted), and they got to do one of those little video promos:

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This Is an Under Beasty Update

Who doesn’t like Under Beasty? Well, among those of you who know who they are, at least. Everybody likes UB! What’s not to like about a literally self-made unit that got picked up by a mid-major agency and just keeps on plugging away, and tends to have some pretty nice music to boot?

That’s what I thought.

So! They very conveniently shared a chunk of their live yesterday via Periscope right around the time that I went sniffing after them because, hey, it’s been a minute since the last Under Beasty post.

periscope live!

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Arrow Heart Lives!

Let’s talk about a love of mine, gang. It’s a pretty lame week, after all, and you take the small victories when you can get them.

If you’ve been around a while, you may remember the time that I declared that I would do whatever was necessary to aid the success of one Arrow Heart, a two-member subgroup of a fairly insignificant idol project that’s part of a … well, what matters is that they made music like FRUITPOCHETTE Lite, and those two (originally three!) members just idoled ever so hard for literal handfuls of wota at various local events, but it all wound up on YouTube. I was moved! That’s dedication; I wanted them to, well, become something in the way that I used to imagine the choir director at this one church probably used to wish that she’d taken that one chance to New York for an audition, but was gamely leading retirees and whoever’s kid was in the high school chorus through all-too-familiar arrangements of holiday hymns while he own life devolved into middle age.


I followed, though, and took as many opportunities as possible to share my love. But then, one day, I noticed that Arrow Heart wasn’t sharing new stuff on YouTube anymore, and their official Twitter was mostly just sharing stuff from the main group. And I thought, well, another idol bites the dust, and I went back to obsessing over Yanakoto Sotto Mute business.

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This Elfloat Live Looks Amazing

I always initially feel like I spend too much energy on Elfloat (and really all parts of the Blue Forest family), on account of their being very, very idol by default, but then I spend a few minutes with them and realize that “heavy idols” can mean different things, and that “I like loud and hard music” and “I like idol music” can have interesting intersections sometimes. I do it every time it comes up, actually.

So, to whit, this pretty sweet live video:

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Here’s a Bunch of Bees Stuff


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