Know Your BiStory #8: eat it

Welcome to #8 in our Know Your BiStory countdown! You’re stuck with me this time, amigos, and it only gets weirder better from here.

I’ll be honest; I wish this song were #10 in the BiStory, because it has such a great kick-off vibe that I’m even dispensing with the usual over-writing:

“eat it” is one of BiS’s earliest songs; it’s the B-side from their “primal.” single, coming not even a year after the group debuted (and more to say about that later on in the series). People might disagree, but I think it’s their first best use of an old-school hardcore influence, which showed through to great effect on the IDOL is DEAD album to follow a few months later.

But “eat it” also sums up BiS very well: Between the keys in the in- and out-tros, the guitar tone and the neener-neener vocal pattern, the song sounds like mocking put to music. Don’t like that idols are doing punk rock? Eat it. Don’t like that we make fun of your sacred cows? Eat it. Don’t like that we’re inspiring a generation of young women to do their own thing the way they want to do it? Eat it.

This came at a transition point for BiS, too; they hadn’t yet signed with Avex Trax, but this was the beginning of the end of their indie days, and their last release with Nakayama Yukiko. Terashima Yufu, who’d joined to replace Rinahamu, contributed the lyrics here on her way to earning a lot of fan appreciation for contributing many of BiS’s best.

It’s a great song, and it’s “just” a B-side for … stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Know Your BiStory #8: eat it

  1. This song is one of my favorites, also love the BiSKaidan version, there´s a great video of them playing live, with Yuffie grinning like a maniac while throwing pasta to the crowd, Mitchel crowdsurfing, Pour lui smiling like the sun… the usual and beautiful chaos.

    The BiS´ B-sides were usually pretty great, in PP.CC single there´s another great song; 歩行者天国の雑踏で叫んでみたかったんだ, which is one of my favorites too.

    • That one got a few votes in our internal poll. So much good. And every Yokohama video I see reminds me that the Quintet may be the sentimental favorite lineup, but the final six were absolutely loaded.

    • I’m so used to the BiSKaidan version, I automatically brace myself for the screeching to cut in every time I hear the eerie music box intro!

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