PassCode Fan Club Members, This Video’s for You

Literally! Unless you’re a member of Linkage, you’ll have to wait for an actual member of Linkage to rip and secretly upload this behind-the-scenes video from the making of the “Ninja Bomber” MV.

How many reaction takes does it take to really capture PassCode‘s personality? How many food items does Kaede try to eat from the Japanese version of the deli tray? Do they have to adjust cameras to account for Yuna’s height? Send PassCode money that proves how much you love them, and you too could find out!

Redefining “an Hour to Kill”: Watch Guso Drop on N.E.T-Shibuya Music Diver

Not capable of speaking Japanese and this recording of course being bereft of subtitles, I was going to skip out on this one until I skipped around a few times to see if anything interesting would happen, and interesting things were happening regardless of the language barrier.

They’re short one Anna, but I think everything still went a-okay.

It’s Monday, So of Course There’s Something From petit pas!

After the longest tease in human history, petit pas! finally got around to releasing their debut album, Refrain, last week. More on that to come, but right now their official YouTube channel has available-one-day-only video from their release performance:

That title track is a good one, but “Yozora” is up there, too; good enough to be featured in this commercial for non-alcoholic sparkling wine:

That commercial will live forever, but the live video will be gone by this time tomorrow, so enjoy and share.

I Want to Hear Hategleam’s Newest So Badly That I’m Listening to Their Demo

You all will have to forgive me for loving the ever-living hell out of Hategleam, hashtag sorry not sorry. With all due respect to Guso Drop, I’m not sure that anybody puts idol and hardcore together better.

However! Once upon a time, all the way back to the beginning of 2015, there was a lonely demo on Bandcamp, and it was by an up-and-coming anti-idol project called Hategleam, and that up-and-coming idol project called Hategleam had three anti-idols fronting the band instead of two and wow they were a lot closer to the idol side in those days.

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Finkle Is Einhorn, Bokurano Is AMiE and I’m Officially in Too Deep

I can’t possibly explain how this all happened in an acceptable length for a blog post, but SUPER long-time readers may recall / have stumbled upon / tried to forget about that time that I got kind of momentarily excited about AMiE despite knowing very little about them.

In trying to follow up from the earlier post about the slapstickin’est denizens of our nightmares, Bokura no Oyugi, I was doing some YouTubing and … oh, how interesting, that AMiE song is right on this list … and the clowns are in the description, how interesting …

I– Is that–



All right. There’s at least one person who frequents this site who’s big on this stuff. GirlWhoLikesIdols, I’m looking in your direction. Help us out here.

The Terror Clowns Are Closing in on 666 and Need Your Help

I don’t ordinarily get too much behind idol promotional gimmicks for the simple reason that they’re usually kind of dumb, but I’m completely behind Bokura no Oyugi’s attempt to get to 666 Twitter followers for each member.

Mickey just crossed the 100-to-go barrier; this is how she’s celebrating: Continue reading

The Spunky Have Kind of Redefined the Circle Pit

Spied these on the official Twitter today and thought it was too good a scenario to not share:

Reminder: They’re only a trio for a little while longer. What could be cooking for the next iteration of The Spunky?

The Surge of Fear You Felt Was This Pre-release from Necronomidol

I don’t know about where you live, but it’s a pretty nice day here at Maniac Mansion. Then the skies darkened and the lights flickered and the frozen fingers of the dead seized my heart: Necronomidol has put out tracks and art from their upcoming EP, From Chaos Born.

Cover of Japanese black metal idol dark wave group Necromidol's EP "From Chaos Born"
If you click on the image, you can listen to the songs! Continue reading

Screams & Jams: Guso Drop Live

Not many sound as good in lo-fi as Guso Drop. That’ll happen when you’re the soundtrack of id itself.

Over on the fan club’s Facebook page, there’s lots of video of screaming, too.

There was of course a whole bunch of the wet stuff:

Now clean up after yourselves!

Happy Sunday.

Babymetal Is Going to Perform with Rob Halford and There Are No Words

It’s real. Babymetal and Rob Halford are going to perform together.

Remember when I was saying that thing about how idols who do metal and also have an eye outside of Japan have “go full metal” as their only option to succeed? I didn’t mean quite this far. This is kind of massive. Almost regardless of how you feel about Judas Priest, you have to respect Rob Halford. Like, DragonForce at Download and the Golden Gods was neat, but … you’d basically have to resurrect Prince and have them all collaborate on a funky version of “Ganbare!!” to top this. Or, how I really feel: Continue reading