100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 24: Delivery

Tonight/this morning, Yukueshirezutsurezure had themselves their pandemic tour final in Tokyo, for free. Check out these photos:

It feels celebratory for NSLE, who’ve been on a constant grind for pretty much the past year, when Cococo and Tsuyame joined following Kichi’s departure. It’s been a hell of a year, and good for them. That heavily-ly and accurately rumored announcement came, but first, the members:

Shidare says thanks:

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This New Elfloat Song Is Fun as Hell

Doop-de-doop, clearing out the recent backlog … hello, what’s this?

Oh, it’s a tweet from Pure Idol Heart about the most recent release by Elfloat!

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Babymetal’s Having a Big Ol’ Fox Festival

I’m sorry, folks, I halfway missed this big announcement by Babymetal from the other day (it sort of lead ballooned in my feed) and am just now getting around to this update about their next big (Japanese) performances:

Newswire has the details spelled out nicely: Two days each at Saitama Super Arena (Tokyo area, obvs) and Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka, even more obvs), coming up in the fall. Continue reading

Let’s Do Duo for Indie Idol Wednesday

It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, friends, and you know what that means — hopefully, a heretofore unknown group on the very edge of idol, doing something that we can enjoy. In this case, I offer you an offer from you; specifically, Stefan hit me up on Facebook a little while ago with a group that he personally had stumbled across, enjoyed, and wanted to share with a wider audience.

I give you Duo:

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 23: Janus

In 24 hours, not only will Not Secured, Loose Ends have had their free one-man, but they’ll have made whatever significant rumored announcement, too, and we’ll either be crying or cheering or going about our business because honestly. But still, when you think about May, or really the entire spring so far, it’s been a great run for Yukueshirezutsurezure.

For today, Official officially reminisces about the huge-ass month, with the one-man now mere hours away:

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I Guess Idol Can Die Twice: BiS’s One-man, New Single, Old Threat

It stands to reason that BiS, having come back from the dead to a warmish embrace and ultimately a more enthusiastic response after “SOCiALiSM,” would want to keep the momentum going, with a couple of new members and what felt to a lot of people like a good shot in the arm. So at today’s one-man:

Everybody wave hi to Andy!

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One More Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Solo: Togare!

Lousy Zenkimi with their push announcements for times when I’m not going to be able to do anything about their likely-to-be-awesome music … anyway! The long saga building toward Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s Mini-album O’ Solos (that is, the release that finally broke my ability to keep track of what all Zenkimi has on their schedule) has reached its end with one final solo, that of newby Toga Ren:

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Good for REGiNA KiSS

This is so cool, you guys; gird your loins for a metric butt-ton of video and new music, because REGiNA KiSS have been taking the occasion of the release of their second EP DOPEKiSS to dump even the kitchen sink on to YouTube and share a sound that I didn’t know had so much in it.

First up: What I’m taking to be their first ever real MV:

The machine translation calls it “Jellyfish,” which is amazing; even my dumb ass known Jan-Ken-Pon

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Up Up Girls Are Recruiting Wrestlers Because Deadlift Lolita Can’t Be the Only Idols Who Can Cause Concussions

I was thinking about what would be right for Tuesday WTF; this is perfect

What, you thought there was only room for one wrestling-themed idol unit?

It rarely feels like a week ago that the original buff idols, Up Up Girls (Kari), added new members. Probably because so far they’ve just been designated to back-up dancer and Showroom personality roles, but with the impending double-graduation of Minami and Ayano, five new girls just isn’t enough, it seems? Or maybe Up Up Girls 2 just aren’t matching up to their notably muscular seniors, because this time they’re teaming up with Japan’s DDT Wrestling Promotion and specifically looking for pro-wrestlers to join. Continue reading

100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 22: Abide

There’s an air of anticipation today, you guys. Yukueshirezutsurezure’s “pandemic” tour final is just a couple of days way, and they’re ready:

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