Check out This Band Covering NSLE’s ‘A Drama with Nietzsche’

We’re pretty used to idols covering bands at this point, but what about when bands cover idols? Norem shared this video in the Idolmetal group yesterday …

… and not only is it pretty good, but it got the ol’ Maniac wheels turning anew. Continue reading

I Felt Like PiGU This Morning, So Here You Go

The presence of the WTF every Tuesday has led to a bit of mid-early-week malaise on ol’ Maniac’s part, gang, and I felt like I could use something of a pick-me-up anyway, and do you know what tends to do the job? Well-composed idol pop punk!

And may the gods bless this YouTuber, too, for always recording PiGU lives and always uploading them in a heartbeat

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So What Exactly Is This Thing That BiSH Is Doing?

I feel like I skip over a lot of the more random BiSH news because there’s so much of it and most of it pertains to performances and fan club stuff and basically a whole bunch of things that we’re not going to experience, and they don’t seem relevant to the BiSH story, so I just leave it alone; let these guys worry about that stuff, and you’ll find it if you’re interested.

This MONSTER biSH business, though?

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This Tuesday WTF Is the Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares

This Tuesday’s WTF is in fact purely speculative: What do you think BeardPochette would be like?

Thanks, Patrick!

All I’m going to say is, the Rum business showed what a harsh voice can add to Fruitpochette’s sound.

Happy Tuesday.

This Monday Match Game Will Make You Feel Better

Happy Monday, you goofs! As a brief programming note before we dive into the goods, this will be the last Monday Match Game for a little while; I’ll be publishing a Corenament primer later in the week, and then next week will kick us off to get our final field set. SO EXCITING!

The last Monday Match Game pitted the darkness idols, NECRONOMIDOL, against The Cult in a bid to determine who whose kvlt was more trve, and Necroma smashed those swag rock pretenders on their way to a sickeningly good album release and MV, plus the delirious fun that was #Deathless4Necroma.

This week, it’s not about kvlt, but about cures; specifically, what’ll cure what ails you? Is it pants-soilingly intense idols or innovative alt-rock legends? Tiny doll-like girls bellowing hateful lyrics or bad-haired English men singing about how they hate themselves? Yes, friends, neither of these things should have much association with actual cures, but both can be palliative and soothing in their own way.

The trick is, depending on where you are right now — happy, sad, hopeful, heartbroken — which Cure is going to make it all better? Continue reading

We’ll Never Run out of Debuts: Meet Alice Liddell

I sometimes wonder if there isn’t a lab somewhere in Tokyo, perhaps in Shinjuku, deep underground, where the mad scientist from the IDOL is DEAD film has a team of half-zombified songwriters chained to an old refrigerator while they crank out idol debut songs by the bushel; if you can come up with a better explanation for idometal, I’d love to hear it.

Anyway, because your friend and mine Pure Idol Heart always seems to know about these things on idol’s rough edges, here’s the brand-new Alice Liddell (Twitter) and the MV for their debut single:

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Q’ulle’s Got a Preview out for Their Major Debut Single

After getting a teaser out of idol’s Van Halen the other day, it’s now the turn of idol’s Bon Jovi to rev us up a little:

Of course, Q’ulle, now being on an Avex imprint, will make it extremely difficult to acquire this single when it drops, which is a shame, because you can pretty much guarantee that “DON’T STOP” is a fun song, but the B-side will be either gorgeous, dancehall power pop or something hard enough to shake your teeth. Continue reading

This Iketeru Hearts Video Is Twisted and Violent and I Love It

I love how you guys always have good referrals. It makes me feel like this whole business was a good idea — you share, I share, people see and share, and we wind up with things like Not Secured, Loose Ends adopting an English name and starting and international fan club and scheduling tour dates very, very far from Japan. When that happens, everybody wins!

Case in point:

Now, I know Chris; we share a mutual love for PiGU. I have no reason to disbelieve this man. And yet … the still on that video, that’s pretty kawaiidol, you know? And though I’d heard of Iketeru Hearts in the past, I don’t recall having ever thought that I should be including them here (be quiet about WA-SUTA and stuff, all right?).

Well. Continue reading

Tsurezure Coming West Is Kind of a Big Deal

Yukueshirezutsurezure ended a year of speculation the other day and set themselves up in a rather unique position, and I’m trying to sum that up here, but I’m also impressed by some things that seem apparent for the Idols Now Known as Not Secured, Loose Ends in English (that’s gonna take some getting used to), and I want to talk about them.

But first. Continue reading

So Good, It’s the name TWICE

I was killing myself to do a proper pun for the title, but failed

Anyway! This is another good Sunday entry, a sweet little alt-something number with this hint of rock sound behind it that makes me think that the name TWICE (Twitter) is actually going to be a unit to keep an eye on.

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