Know Your BiStory #2: BiSimulation

The penultimate entry in the Know Your BiStory countdown brings us back to @weeaboowitch, the megafan responsible for “STUPiG” and the BiS Audition Hunger Games. Check out her art at

According to Google, “bisimulation” is “a binary relation between state transition systems, associating systems that behave in the same way in the sense that one system simulates the other and vice versa.” But if you’re not a computer scientist, BiSimulation is the song where we said our farewells to Wakisaka Yurika, Terashima Yufu and the famed Quintet lineup as a whole (but mainly Wacky, since it wasn’t until after the single was released that Yuffy finally got sick of Pour Lui’s nonsense and followed her dreams of being a catgirl).

Writing about my other choice, I had a lot to write about with the lyrics thanks to a great translation. When I looked up the lyrics to “BiSimulation” to see if there was anything interesting to write about, there was no translation, so all I can really go with for this song is that it’s catchy as hell!

That’s it, really. The fast-paced beat, the roaring guitars, this is a song that can pump you up. I particularly like the Urya-Oi!! version as Uika’s vocals really complement the energy of this song (but lets be honest; since when is a song not instantly improved by First Summer Uika? I’m pretty sure she could cover the Mr. Blobby song and it would still sound like a chorus from the heavens). But in the original BiSimulation, the soon-to-be-graduated Wacky takes centre stage, and she’s wonderful. BiSimulation is an excellent send-off for an excellent member, and while I’ll always be sad that we didn’t get to see more of her talent within BiS, I’m happy that Wakisaka Yurika (and Yufu, of course) got to go out with a bang, in the way every BiS member deserved.

The music video is the usual shock-tactic brand of promotion you’ve come to expect from BiS. It’s not quite the insanity of STUPiG, but there will always be something slightly creepy about five lovely ladies dancing around covered in blood. The whole video actually reminds me of a B-movie; it’s low-budget and bloody, and the full moon combined with bloody mouths makes me think of werewolves. Of course, we already have two BiS B-movies (BiS-movies?) under the name Idol is Dead, but honestly, I’m sure someone would be able to string the various music videos together, give some commentary as to what happens in between (mainly the graduated members being killed off-screen, probably), and you’ve got a VHS tape you find in a charity shop bargain bin when you was just trying to find a copy of Forrest Gump.

What I’m trying to say is, the trashy, bloody, low-budget horror movie aesthetic fits BiS incredibly well, and I could honestly not imagine a BiS with a flashy, sparkly music video of the Morning Musume variety.

I like BiSimulation for the sole reason of it’s a catchy and fun song. And while it is sad to know that this was the finale for two of the cutest members in BiS history, at least they went in a loud, bloody mess. One day, I’ll finally be able to find a translation of this song and possibly learn a deeper meaning behind it. Or maybe it’ll be like BiSH’s “OTNK” where its actually a powerful song about genitals. But regardless, BiSimulation is an explosive rock song that can be enjoyed just fine without any context added.

Just remember, if you see a J-pop idol on a full moon, you should just be sensible and run the hell away.

Drawing of Pour Lui and Terashima Yufu of idolcore pioneers BiS Brand-new Idol Society done in the style of their BiSimulation music video

5 thoughts on “Know Your BiStory #2: BiSimulation

  1. I love how the sleeve tattoos were actual sleeves. Like just the *idea* of idols having tattoos is shocking enough, so no need to go overboard. When I think about the different BiS alumni, different things come to mind like “haha, what a goofball, what a weirdo, what a beacon of pure positive energy…” but Wacky always, always makes me think “Awwwww, Wacky :3333”

  2. Wacky was my FAVORITE member of BiS. In fact, the song she wrote that appeared on the PPCC single is one of my most favorite BiS songs. The first press CD/DVD of BiSimulation that I bought from another fan (with Wacky smiling goofily on it) is one of my most prized possessions… it even came with a Wacky photocard!

    I don’t know where she is or what she’s up to, but I sincerely hope that she’s happy and healthy. The performance of “hide out cut” from the Kokugikan DVD makes me tear up – it seems like she was loved by her bandmates.

    • You guys have seriously gotten my feels all feeled up. Part of Wacky’s allure is how she basically disappeared after BiS — everybody else other than Mitchel went on to some other project, but Mitchel’s around and active on Twitter and obviously friends with everybody. Not so Ms. Wakisaka.

      She lived up to her Pure Member title in spades, though. It makes her shining moments all the better, like she knows she doesn’t really belong here but just wants to cut loose.

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