Your Homicidols Weekender #256

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!   For the first time in what feels like a millennium an idol unit has landed on Western shores and performed an actual live! NECRONOMIDOL played Guildford last night, are hitting London tonight before two more UK shows and then they’re off to Sweden and Germany. Don’t mind me as I live vicariously through you, my European friends. I am truly envious.

For those of us too far (or not allowed) to travel to a NECROMA show, we always have the Internet. Let’s see what it has for us:

SHINGEKI. So good.

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INUWASI Explore their Softer Side in “Never ending” MV and Forthcoming Album

INUWASI was one of our favorite loudol debuts of 2020 with their refreshingly melodic takes on metalcore and electronic hardcore. In the lead up to this year’s November 2nd release of their first full album, the Hybrid Raptor’s spokesunit announced that they are now broadening their aesthetic to include more pop-friendly genres. Yesterday, they dropped the results of this foray into new musical territory with their MV for “Never ending”.

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10 Top 10s

Tentenkö's Ten Top Tens

Hi, Homicidols readers, it’s me, experimental DJ and former fun-sized idol, Tentenkö*!  When I’m not recording myself farting into a washing machine or painting odd creatures onto T-shirts, I like nothing better than to sit and think about my favourite number, ten.  Sometimes for up to ten hours!  Today is 10/10, a very special day for me and to celebrate I present ten of my favourite idol Top Ten lists, which I am cerTEN (certain) you will enjoy!

* Tentenkö is an original character creation and any resemblance to any former BiS idols is purely a deranged product of your slanderous imagination.

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Yurapico and Kanamaru Launch New Unit, 1009-thank you-

Though we’re still in recovery from the recent dissolution of BURST GIRL, Yurapico sprang a surprise announcement on us revealing the next phase of her career. Too soon? Too bad!! Nothing can stop Yurapico! She’s moving forward and teamed up with indie soloist Kanamaru to create the new unit 1009-thank you-.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #255

Last week was a bit nuts, what with Tokyo Idol Festival and BURST GIRL’s last live and LiLii Kaona’s anniversary and all. This week was downright placid in comparison. The big news, of course, was the announcement of Himari’s solo project which she is set to debut about four hours before this article is scheduled to publish. I hope it went well!  

But just because this week was less hectic than usual doesn’t mean that nothing happened:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. dropped some metalcore in your dempa.

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Ayuni D, We Hardly Knew Ye

Victoria has nothing on this secret! Despite being in one of the nation’s most popular groups, Ayuni D has been keeping secret a little project for a while now. To the surprise of everyone, except the few BiSH fans who found out right away because of how distinctive her voice is, we’ve been thrust into the world of Aomushi (青虫).

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NECRONOMIDOL Announce Debut of Himari Tsukishiro Solo Project

Himari Tsukishiro and NECRONOMIDOL have announced Himari’s imminent debut as a solo artist. 

Himari’s first effort will be a collaboration with dark folk singer King Dude, a Luciferian with an unearthly, saturnine voice that’s reminiscent of Peter Murphy while, musically, working in the same wheelhouse as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (by which we mean he totally slays).  Continue reading

LiLii Kaona Celebrate Their 4th Anniversary with Dual Video Drop

Happy birthday to LiLii Kaona!! One of the most authentic and imaginative units in idol turned four years old on October1st and celebrated by sharing videos for two of their newest songs with us.  “Fragile” is a transcendent example of organica, LiLiiKao’s signature blend of organic dream pop and electronic shoegaze. Coupled with the innovative visual storytelling, and “Fragile” has easily made my short list for Best MV of 2021.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #254

Welcome to the TIF Weekend edition of the Weekender. As you may have heard, day one got cancelled thanks to Typhoon No.16 which is now trademarked the name of my future idol unit (“We’re Typhoon No.16: strong enough to blow away TIF!!”). As I type this, we are 20 minutes away from PIGGS TIF debut. By the time you read it, Day Two will be in the books and we’ll all be scheduling therapy for whatever trauma was inflicted on us by this year’s WACK DREAMLIGHTS.

A lot of deserving people didn’t get invited to TIF this year but still gave us some pretty amazing stuff this week, such as:

Yurapico had a special message for us following BURST GIRL’s disillusion live. I’m not crying You’re crying.

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Let’s Discover Rie Kaneko’s New Project, Ilie

Ilie is a solo project of Rie Kaneko who we know and love as the only original member of LADYBABY whose tenure lasted for the duration of the unit.  At some point after hanging up the leather and lace of her former death pop group, Rie signed on with the ultra-hip ekoms production and management company (home of Qumali Depart, CROSSNOESIS and the dearly missed Maison book girl).  She debuted as Ilie back in July with this MV for “aimai”.

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