Not Just Any Standard, the World Standard

Who’s up for another gothic shot in the arm? I know I could stand for a little gloom.

Here’s the latest from The World Standard, Wa-suta, who have actually made a cameo appearance here in the original TIF Megathread courtesy of @ramenshuriken but fell by the wayside since:

Not quite a song you were expecting out of cat girls, was it? That’s via Kimi Kame, who provides details here and has somehow managed to go seven full months of being linked in the sidebar without once being cited outright.

In my defense, while “Kanzen Naru Idol” is a fine song, and Wa-suta does have a bit of edge to their sound, they are … not our normal kind of idols. If you check out that website of theirs, you’ll notice that they’re part of the agency family that brings regular idol heavy hitters Cheeky Parade, SUPER GiRLS and GEM. There’s also the following:

  • They are cat girls.
  • One song (the above) has this whole new approach made.
  • Their other work reminds me of a Deathrabbits children’s album being performed by Meltia.

Nonetheless, The World Standard, ladies and germs. Enjoy.

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