Your Homicidols Weekender #284

It has been another tumultuous week in idol but amongst all of the headlines of members leaving and new units launching, we want to make sure that this piece of news didn’t slip by your radar: our favorite Hiroshima-based punks, PLANCK STARS have announced that Richan will have a solo single released if, and only if, they can garner 10,000 Twitter followers by the group’s tour final on June 12th.  

If they do not have 10,000 followers by that date, not only will their solo song not be released, but they will have to shave their head. If you haven’t already, please follow Richan!!

Other stuff happened this week too, like: Continue reading

Nonamera Joins the New KAQRIYOTERROR

KAQRIYOTERROR  has announced a new four-member lineup that includes an unfamiliar face along with someone you just may recognize.

Yes, that’s Nonamera , a founding member of the then-so-named Kaqriyo Terror Architect who previously withdrew from the group in January of 2019. We also know Nonamera as a burgeoning soloist, member of the currently suspended FRUN FRIN FRIENDS  and “our Queen“.   Continue reading

Look out for KING SARI’s imminent debut!

At Homicidols, we try not to post about a unit before they release anything. After all, how many groups have looked extremely promising and yet disbanded with nary even a CD-R in sight? But this upcoming group has so much backing we had to mention it.

Created as the official rival group to Anthurium, King Sari, despite what its name suggests has nothing to do with ex-Necronomidol members nor a very talented soloist currently active. However, while they had their member preview which did include a (now former) Anthurium member, our excitement lies especially in the presence of this young lady:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #283

It was another full week in chika idol. While we had the one big heartbreak, we also had a bunch of debuts, a shocking reboot, and an unexpected rebranding that just about evenly split the Homicidols Discord server in regards to whether the new name is an improvement or not.

In other surprising news:

Did FRUITPOCHETTE just drop one of the best songs of the year? Yes. Yes they did. 

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Yanakoto Sotto Mute to Fall Silent

Winter turns to spring. The cherry blossoms bloom and fall. Idol units form and disband. It is the natural cycle of seasons.

… but it doesn’t make it any easier.

It’s been almost six years since Maniac dubbed Yanakoto Sotto Mute “the Perfect Modern Idols”, five years since they dropped a near perfect album in Bubble, three-and-a-half years since this happened,

and two years since their excellence was recognized with a well-deserved major label debut. Continue reading

Invisible Connections: Hyperpop, Jpop and a New Single From Kyunchi!

We love cultural mixing, and not just the KAQRIYOTERROR album! Fans of Japanese music are no stranger to how different musical worlds can collide, that being the reason this blog is even here at all, and today we bring you this: “Mecha Angel Genesis♡” by Kyunchi, produced by Syva from Codomomental!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #282

So much good stuff came out this week that we couldn’t contain it all in one place.  We peeled off new releases by The Candace, Dare Mo Shiranai and others into our latest volume of units that are New and/or New To Us so be sure to check that out. We tried to fit the rest of it here. Team is crazy busy with work and school and getting our taxes done, but still carving out time for idol. The crew over at the Homicidols Discord server helps too, because it takes a village to keep up with all this stuff. A dysfunctional village to be sure, but it’s a place to call home. 

Here’s what we have collectively assimilated this week: Continue reading

New and New to Us: Units to Notice #03

Welcome to volume three of what has become an almost monthly capsule of idol units that have recently lit up our radar to the point that we feel compelled to write stuff down about them and post it on the Internet. Some of these units are brand new. Some have been around for months but just recently started to demand our attention. One has been around for years and we honestly have no idea how they escaped our notice until now.

Here’s who we think you might like to know about:  Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #281

It’s been another tumultuous week in idol full of joy (BELLRING Girls Heart) and heartbreak (LiLii Kaona).  Luckily, Homicidols dot com is here to help navigate these turbulent waters with assistance and insight from our crack team of idol researchers and therapists.

For example, who is your favorite member of BiSH? You are (probably) wrong! Our research has determined that 8 out of 10 idol wota have an incorrect BiSH oshi.

Fortunately for you, we have designed a painless tool to remedy this circumstance. Just click this button to scientifically determine your true BiSH oshi: 

Hope you got the one you wanted but you’re stuck with her regardless.

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BELLRING Girls Heart Resurrected!! (for a Limited Time)

Did anyone have “Bellring Girls Heart Reboot” on their 2022 chika idol bingo card? While we were aware that the storied idol unit was releasing all of their back catalog on major streaming services and holding a handful of live events in association with their 10th anniversary, I’m not sure anyone would have predicted this latest development.

First things first: as of midnight local time, all of Bellring Girls Heart’s major works are available on your streaming platform of choice. You may now mainline some nostalgia or, if you’ve come to alternative idol since this legendary unit’s 2016 breakup, discover some of the most formative and influential works of the genre. Continue reading