Hell Yes but Oh No? Love BILLIE IDLE with Me

I think that BILLIE IDLE’s LAST ALBUM is gonna be pretty good, you guys. Here’s the lead single:

That’s a lot of ass smackin’!

Of course, given that I at least seriously entertain the notion that this is BILLIE IDLE’s actual last album, I see a nice 80’s-ish throwback song done in a video style that’s 2/3 “Anarchy in the Music Scene” and 1/3 final “nerve”, and those gears really get turnin’. Continue reading

Celebrate Idol Halloween by Fan-revisiting One of the Greatest Terrors of All

It’s a Halloween gift from the Deuce himself! Bekah and Ashley, who are probably the greatest idol fans of all, have graced the world with a special holiday edition of their dance cover series. This time? Motherhubbard “STUPiG”!

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I Genuinely Like the New Banmon Track

I swear up and down, I originally didn’t have much to say (or even think) about Band ja Naimon!’s latest. It was going to be a Weekender addition, no less, a little look in at the latest goings and comings of a group that’s merited a few mentions ’round these parts but is firmly in that grey area between Rocks A Lot and Does Not Rock At All. I mean, they’re always fun as all hell, but so’s Negicco, and I wouldn’t dare suggest that the Onion Idols of Niigata “rock” so much as “ooze damn perfection,” so.

Anyway, Banmon:

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At Last, a New Zenkimi Single

For one day at least, idol is radiating heat and excitement and fun again. Even some of the most essential players in our corner of the game are meaningfully (for a Westerner, at least) active. Like: Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da! New single! Nameless!

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Gekijo-ban Has a Message for You

Everybody knows how idol works by now, the synergistic relationship between idol and wota, the oft-unrealized mutual draw to one another resulting in either a meaningful existence or complete dissolution*. But while every White T-shirt Guy spends hours and gold on his idols, what does he get in return? A few moments of chit-chat and an insta photo? All the wota ever wants is recognition that the idol cares about and respects them as well!

Gokigen Teikoku to the rescue!

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Enjoy Idol Helloween Like You Know You Want To

Happy Halloween, amigos! I’ll confess to being a little bit annoyed; while I love Day Job with all of my heart, I do always love the requirements of Day Job, which sometimes necessitates that I spend time doing things after hours and away from what I really want to be doing. In the case of Halloween, I always enjoy dressing up Maniac Mansion as a den of terror and pain, and myself as a murderer or demonic entity, purely to scare the ever-loving bejeezus out of the neighborhood children. It’s great!

But yeah, Day Job demands that I not get to enjoy that this year, so instead I turn to my more regular hobby — idols. And, you know who delivered? Friggin’ Blue Forest — Elfloat, Diamondollfy and Real Light, to be precise — with a live that I was totally stoked about even just as it was announced, let alone thinking that I’d ever get to see it. Continue reading

The New Futari Opposite Is Ska-riffic

Jordan found this wonderful little snip, and it was exactly what I needed.

That’s such a wonderful little burst of goodness, I don’t even have anything else to add. We knew that there was a lot of promise in Futari Opposite, and here’s a nice example of it; they’re clearly willing to go in a lot of directions, so word.

Best Of Season Is Upon Us, Folks, So Get Those Nominations In

It’s not yet quite November, but the close of the Best of the Year … year is upon us — for reasons, we closed up part of 2016’s epic festivities, but this time around gives us a full 12 months, November ’16 through November ’17, to reckon. What’s best? What’s worst? What’s next? We all decide!

Kerrie has been keeping track of nominations on a rolling basis here in this spot in the forums, but she also took the process public over the last few days:

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Malcolm Mask McLaren’s MV Made My Monday Mondo

Oh man. Oh man! After the previous look at the track (whereupon I failed to communicate well), I’m comfortable in saying that Malcolm Mask McLaren’s new single, “Existence,” was at least going to be good. Now with the MV, yes, let’s not insult anybody with qualifiers on the “good” part:

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Oshi Digest #11: Cinematic

In this very special edition of Oshi Digest, we tell a story using only images culled from the eternal life of Oshi