Your Homicidols Weekender #399

I don’t know about you all, but the only fun I had this week was living vicariously through the tweets of people (and idols) thronging the Tokyo streets for the 10th anniversary of the disbandment of BiS.

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nonayu: An Idol Biography

Our primary mission here at Homicidols dot com is doing whatever we can to promote alternative, indie, and underground idols to the Western world. So when the good folks over at the German Idol Society reached out about collaborating on a project to celebrate nonayu’s tenth anniversary as an idol, we jumped at the chance. Not only did it align with the most essential goal of the site but, most importantly: WE ❤️ NONAYU. A lot. 

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Your Homicidols Weekender #398

July 4th has passed, AX is in full swing, and Niji no Conquistador have dropped their yearly bikini MV. Summer has officially peaked and it’s all downhill from here to what has become the annual August alienation of overseas fans by Tokyo Idol Festival organizers. I can’t wait!! Still, there’s a lot of other summer fun left to be had, like:

Tickets for WACK in the UK, Part the Third, featuring MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN TONAi BOUSHO a.k.a. MONSTERIDOL, BiS, and ASP, are now on sale.

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WASTED with WATANABE: The Junnosuke Watanabe Interview

Some enchanted evening, under a moonlit summer sky, a drag queen is performing her cabaret number at London’s Ku Bar. Watching her show with our intrepid reporter is none other than the person behind acts like BiSH, BiS and GANG PARADE: Junnosuke Watanabe. The man in question is kicking off the night with a pint of Staropramen , while Cal from Homicidols and Porin from the band Awesome City Club (who just happened to be in town) both enjoy a pornstar martini each.

Junnosuke Watanabe and Porin from Awesome City Club

Homicidols: You always get beer don’t you?

Watanabe: Oh yes (laughs). Cocktails are too sweet for me.

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