Reader’s Best: 2187Coconut Greg’s Top Ten Favorite (mostly) Idol Songs of All Time

While you were all playing Janken Pon! with idols, we passed the halfway point in our Readers Best series. Today we feature 2187Coconut Greg’s top ten list. While everyone’s picks have proven to be unique so far, today’s goes a bit farther afield than usual. It’s my own damn fault for insisting that there were no wrong answers to this exercise which resulted in this collection of songs from, not just idols, but idol-adjacent acts, friends of idols, and the solo project of the original lead singer for Aldious.  Continue reading

Play Rock, Paper, Scissors With Your Favourite Idols

We are proud to at last reveal to our dear readers, Homicidols The Video Game!  Years in the planning, it was to feature state of the art computer animations of all the greatest idols with actual voice-overs from many of them too.  KOTO was coming out of retirement to do the theme tune and we were in discussion with various platforms for exclusive distribution rights.

Then Daemon went and blew the entire budget on Melon Batake a go go chekis at Saboten Con, so we quickly threw together this rubbish Rock, Paper, Scissors based thing instead.  Enjoy!

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Reader’s Best: Russell E’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

It’s time for another edition of Reader’s Best! Today, we are celebrating being almost half-way through submissions with a top ten by Homicidol’s Discord server denizen Russell Emerine. While Russell’s submission is chock full of SS tier tunes, I must say that it was very short on capitalization. In fact, their selection narrative did not include a single upper case character. All of the capital letters in the following post were provided courtesy of D so, Russell, you owe me a bunch of majuscules.

While waiting for reimbursement, let’s check out the list! Continue reading

The New Planck Stars Pranksters

A returning founding member, a brand new member and a writer who is extremely pleased with their headline. PLANCK STARS have done it once again!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #305

Lots of big news dropped this week, including that Japan will soon be re-opening it’s doors to foreign wota starting October 11th.  While we can now start planning overseas trips in earnest, there were also two huge announcements for the home front, especially if you have easy access to the west coast of the US.

First up, Isiliel will be arriving very soon to play several dates over the next two months.

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Reader’s Best: Hello_Moto & smsmsmsmssm’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Thank you for taking a break from planning that long-delayed trip to Japan to join us for our latest installment of Reader’s Best. Today we are giving you a very diverse, 19-song compilation consisting of the Top Ten picks from two readers, smsmsmsmssm and Hello_Moto. If you just thought, “wait D, two times ten equals 20”, congratulations on finding an opportunity to apply third grade math to real life. Also, yes, I was just getting to that part. Continue reading

Reader’s Best: Kanra’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to the next installment of Readers Best. I should really be keeping count of how many we’ve posted so far but, you know, it doesn’t really matter ’cause after listenign to Kanra’s top ten, I just want to languish here. If your week is off to a bad start, you’ve come to the right place. Kanra is about to spin you ten tracks of shoegaze, dreampop and idol ballads to calm your brain right down. Let’s chill:  Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #304

What a week! PLANCK STARS went viral on the Tik Toks, exposing pre-teens all over the world to their special brand of insanity. While this will have an unknown impact on  the turnout for their upcoming world tour, it did result in a positive uptick in our site traffic as Homicidols dot com is one of the few outlets on the planet with English language coverage of Hiroshima’s most perverse idol unit. Speaking of the Butter Dog Summit, we should probably drop a reminder that the date for LA did change. Here’s where things stand at the moment:

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Reader’s Best: D4rkWzd and ckiemnstr345’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to a new edition of Readers Best! This time we’ve paired up two very different chika idol connoisseurs with two very different lists. First we have D4rkWzd who gives us ten diverse tracks by ten different units, one of whom is so rarefied I’m just now hearing about them for the very first time. Then we have ckiemnstr345 who also gives us a nice mix of songs by PassCode and Niji no Conquistador. That’s right, a Top Ten list consisting of nothing but tracks by PassCode and Niji no Conquistador.

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We Interview Idols: POLARIS★

Last time, we welcomed the lovely rookie group END OF IDOL and heard them share about their idol activities as well as the image they’re aiming for. On this episode of “Vietnamese Idol Society” (a random name I just came up with), please let Homicidols introduce you to a veteran group in the scene, POLARIS★ (@Polaris_idolVN), who has a completely different charm.

(From left to right, Rin, Hikari, Rei and Shiki)

We can actually say that POLARIS is an old friend of Homicidols as they have already appeared on the site in this quite detailed article back in 2020 . The only thing I can add is, as a Vietnamese myself, I just love how they portray our country in their work. 

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