“The new akugi MV is emotional whiplash” — @DaeMetal

We’re a little late in delivering here due to wires getting crossed, but, even almost a full week after its release, the latest akugi MV can really only be summed up by the above-referenced statement by our very own Daemon. And uh:

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This Is a Short Post about Wonder Lander

It’s possible that no unit in idol has, over the now nearly five years of Weekendering, made more appearances as the Idol in Focus than Wonder Lander. Which is a huge shame, actually! Wonder Lander’s a cool group. It’s just that we usually get material from them in little bits and pieces, so maybe but annually do we actually make a whole-ass post out of them. This is one of those times!

And the occasion is that there are some newer tracks that I’ll share from various sources so it’s easy to follow them on many platforms!

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You Are Hereby Invited to Enjoy This Awesome Live Video

This post exists entirely to broadcast this absolutely exceptional show from QUEENS.

You’re welcome.

I Think We’re Going to Like the New PIGGS Single

Somehow or another, the permanent breakup between BiS and Pour Lui has turned out to be the best thing that could happen to both things — the OG punk idols’ resurrection seemed as likely to be a branding exercise as anything else when they were re-constituted without the founder or any past members at all, yet have been remarkably stable and arguably as good as ever; the OG punk idol herself, the grand dame of this scene, went off and formed a unit that has her fingerprints all over it and, sans some of the pretenses of Lui’s past work, just keeps knocking ’em out of the park.

So yeah, here we are, a second single in as many fiscal year quarters on the horizon, and PIGGS is doing it so good and making it look so easy:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #240

Good morning! I hope you all had as good a week as you could have. Yes, because you’re all super curious, I did have a great time last weekend at the family event, thank you, and came back energized, only to start a needed medication that has as a side-effect ridiculous insomnia. Actual insomniacs of the world: HOW DO YOU LIVE? I have a cumulative 10 hours of actual sleep over the past three days and my brain feels like pudding. It’s all I can do to show up for work, let alone try to do extra things like run a fancy idol website.

BUT! Perhaps in apology for last week’s meh-fest, this is an excellent Weekender if I do say so myself, and yet again we are blessed with plenty of other delicious material from idols great and small to talk about in normal posts. So blogging? It’s happening, friends. And for now, get out there and enjoy that first weekend of summer unless you’re in one of the places where there’s record-mocking heat or it rains the whole time or you live in Miami and you have much bigger problems to worry about. The world is terrible!

And That’s the Optimistic View

In case you (are literally right now) missing it:

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Keep Your Fingers Crossed for Fingers Cross

Once again, we’ll be shifting our focus off of Japan and towards another country’s idol scene. Say hello to Fingers Cross from Thailand and their new music video for Theory!

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Rilisreverse Playback to the Start

Fresh with a new member in tow, RILISREVERSE are back with their new digital single SAISEI and we have a lot to say indeed.

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I Would Like to Draw Your Attention to HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI: The Movie

There’s basically nothing else to say, actually. HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI did a movie, or what’s more accurately viewed as a series of short films (one per member) or some kind of anthology, Repeat negative morning, and put them on YouTube and now you can watch them. I’ve now seen parts of all of them, of course with a limited understanding of what’s actually happening, and I definitely want to give credit where it’s due — they look and sound great, and the idols (seem to, idk) do just fine as actors.

So here you go!

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Guess Who’s Going to Budokan

Doop-dee-doop, scrolling through Twitter, looking to connect with something interesting in idol … Hello, what’s this?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #239

Good … morning? Profusestest apologies, friends, for your friendly neighborhood Maniac is on the road at a big family to-do and got pulled away from being able to wrap up this post at the normal time, and now I’m rushing it out the door but nothing stops the Weekender I hope you all have a great one it’s Juneteenth and then the first day of summer!

Calm Down

Yeah, BOY MEETS HARU album!

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