About the Homicidol Maniac

I’m not much of one for self-importance, but maybe a little bit of personal context will help people get what this is all about:

I go by Homicidol Maniac, Maniac around these parts. I maintain a few different online personas, so I won’t cross the streams and say what the others are.

Like a lot of people in the West, I was introduced to Babymetal in 2014; unlike most of those people in the West, it wasn’t through “Gimme Choco!!”. I saw something cool and new and interesting happening, got a little bit interested in what this whole “idol” thing was about, was introduced to BiS … and let’s just say that it’s been a really fun time since.

I believe that J-music in general has a lot of potential to catch on even in the closed-minded United States, and because I believe in culture moving in cycles, I believe that the time for that catching on is right about now.

I started this site partly just to give myself some creative space to explore more in the alt-idol world, but I also wanted to give something back to the people who keep my work days tolerable by pumping them full of vibrant, creative music. Because my professional work is in digital media and promotion, and because I have a small pile of credentials to back that up, I thought that an English-language website — that is, more than a blog and more than just a collection of profile information — that has professional skill behind it would be the best gift that I could give.

That’s me in a nutshell. Contrary to what may seem apparent, I’m neither a lonely shut-in nor a weeaboo or the like. I have a family, I have a house, I have pets, I have a job, I have friends. Homicidols.com is all about love.

Note: As of Fall 2021, I have entered a state of semi-retirement. The site is currently overseen by Daemon and Team.