What’s the Discord link?

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What about other social media?

Here’s a complete collection of our social media links: Homicidols Lit.Link

What the hell is an idol?

These are idols:

Cute tune.

“Thanks for the help.”

You’re welcome. But I get it, you wanted an actual explanation.

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About This Site

This website was created by The Homicidol Maniac as a celebration of the tremendously innovative, ass-kicking idols of Japan’s independent and underground music scene who we call “homicidols.” Since October of 2015, it has served as a showcase for the revolutionary music at the center of it all: idol-led punk and hardcore and metal (and, later, electronica and shoegaze and progressive rock and dream pop and hip hop) and all-around, genre crushing awesomeness. In recent years, the influence of the genre has reached overseas and alternative idol units can now be found across the globe.

As the site developed and grew, Maniac attracted and engaged a collection of like-minded collaborators who evolved over the years into Team Homicidols. This small company of writers possess a diversity of eclectic tastes that span almost the entirety of the various subgenres of the alternative idol pantheon.

Since its launch, Homicidols dot com has published close to 5,000 articles covering more that 350 idol units and artists. And we aren’t finished yet, not by a long shot.

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About the Homicidol Maniac

I’m not much of one for self-importance, but maybe a little bit of personal context will help people get what this is all about:

I go by Homicidol Maniac, Maniac around these parts. I maintain a few different online personas, so I won’t cross the streams and say what the others are.

Like a lot of people in the West, I was introduced to Babymetal in 2014; unlike most of those people in the West, it wasn’t through “Gimme Choco!!”. I saw something cool and new and interesting happening, got a little bit interested in what this whole “idol” thing was about, was introduced to BiS … and let’s just say that it’s been a really fun time since.

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