Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You: ‘Know Your BiStory’ on the Way

BiS coming back to life two years after its willful dissolution is a big deal. No, we have no idea if it’ll be a success or even all that good, but Pour Lui getting back into the game isn’t something to sneeze at. And as a public service to the many, many fans of the hard side of idol who came into things after BiS disbanded, has joined with a team of creative partners to launch Know Your BiStory.

As you may have seen yesterday, BiS and the broader family of alt-anti-post-idols it inspired spawns a lot of creativity. People feel passionately about it — just speculating about who might be included in the new lineup spawned the most popular thread in this site’s forums’ history. Only something so patently ridiculous as punk rock idols done so well with such honest intent could lead to completely contemporaneously relevant meta references well after the original had ceased to exist; basically, everything about BiS is interesting, cool and fun.

Know Your BiStory is a collaborative project of me(!) and the following good and cool people:

What we’re going to be doing over the next 10 days is counting down BiS’s all-time best songs, to culminate just before the audition final boot camp that Pour Lui thinks will be the best way to suss out her next round of partners in mayhem.

Our aim is to educate you newbies and rekindle some of that old spark for those who are at least aware of the good ol’ days. We selected songs by group consensus (and, well, Garry kind of putting his foot down), resulting in a list just as diverse as the catalog they’re going to represent.

And to get you ready for what you’re about to experience, here are some of the songs that, believe it or not, didn’t make the cut:

The title track from BiS’s second album, “IDOL is DEAD” is just straight-up hardcore strained through vocoders and a busted mixing board. And what a video!

BiS got involved in some of the most mind-shattering collaborations you can try to imagine, and we’ll cover a bit of that in the series, but here are two other great ones:

Vampillia is to rock bands what NECRONOMIDOL is to idol (they’re shared a stage, too, fittingly enough), all genre-shredding post-metal awesomeness, and they do plenty of work with idols (including Oyasumi Hologram!). “mirror mirror” is a great song with a great video (including not-particularly-erotic animated nudity, if you’re sensitive about that kind of thing):

Shortly after their having joined Avex, some person who probably still needs therapy thought it’d be a good idea to pair BiS with pure-as-virgin-snowfall idols Dorothy Little Happy. “Get You” is a lovely little pop song, but the video really brings it home:

Also great reminders about the universally beloved Quintet lineup! It’s okay to cry about Wacky.

They also did their share of covers, basically as policy. While they never had a straight-up combo track with them like they did with Dorothy Little Happy, BiS nonetheless made good friends with and traded covers. I love DGI, but this is by far my favorite version of “Denden Passion”:

That Tenten can’t even pretend to headbang properly never fails to warm my heart

“ASH” might be the first digital hardcore song I’d ever heard, and it still impresses me with its raw power and odd danceability. The nudity in the video caused some consternation, but the final “note” might be the most off-putting thing about it:

And of course, the sublime “ODD FUTURE,” a rumination on a life without that special someone that, intentionally or not, could have been prophetic for the last couple of BiS-less years.

Why yes, I did select the First Summer Uika edit of the video. Why do you ask?

That’s a real nutshell version of the original BiS (all three major iterations of it, at least); even including the 10 we’re going to count down, you could probably add 20 more to the post and still be neck-deep in quality and cool. Their music was as all over the place as their influence. It’s going to be a lot of fun to explore that.

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  1. I just went ahead and presumed MURA-MURA wouldn’t be on the list, because no one puts MURA-MURA on their list.
    I apologise for assuming insufficient batshittery on your part.

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