Come Get an Early Listen to Kamen Joshi’s New Single

Even though we had fair warning a while back, I’ll admit to damn near forgetting that this release was coming. Leave it to Corenament MVP Char T Saki to have eyes on the ball:

So that’s what they’ve been doing with all the stuff that Armor Girls should be doing!

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BiS Is Kicking off the New Year with a New Song

What a lovely surprise for Saturday morning! Though the track had existed on Soundcloud for a little while, BiS waited until 2017 had officially begun in Japan to drop another free song+download on us, this one “SAY YES,” presumably from the upcoming RE:STUPiD:

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Just One More Heartbreak Graduation for the Year! Natsuki out of Avandoned

Why ever love anything?

Our pal Brian at Supreme Nothing let me know about this a few days ago: Natsuki had such a sudden departure back around the 20th that she’s not even having a farewell show. She’s just out.

This post on the Avandoned website sums it up: It’s apparently creative / direction differences (and, given the tenor of the whole thing, probably some personal issues too). Her Instagram is gone (HOW WILL WE KNOW WHAT SHE’S HAVING FOR DINNER?!), but Twitter has a long string of messages that contain her farewell thoughts and thanks:

Literally just start with that one; it goes on a bit

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Watch Bellring Girls Heart’s Last Live Right Now

It looks like the stream is over; there’ll hopefully be caps of it available soon.

Man, a guy goes to sleep expecting recordings, not to wake up to a live stream of the end of an era.

Embedding’s been disabled, so click here for the YouTube stream of the HELLO WORLD final performance of Bellring Girls Heart, going back through their huge catalog.

The stream will end; when that happens, it’ll hopefully have been archived, and I’ll update accordingly.

Remember a Stupid Fun 2016 with ayumikurikamaki

You know who doesn’t seem to be the least bit disappointed in how their 2016 turned out? Ayukuma. Successful album, major label, prominent anime theme song, a transmogrification curse, appearances at rock and idol festivals all over Japan, and all-around pervasive feeling of joy in everything they do? Yeah, I’d say they have stuff to remember.

From their Facebook page, here’s how they’re choosing to remember the year when they finished graduating from being a fun DJ project between friends to officially kind of a big deal:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #7

I thought this would be a light week! Jeez Louise …

First, a short programming note: Have I ever mentioned the most important music blog in the history of music blogs? No, silly, not, and not even any of our good friends with the links over there on the right and down a bit (stop scrolling, come back); naturally, I speak of Crust with Strings, which is exactly what it sounds like and yes, the music is exactly what it sounds like and extremely international. If you like your punk crusty or even hardcore or even not really punk anymore, but thrash and black metal and the like, then you need to take a trip over there. AFTER you finish the Weekender, you guys! FFS.

Following up on the biggest shitshow in history, Kuromiya Rei and her band BRATS have release this PV for their song “AINIKOIYO,” which is the theme to the show “TO BE HERO,” which, to close an even weirder loop, has among its voice talent Armor Girl Tsukino Moa, too.

It’s a shame that they have Rei singing like such a cartoon character in Ladybaby; she’s got good power in that voice of hers. Continue reading

Gomochi’s Goodbye and a New Start for Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

The final nail in The Great Zenkimi Scandal of 2016 was hammered in a few hours ago tonight (ha) at Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s year-ending one-man at LIQUID. Any hope for a respite for idol’s tiny, tiny blue angel were dashed, but Zenkimi’s shape of things to come is an attractive one, anyway.

First, Gomochi. Yes: Gone.

I can see Mashiro’s teeth. Is that a smile? She still feels human emotions? Unreal.

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So What Do You Think Is Coming in Idol in 2017?

It’s Kerrie time, amigos! She had a great idea the other day, so let’s run with it. Also, for all of the mirth she brought this year, go buy something from her. It’s still gift-giving season for some people!

Hi everyone! Have you been enjoying this holiday season so far? So far I’ve been spending mine eating my body weight in turkey and the combined weight of BRGH in sugary foods. Who would have guessed that Babymetal’s “Gimme Chocolate!!” was an appropriate holiday song?

Last time we left you, I made some quick holiday ornaments (btw, if you used those for anything please tweet me a photo because I’d love to see them!). Then before that, it was the Best of 2016, and you should all know how that went by now. And then the week before was Kika v Coco, so what insanity did you all come up with?

[Maniac: Twitter’s stream embedding is kind of butt at the moment, so just go take a peek here]

As you’ve already figured, this is the last Friday party post of 2016! Good riddance. We’ve already looked at the past year, so this weekend lets look to the future; we want your predictions for the world of idol in 2017! Continue reading

Let’s Prep for the End of 2016 with a Whole Shitload of New STARMARIE

STARMARIE! One of my favorite personally new idols of 2016, always a good time to visit with, dropped a butt-ton of video and music over the last couple of weeks. With their cool esoterica theme and totally unique style, I can think of no better way for us to get ginned up for the bitter end of this brutal, exciting year.

First, live PVs. Like, actual PVs and not the stuff to follow. Feast on this jazz:

“Nameless Star of My Home”


Portrait of a Beautiful Leona

Nice! They also just dropped this preview, “Hoshinotereka,” on Soundcloud:

The lyrics are here, too. That was thoughtful of them!

These live video compilations, though, are something else. Continue reading

Damn, Yumemiru Adolescence Got a Little Heavy out There

Never let it be said that is not an equal opportunity celebrator of pertinent idol things. This is, after all, a music website with particular favor for the hard side of idol. Yes, that usually means particular groups and solo performers within certain milieus; sometimes, though, it means otherwise “normal” idols rushing headlong into the world of distorted guitars and double kick pedals.

And here we go, thanks to our friend Viz Major, with a nice little corker out of the I-bet-we-never-speak-of-them-again Yumemiru Adolescence (Twitter):

夢みるアドレセンス / Yumemiru Adolescence『アイドルレース』(Idol… by idolvizion
The headbanging tutorial is worth the price of admission

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