This Is Cool: Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen Street Live

Via Idol 2.0:

They’re literally walking down the street, doing a free gig. What a good way to get attention for the new single coming out in a month!

Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen are cool anyway; this just drives that home.

You Find Things: Gensoshojo Doll

Big shot-out to @the59thsecond for sharing last night:

Do yourself a favor and listen to that song. “Oh, Maniac, what’s with you and the poppier stuff lately?” To that, I say, give this a couple of minutes to get where it’s going.

You can get more info on Gensoshojo Doll from their website, Twitter and Soundcloud. I just caution you that their other Soundcloud track is nice, but has all the thunder of a quaint December snow flurry. Also, their YouTube channel exists and currently contains only a single intro video that isn’t very exciting.

Two things that I think I like because I don’t know any better: Based on a weird Twitter run-around, I think this may actually be a reboot/re-brand before there was even a real original thing (so there’s hope yet for Cream n’ Chrome!); also, if that description on their profile page can actually be interpreted as “120% idol sweet enough to choke on,” please let that be so.

& Crazy Drops the Full PV for Their First Single

I really think that one of the strengths of this music, regardless of its equal ability to put one off, is how it can just grab-bag its way through elements. & Crazy‘s “End of Memory” started off making me feel like a J-rock interpretation of Evanescence, for instance.

You know, nu-metally and -core-y. … You guys are jerks.

It settles into familiar territory before too long, and then those choruses sound like something out of early HKFC.

Anyway, I had no idea that they were releasing on Universal. That’s … does Universal have some kind of thing for 1B-level rock idols?

BBC’s Documentary Featuring Babymetal Currently Available to View

I say “currently” because this could be a short-lived mirror on Dailymotion; BBC’s player is restricted to, you know, Britain.

Babymetal: Wembley to Tokyo (BBC) by Blussy96 Continue reading

‘MONSTER’ vs. ‘MONSTERS’ Actually a Bloodbath

Didn’t see that one coming! A little over a week ago, I found that a joint media appearance by Q’ulle and BiSH would be a fun opportunity to pit their two similarly titled songs against one another. The results are in!

And I did not expect that! Like, BiSH is great and all, but I’ll cop to voting for Q’ulle on this one because the choruses and entire second half of “MONSTER” is as top-tier as it gets.

Maybe now you’ll feel like contributing to the power rankings?

The Spunky Want to Share

I’m loving that The Spunky are basically validating everything about this wacky site by having their official Twitter go about half-in on English lately. In addition to that, they’re also sharing live snips:

Continue reading

I Crowdsource Things: The Inaugural Homicidols Power Rankings

It’s been almost an entire month since we had something to argue about and anguish over, and the Corenament is now well behind us, so I thought it was about the right time to kick off something that had been in my notes from this site’s moment of conception.

Yep, accidentally and backwards* taking a page from New School Kaidan, we’re going to do some monthly power rankings. And I do mean “we”: This site isn’t a whole lot of fun if it’s just Maniac being all “this is what I think so screw you guys;” I instead turn to the bunch of drunks and misfits wonderfully knowledgeable and absolutely polite and on-point fans to make this list go. Continue reading

The New Stereo Tokyo Actually Kind of Rocks, But Controversy Is Afoot?

Despite really liking them, I’d never considered Stereo Japan/Tokyo as being likely to include on this site, their general sound being too in the club and not enough in the pit to feel like a good fit here, but “Run” is just all over the place and loaded with fun stuff.

Plus, the video reminds one of “Ganbare!!”, and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

HOWEVER, in trying to get some info, I was looking through the comments on the video, and … I’m really confused. They are/not breaking up? There’s some bizarre marathon+sales condition on the group’s continuation? I’ve never seen such a high ratio of dislikes to likes on idol video.

Literally, all I know about Stereo XXXXXXXX is that there was Stereo Tokyo and Stereo Osaka and together they Voltroned into Stereo Japan, but then that split and Stereo Osaka morphed into Edge Dub Monkeyz or something like that, and Stereo Tokyo is still going under the Stereo Japan brand (along with Stereo Fukuoka) and stereo stereo stereo.

So help me out, pretty please. And even if you can’t, cool song, you guys!

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: See the very first comment on this post. I do believe that most questions are now answered! Also, see Stereo Fukuoka.

We’re Sort of What They’re Talking About

This Japan Times article was making the rounds a couple of days ago and I finally got around to reading it. Basically, “Cool Japan needs to listen to its target market” is talking about how the so-named initiative, which is ambitious and good and aimed at building cultural interest ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, needs to spend more time connecting with people who aren’t Japanese but who do like Japanese things. Continue reading

Sure, Satan Clown, Whatever You Say

And just when you thought that things could be a little bit not-disturbing:

Say hello to Syuku, one of the twisted clown members of Bokura no Oyugi. If you are unfamiliar, this is what they sound like: Continue reading