I Have a Suggestion for the Next Subtitling Project

Somebody hurry up and call boans and tell him to book that person who did the YMM and BRGH movies, because we’re going to need some dang translation and subtitling with a quickness.

A new WACKumentary, this one focused on BiSH instead of the nasty, brutish and short history of SiS, will be upon us in no time:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #46

Good morning, ya goofballs! I’m in a pretty solid mood today. For starters, the Fun is absolutely incredible and you should a) check it out and b) participate. Also, that why-did-I-agree-to-this class of mine is this afternoon — if you’re in the Greater Capital Region and have ever wanted to pelt me with rotten eggs, this is your big chance!

Hell of a Weekender, by the way. And has anybody else noticed that we’re rapidly closing in on the anniversary? I WONDER IF ANYTHING SPECIAL MIGHT HAPPEN!

You’re a Jerk, Maniac

If you wanted to know what Babymetal‘s SSA show was like:

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PLICPROCK Updated a Classic of Theirs

I don’t know if it requires particularly in-depth anything, and I was tempted to find another use for the video, but those of you who might be new to this whole thing and/or haven’t had a good chance to give PLICPROCK a good chance might appreciate their release of a … actually, it’s interesting:

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You’ll Melt More! Is Always Good for a Surprise

TALKING HITS EP is just a week away now, friends, and those of you who hold up You’ll Melt More! as all that is good and right in idol (and are therefore not wrong in the least) have no doubt been clamoring to get a listen to their 138th studio release since 2014.

It’s You’ll Melt More! — literally no matter the tenor of the song, you know that the video’s going to take you for some kind of ride. And, in this case, to some theme park called Little World and a chance to finally imagine Ano visiting your home:

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From the Depths of Relative Hell, New NECRONOMIDOL

While preparing for that class I’m teaching last night, I was looking through my YouTube playlists and noticed something strange — the videos from the Necroma 24 had all been deleted. How strange! I thought. Perhaps the event’s specialness was being preserved by Ricky. Perhaps he forgot to lay the proper enchantments upon the cameras, and the recordings of such vile evil were bound to deteriorate out of sheer attrition in the epic battle between darkness and light. It could’ve been anything!

But then the cat was let out of the bag this morning; a new NECRONOMIDOL video, you guys!

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Just like with Bakuon Dolls Syndome, I occasionally get reminded that idols exist not because they do something new and buzz-worthy and all over Twitter, but because somebody else references them, or a random photo makes a memory pop up, or a playlist turns out something you haven’t heard in a while, etc. The point is, trying to pay attention to as much of idol as possible is a great way to lose track of a lot of idol along the way.

For instance, remember GRATIA-ALA? They had a nice moment of attention way back at the beginning of the year, and then got lost in the wash, and justifiably so considering that they haven’t really done anything since.

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I Had to Put My Face Back on After This New One from Candye Syrup

“Say, why don’t more allegedly heavy idols ever get really, genuinely brutal?” is a question that I’m sure all of us ask ourselves from time to time; I probably do it at least once per day when I’m lamenting that very little terribly interesting has been happening for most of the year! PassCode gets close sometimes, Broken By The Scream has been a cruel tease, Checkmate will get in there, but what? WHERE’S THE DAMN FACE-MELTING, IDOLS?

Oh, Non and her comrades in Candye Syrup got us covered? And it’s extremely idol at the same time? DON’T MIND IF I DO! Continue reading

The Masks Are Off; Now It’s Time to See What EMPiRE Can Do

I guess Watanabe got bored with waiting for the magical 15,000-follower-per-member threshold to be met, or he changed the rules on the fly again, or Avex ran out of patience, or something, because here’s your EMPiRE, unmasked:


I saw Midoriko first and wondered if how she was photographed would be indicative of what the group’s overall look would be like:

But I guess not. I’m sure that we’ll see soon enough. Continue reading

Hey, Bakuon Dolls Syndrome Is Still a Thing!

Well if this wasn’t a neat little surprise — while cruising Twitter last night, I came across a screen capture of an idol’s birthday (you know, the balloons and stuff), and thought AW HOW NICE WHO ACTUALLY IS THAT, so click -> read -> “oh it’s one of the Bakusyn members!”

And you know what that means — time to see what, if anything, Himari’s old group is/was up to! Continue reading

You Can/Should Still Get on the le biglemoi Bandwagon

I am of the belief that more of you guys need to get in on le biglemoi before they turn into pumpkins; in a pretty resoundingly down year for heavy idol, they’re one of the real bright spots to emerge from … what is this? the third generation? fourth? of the scene.

PIH called it “live intro,” which I took to mean some kind of weirdly dark burikko, but it’s instead what they use as the intro to their lives; that partly explains the male voice, but only so much. Continue reading