Know Your BiStory #10: STUPiG

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For lovers of the crazier side of idol, BiS’ final year or so of activities was where the fun really began. Having been teased with “IDOL,” “IDOL IS DEAD” and a few others just prior, the Who Killed Idol era brought us gems such as BiSKaidan, “Mura-Mura” and enough nude photo shoots that I’m pretty sure all the 2014 girls could correctly identify each member’s breasts without seeing anything else (now there’s a fun thought for you perverts!), and BiS’ penultimate single “STUPiG” was the defining example of their dark and experimental phase.

“STUPiG,” in the best way I can describe it, is a garbled mess. The singing switches from harsh shouts to calm, almost monotone voices to fun idol pop, all while being played over an intense techno backdrop that wouldn’t be out of place at a rave. It is loveable but unsettling, a style that had practically become BiS’ trademark at that point. Uika especially shines in this song. That said, when does she not? Her powerful voice is certainly one of my favourite things about 2013-14 BiS.

Upon reading the English translation of the lyrics (or just listening to the song if you actually know Japanese), it appears to be a song not only about anxiety, but also about uncertainty for the future:

“When things rewind back to normal, just assume moving on, they’ll never be that way again, […]
I’m gonna fall apart already, a premonition of a breakdown, giving me this uneasy feeling. That feeling before saying goodbye; an uneasy feeling”
(Thanks Thaerin Philos at for the translation)

Given the context that “STUPiG” was their penultimate single, released not long after the announcement of their disbandment, the lyrics add a new kind of depth. That anxiety over what will life be like after the end of BiS. The sickening difficulty of saying goodbye, not only to a career, but also a lifestyle, era, close friendships, even a part of yourself.

Almost everybody has experienced this feeling in some form or another. “STUPiG’s” lyrics not only mirror the possible emotions of the current lineup of BiS at the time, but also those of their fans. The lyrics, combined with the overall chaotic sound of the music, makes “STUPiG” a very emotional song about uncertainty and loss.

My original draw to “STUPiG” was the music video. It wasn’t the first video of theirs I found when I discovered BiS, but it was the most memorable for me. Maybe its just because I’m a former art student, but I’m all over those bizarre “artsy” music videos where you don’t really understand what’s happening.

I want this video framed on my living room wall, only to inevitably have nightmares of Saki’s horrible Kuchisake Onna face. Scary costumes aside, the video is very nerving. If you can get past the fast strobe lightning that will probably hurt your eyes and/or trigger epilepsy, the way most of these women are not only naked in this video, but also trapped onto this big mechanical brain. Poor Tentenko seeming to be struggling not to be dragged away by some unknown creature is especially scary. Who has captured these girls, and what are they going to do with them? Is this a critique of the restrictive rules set by mainstream idol management? Either way, it’s probably Pour Lui’s fault.

“STUPiG” is a memorable and fun little song, mostly because of just how creepy everything is. From the nightmare fuel music video to the chaotic composition of the song itself, even the lyrics describe the unbearable feeling of anxiety. It seems natural that BiS would be one of the idols successful in scaring the hell out of their own fans. That special type of weirdness was what made me fall in love with BiS in the first place, which is why STUPiG holds a particular spot in my heart.

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11 thoughts on “Know Your BiStory #10: STUPiG

  1. First song/video of BiS I listened/watched and it blown me away (later I fell in love with them watching obsessively the “Odd Future” MVs). I loved the mixture of abrasive digital hardcore with catchy chorus and the “Tetsuo” theme of the video, this was one of the best japanese cyberpunk songs ever. Later I discovered that this song was composed by Takeshi Ueda (The Mad Capsule Market), who also penned “Gimme Chocolate”, both songs have very similar structures, but while “Chocolate” is a great metal bubblegum song, “Stupig” sounded to me like the chant of strange, aggresive and dangerous sirens, a chant that has got me trapped since the first time I listened to it.

  2. Tony Hawk 3 (and its soundtrack featuring Mad Capsule Markets) was a rite of passage in the early 2000s. I think a lot of people my age have Takeshi Ueda love woven into their veins whether they realize it or not. Imagine getting into BiS, obsessively devouring their catalog, and finding out they did a song with the guy who did PULSE. Elation!

  3. I love this song but i want love it more than i actually do, unfortunately i think the mixing lets it down a bit…
    Like they went to all that trouble to get Ueda in to do his thing with distortion on every single sound and whatnot but then in the end someone made it so that it’s all too low in the mix to really give that harsh wall of sound that i would have wanted from it…

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