Up Up Girls Wrestling Is Completely a Thing, and Awesome

Hey, remember when Up Up Girls added a pro-wrestling division? Then I quietly stopped reporting on them because damn, it’s hard to keep track of all these Up Up Girls now?

Well, Pro-Wrestling finally got their debut MV after what, a year?


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This Is Not the Familiar Feeling for GANG PARADE I’m Looking For

There’s a thing in the broader BiS-connected family, apparently, to tease fans by calling things “last” for no clear reason, this turn being GANG PARADE’s to assume the unfortunate title. As we’ve heard so far from one of the weirdest-possible MVs even this weird-embracing website has ever covered, and from a nice run of additional material, GANG PARADE’s LAST album was likely going to follow in the experimental, electronic, whatever-have-you-wave post-pop shut-up-I-can-do-what-I-want footsteps that the group has really made their standard since emerging under their current name and most of the current lineup after, ironically, Barely Last put the POP era completely to bed.

And then they went, you know, what we really need to do is throw all that to the wind and have ourselves a proper BiSH ballad!

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Is This SPARK SPEAKER’s Moment?

Do you want to know why the Weekender was late, other than because somebody needed to have breakfast made on account of a little too much carousing last night? It’s because I wanted to add a SPARK SPEAKER note but this was right there in the feed and I needed to get my stuff together enough to watch it multiple times and think of a post to blog!

Anyway, listen, this is very cool and good for the former DINOSAUR BRAIN: Following on the release of THE WORLD IS MINE, the song from it called “REALTA” got picked up as the end theme of a TV show for January, and while this is a really awkwardly grammared sentence it must yet be added that “REALTA” was also given the MV treatment because that makes a ton of sense to do in that situation.

TV show! Theme! MV! Here!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #111

Happy Saturday, friends! Has everybody had a good wintertime holiday season? We’re dang near through it all, and New Year’s Eve looms large at Maniac Mansion this year — much revelry is expected. I thought maybe I’d managed to dodge those bullets by hosting some friends last weekend and going all out on the Christmas traditionals, but I guess some people just like to keep those expectations high.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is basically my favorite time of the year. It helps that my cultural background is well-steeped in the terror and romance of winter, so this whole harvest-turns-to-solstice-to-newness thing, it’s like happy breathing. And you get to eat lots of gingerbread and roast lots of meat and drink lots of spirits! Could be worse. It’s also usually a pretty good time of year for idol, as late-year releases line up with the second big festival season for a good couple of months of action, which is to say nothing of all the new year’s events and the sublimity of Idol Christmas. All is merry and bright indeed! Yeah, it’s a good time of year.

Is this a great Weekender, though? It’s not a bad one! I wish there were more in it, but, like, basically three days were lost to the holiday rotation, and then I lost track of the things that I was trying to hold in reserve, like a jerk. Let’s also be honest here: When you Weekender, do you ever spend time with everything? I barely do!

So play the Fun, tour around in here a little, and then do whatever it is that people do in the holiday off-weekend. Buy party hats and cheap champagne, I’m guessing? Fantastic.

How Dare You Insult the Honor of Korbel!

Could there be any better way of reimagining old-school prog rock than by xoxo EXTREME?

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Here’s a Clip from Q’ulle’s New Album

Ah, Q’ulle, the dance-troupe-turned-full-blown-idols-with-a-metal-vocalist-among-their-ranks, source of almost boundless fun and remarkably consistent quality going back … holy crap, a pretty long-ass time at this point, and without a single graduation (despite broken bones, even!). Good on them.

While many an idol struggles upon being taken into the deeply exploitative embrace of Avex, Q’ulle’s one of the projects that’s managed to keep churning. Sure, it’s not at the same dizzying rate as they had pre-major debut, but one could say that about just about any idol thing, even the ones that don’t make the majors. What Q’ulle has done in their almost two years with the company is do idorock about as well as anybody can, across a strong series of releases, and now they’re ready for their second major album, due out Jan. 16. “One Way Dream” here is from that! Continue reading

The Friday Fun Where It Pays to Know the Future

How was your Christmas (if you celebrate it)? Did you have a fun time? Did you get everything that you wished for last week?

What a month! This is the final Fun of the Holiday Extravaganza, as well as the final Fun of 2018! And you know what that means. Time to bring back an old favourite! But first, let’s look back at some of last year’s predictions. How many #2018IdolPredictions came true? Continue reading

Merry Christmas from BYS

You know, the For Most People Christmas is now a couple of days in the rearview mirror, but there are lots of people who are still doing the season anyway, which is to saying nothing at all about the millions of folks who follow the orthodox tradition and still have another week-plus before the real fun begins, so I think it’s perfectly acceptable to do one final Christmas post, and what better way to wrap up this year’s festivities than by featuring none other than Pour Lui and a friend:

The things you didn’t know that you needed in life … Take a few minutes to enjoy the GOAT and her partner, Nakamae Rion, who I hadn’t heard of before but am now following and you should too, and their new holiday classic, “Christmas Song”, which is apparently a cover that I’m guessing people in Japan and people who are extremely well-versed in Japanese music could tell you all about. It’s a nice song, and a nice way to wrap things up!

You Can Listen to and Acquire the New WILL-O’ Single

To be filed under “Gee Thanks, Guys!”: WILL-O’, who you may remember as Alloy but who definitely stand out on their own now several months into the new incarnation, have a new single, “Jump!”, available for purchase and streaming on like all of the platforms, so this is your chance:

As with the last dedicated WILL-O’ post, this one is short on content but long on imperative. If you’re a veteran of this whole loudol thing, upon listening, you may find yourself recalling the dearly departed petit pas!, of whom WILL-O’ is a literal direct descendant, and you would be right to do so, as the only differences between this song and the original are: Continue reading

Prepare Yourselves, UK: There’s Idols Coming to Town

The good folks at ORIONlive UK have been busy! Hot off the heels of announcing Metal Matsuri, they’re dipping into the idol well again from last year’s (what I gather must have been quite) successful Black Winds Over Albion tour and bringing 2& back to English shores, and this time with a couple of other (deeply disturbing!) friends:

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This Broken By The Scream Live Video? Perfect for Christmas

And let us bring this extravaganza of loosely coordinated narratives about how I suddenly seem to have a completely different day to enjoy peace and quiet after the day when I wanted to have peace and quiet only for it to be heavily (and unexpectedly!) idoled up to a close. In exchange for my forbearance, for my sheer moral courage to stand in the face of so much new and interesting stuff and say “shut up you guys, there’s gingerbread,” I offer you what the literal packaging says is “perfect for Christmas.”

I speak, of course, of Broken By The Scream blasting the faces off of a few hundred very enthusiastic devotees of having their faces blown off by Broken By The Scream:

You know what they say: Every time Kagura shrieks incomprehensibly in the dulcet tones of the blackest of hells, an angel gets its wings ripped off. Won’t it be exciting when BBTS hits American shores next year?