This Is Kolokol. You Might Want to Say Hi.

One of the very best things about being a fancy idol blogger is that hooking yourself into different networks to find new material is cool, but being hit up by other folks who want to share is even better. And when subsets of people collectively mark the hell out at once, you know that what you’re about to experience is going to be worth it.

For instance, let’s all take a moment to welcome Kolokol (Twitter) to the world:

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Rein Will Turn Your Brain Inside-out

I thought Chris had completely lost his mind; poor dude was practically hyperventilating on Twitter about something. Something. The problem was, every time I clicked on the source of his enthusiastic consternation, the video was gone. Now, Chris is a level-headed person with excellent taste in idols … normally. What was it that had broken him?

Next was Krv. “She’s amazeballs” read the message, followed by a description of a live experience that included a solo acoustic performance that started after shoe-throwing in a bunny hat, and a post-buppan experience of inexplicable tears. Now, Krv is a level-headed person with excellent taste in idols … normally. What had effectively smitten this man? Continue reading

Adventures in Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon #3

Previously on Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon:
While trying to kidnap Jake Paul, Pour Lui and co. are lured into Tentenko’s Ototoy dungeon! Including Tentenko herself! Will they ever escape? I sure hope so, because Megumi is supposed to be going to the UK soon.

Episode 14: Cards Against Puumanity

It’s been three days since Pour Lui, Tentenko and Megumi got trapped in the Ototoy dungeon. All of a sudden, the door burst open! It’s Nozomi!

“I forgot my coat”
“Non, it’s been three days since you locked us in here, and only now are you coming back for your coat?”

Another familiar face storms through the door; First Summer Uika.
“Yo Puu, Non-tan said you’d be here. Listen, do you have any of that orange-flavoured arsenic left, or did those two loser men drink it all?”

Tentenko leaps up, and punches Nozomi right in the nose! The shock prompts Nozomi to drop the only key, which Tenko swiftly grabs and runs away, locking the other four inside! Again!

After a brief stunned silence, Nozomi eventually chimes, “So, question. Does anybody even bother, you know, just trying to escape? Or are you all seriously so lazy that you’d rather just sit here and slowly starve to death than actually try to make the effort of running when this shit happens?”
Pour Lui ponders Nozomi’s question for a moment, eyes glazed over in deep thought. After a few seconds of quiet, she calmly states “let’s play a card game”. The other three groan in exasperation.

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Stop Everything Else Today and Pay Attention to Oyasumi Hologram

This should’ve been published yesterday, but I had precisely 18 minutes to both finish the Weekender and let everybody know about that whole business with Candye Syrup, so feh, that was all I was going to get to do. But!

You may have noticed that idol fan stuff slows down over the weekend. This is a natural consequence of people having more important things to do than to screw around at work, or to unwind before facing their ungrateful spawn, etc. Idol, however, doesn’t really care about the rhythms of life and will drop massive, epochal stuff when and how The Idol Gods deign, regardless of how random that may appear to your worthless mortal mind.

To whit, Oyasumi Hologram and a long-form MV that I pretty much don’t have adjectives for:

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The Most Terrifying Idol to Ever Live Did Not Stay Dead for Long

In which Kerrie takes advantage of Maniac’s longstanding blood fear of the Idol Most Likely to Be Bit By Dogs and Then Bite Back

Don’t worry, I can fix this!

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Candye Syrup Is Coming to America

I know! Like, people were aware that Candye Syrup was sniffing around at the possibility of overseas performances, and I’m still pretty surprised at the whole thing. This one comes via Chaotic Harmony, the folks behind the merch survey, and their promotions arm.

The event is Saboten Con, which I at first read as Sabaton Con and got especially excited, Aug. 31-Sept. 3 in Phoenix. Candye Syrup will do:

  • A live concert
  • Q&A
  • Autographs
  • Fashion show
  • And another TBD event

SENANAN will be part of the festivities, too, doing all of the same stuff but a DJ set on top of it.

It’s gonna be loud, you guys. You can join the con here.

Your Homicidols Weekender #76

Good morning, goofballs! I hope you all had a good week. Idol was fairly lame, so you may have needed to find your own amusement. Nonetheless! Here we are.

Tons of stuff about idols performing outside of Japan abounds, is the thing. Some of it’s here, some of it’s coming in a few, and some of it is yet to be announced. So sit back and appreciate that idols are possibly coming to your country! And then play the Fun and … yeah, again, enjoy the dang weather.

You’re in a Rush, Aren’t You?


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This Is the New-look EMPiRE in Action

Well that was fast. Practically mere minutes after announcing the new members of EMPiRE as new members of EMPiRE (stay tuned for tomorrow’s Weekender, as I am being too lazy to copy/paste between posts!), the joint WACK/Avex (WAVECKS) project dropped another new MV:

“Maniac,” I’m sure you’re currently saying aloud, “this is not a rock song.” It isn’t! But it’s a really nice pop song with some cool moves to it, so. I prefer to sit firmly in the middle when it comes to EMPiRE, always willing to share but cognizant of appropriate venue and all that. I’m sure that the intent behind the group was for Avex to monetize for themselves the crowd-pleasing capabilities of Team SCRACK (that’s WACK/SCRAMBLES, if you’re keeping score), but, for the purposes of a person just stepping into this bizarre Idolverse, I think they’re a good bridge act, too, by which their guilt-by-association with the older-school WACK projects can hook in the person who ordinarily would rather be in a circle pit and convert that person into the kind of person who gets into flame wars over the appropriateness of light sticks at idol lives.


The Friday Fun: As Accurate as Nostradamus

It’s been a few weeks between writing that previous Friday Fun and this one being published. Did we finally get some interesting news out of Babymetal for once, or have we just gotten more #MundaneBabymetalAnnouncements?

I originally had a much, much worse Friday Fun idea queued up, but then a fresh pile of Twitter discourse entrapped us all, and Maniac demoted me to his ghostwriter this week, so now that idea is lying in a trash can for when I inevitably run out of actual funny(ish) suggestions.

So, let’s talk about K-Pop.

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Let’s Talk about the XTEEN MV

So after XTEEN finally got some material out there for the world, they followed up with the release of their debut single and, naturally, an MV to accompany it. This is all about as surprising as rain falling in Seattle. You may have noticed that I’ve been a little distracted lately, so rather than make a big thing of it, I’ll just lean on John’s heavy lifting.
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