Your Weekly Livestream Timetable No.2

Here’s your weekly collection of all of the livestream and #stayhome event info we can find. Scroll down to find a collection of idols and units streaming daily.  

It’s difficult to catch every broadcast announcement so please DM me on Twitter (@daemetal) if you notice something is missing and check back for updates.

Livestream Timetable

Updated: May 2

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST). Convert to your time here.

Friday, May 1st (JST)

19:00 – BANANA MONKEYS“Only Eat a Pot?” YouTube Live (Link TBA)


23:30 – YONEKO –  neon Countdown Start

Saturday, May 2nd (JST)

15:00 – NaNoMoRaLStreaming Live

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Your Homicidols Weekender #180

It’s good to see you again! I’m sort of getting exhausted with nearly everything we post having to exist in the shadow of current events, it risks getting downright oppressive at times, y’know? But at the end of the day, and with every weekender, we want to try to give you something more positive and fun to look towards, even if the feeling is a temporary one. And aside from this collection of tidbits lovingly curated by the team, we want to encourage you to have a go at this weeks fun, which is especially…well, fun!

Also, don’t forget to refer to Daemon’s incredibly helpful livestream timetable! Our man is truly doing a public service here!

Now How About We Do Some Weekending…

What?!! V-Kei beating idols???  Never! Go order more idol cheki!!!


Yuyoyuppe’s poetry-core unit, the lyrics dropped a nice new song.

NaNoMoRaL stay-at-home mini-lives are one of those unique special things born of these times…

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Your Weekend Livestream Timetable #1

It was getting tough to update the timetable every day, so from here on out we will attempt to publish all of the livestream and #stayhome event info we have collected just prior to each weekend.  Please let me know of any broadcasts I’m missing by commenting below or DM me on Twitter (@daemetal).

Live Stream Timetable

Updated: April 26th

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST). Convert to your time here.

Saturday, April 25th (JST)

19:00 – TORICAGO“Uguisu Records vol.26”, 90 Minute Live Broadcast

21:00 – FRUN FRIN FRIENDS2nd YouTube Live Delivery

21:00 – GO TO THE BEDS  – AbemaTV bpm [LIVE special] # 133 

Sunday, April 26th (JST)

17:30 – seireki13ya“FemtoNovaSet Tour〜attofoe from DIGITAL〜”

19:00 – sora tob sakanaRegular Live Performance , fee: ¥2000 

19:30 – The Banana MonkeysYouTube Live (URL TBA)

20:00 – Gu-Gu LULUFujimiya Komachi graduation Live on YouTube (URL TBA)

20:00 – Rei, Okaki & MichelleMichelle will MC the second of three Sunday Live TwitCasts

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This Friday Fun Doesn’t Need Any Context

Even the idols themselves (okay, one idol) accidentally got involved last week!

This week, we’re going to watch a load of music videos!

Specifically, we’re going to watch music videos, and take out anything that might seem bizarre, hilarious or concerning and share them without context!

Let’s face it, there are enough idol MVs out there that make no sense even with context. So this should be easy!

This week’s hashtag is #OutOfContextMVs!

ICYMI: You’ll Be Sow Happy To Meet Pour Lui’s PIGGS

This article was a bit delayed due to sickness, so sorry to all 99% of you who know about this by now!

As many of you know, Pour Lui has seemingly been repeating 2010 in 2020, first releasing a (pretty darn good!) solo album, then going on to form her new group.

Anyway, we got the solo album, time to see the group! Meet PIGGS:

(We knew Pour Lui was borrowing WACK resources for this, did that include the artist for the GANG PARADE split groups’ logos?)

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Your Homicidols Weekender #179

How’s lockdown holding up? Are the outdoors even recognizable at this point? This weekender was almost cancelled just because I forgot what day of the week it was! Nonetheless, I hope life is treating all of you well. Take it easy, stay indoors and take a look at this long week’s highlights. Oh, and do the fun too if you want to kill some time in a silly way.

WACKxAvex buddies BiSH and EMPiRE both released digital singles on the same day.

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This Friday We’re Taking It Way, Way Back

Idols are hilarious.

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Have You Heard The Good News Of RAY?

The glorious RAY posted on their twitter to look forward to an upcoming announcement, which sounded very promising for once, as opposed to all the downtrodden news we’ve gotten recently. “Yes please o’ etherial shoegazing idols , give us something good!! We need this!!”, we were all thinking to ourselves…

And so today, (Which is is actually now yesterday as of this publishing.) the good news was delivered! Have you heard? Listen and listen well, those who believe, and welcome to the light, those of you who are new…


Yes, Sweet Hipster Moses, RAY is releasing their first album!! I swear the sun came out and bathed the Earth is a pink glow while the Corona virus cowered a little today. Everything just got a little better. And oh, guess what else? For a limited amount of time, the album in it’s entirety is uploaded on YouTube, to let you taste the rainbow a little bit early!

Maybe before I say anything more about the details, I’ll leave the embed right here and let you dive in. So go ahead, breathe in, and savor a full preview of RAY’s very first full-length album, entitled “Pink”

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The Best #StayHome Live Moments from the Past Week

Here in the West, we have never before had so many opportunities to see chika idols live on a daily basis. It’s practically a golden age (a lonely, desolate, golden age). Perhaps the only silver lining of this whole stupid pandemic is that, multiple times a day, we can forget why we have to #StayHome for a few moments while we live stream our favorite chika idols into our living rooms

This past week alone had some epic live streamed moments. Yukueshirezutsurezure gave us a pair of phenomenal no-audience lives but you will probably have to join MuFan to catch  the video.  And BABYMETAL’s broadcast of Red and Black night at the Tokyo Dome drew as many YouTube viewers as the actual concerts. The artists below, however, gave us the most memorable #StayHome moments for a variety of reasons. 

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Okinawa Electric Girl Saya Prays For the World With Her Own Unique Rhythm…

Daemon mentioned this MV in the weekender, but after watching it several times, I’ve felt compelled to write a further commentary on it, so here we go!

It oughta be clear by this point that our favorite avant-garde idol, Okinawa Electric Girl Saya, isn’t slowing down for anything, be it the challenges of a music career, or a virus, or simply exhaustion from working so hard all the time. Saya continues to be on total fire in all the right ways with her rapid fire creative output and inspirational can-do spirit. And with that, she dropped her 167th MV from her upcoming 83rd album (Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but give her time and she’ll get there.)

The song is called “Rhythm” and will be included on her upcoming release “NEO SAYA”. It’s a bit of a departure because it’s (almost) a straightforward pop song that could possibly be kind of a hit if the powers that be freed their minds just a little further….

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