I Can Barely Handle Necronomidol’s ‘SKULLS IN THE STARS’ Video … Game

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this video to happen, but it’s here now in concurrence with TENEBRAE ASCENDANT and oh man.

“Skulls in the Stars” is one of my Necroma personal favorites, a highlight of their album and a genuinely cool genre-bender of a track. Of course the video is a triumphant Ghouls-and-Ghosts-meets-Castlevania-meets-Super-Mario-Bros.-meets-Double-Dragon 8 bit story of the undead rising to fight the forces of evil!

There’s a ton of news flowing out of Twitter right now, too. Stay tuned.

Now It’s Deathrabbits’ Turn to Get the Idolcore Mashup Treatment

Because we like opportunities to smash the creations of others together to celebrate the best things about each entry and take it all to another level, and oh because there’s this contest going on, and also because it involves Psybou Kanojo again and that’s a very germane topic and it involves Deathrabbits, who I haven’t had much opportunity to share around lately, here’s a cool one.


Blue Moons Are More Common Than Kiminosei Live Video, About the Same as Tsurezure

While we dread eagerly await the arrival of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da‘s second single in a couple of weeks, let’s enjoy … why, might this be it?

Considering that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any live clips of theirs, I consider this a magical unicorn.

In even less happy news, here’s another clip of sister group Yukueshirezutsurezure; never again wonder if they do their own harsh vocals live no matter what that interview said.

Codomomental, you are basically spinning your own gold. Bless you.

Su-metal is the #13 Rock Star in the World Right Now Holy Shit

According to Kerrang!(.)

I’ll spare you all the insufferable think piece; my feelings on Babymetal’s trajectory, what Amuse management seems to have in mind and what that all means for other heavy idols looking west are well-documented.

But look: An idol — an 18-year-old singer/dancer/etc. from the Japanese talent machine, someone who could just as easily be doing stage work or traditional idoling or even nothing (given the recent track record of Sakura Gakuin graduates) — who fronts a trio that in turn fronts a brutal and highly technical metal band was just not only named to a list of the world’s biggest rock stars, but was given a very notable place on that list, ahead of some genuine legends.

That’s astonishing. Last year, Babymetal’s sudden spasms of acceptance among the Western rock scene were cool, but you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a novelty, industry people doing industry people things and looking for trends, other performers supported hard-working young women for the sake of it, etc. I don’t think you can think that anymore. The sales are real. The awards are real. The honors, like this, are real.

Does that mean that the crack in the door is real, too? Is Su-metal just the first?

You Guys. There Are Pirate Idols Now.

This is just a PSA. Pirate idols are real. This is Golden Age.

Fittingly commingling the Golden Age of Piracy with the Warring Idols Period, natch.

No, they’re nothing like ALESTORM.

I just can’t sometimes.

Bokurano’s Black Gospels Are Complete; Now We Await Armageddon

Syuku and Ruru both bent the very possibilities of madness to their twisted, evil will, and introduced us to the upcoming (currently faceless) members of Bokura no Oyugi.

Mickey and her acolyte chose to make art.

May this message reach a person who’s going to be at that live next week, and may that person have all the recording equipment in the world, and may they record the show and share it with us. I am fascinated by Bokurano.

PassCode’s Member-designed Merch Really Makes Me Wonder about Them

Okay, first and foremost, this all is in fact pretty cool:

HOWEVER. Continue reading

While We’re on the Topic of Rock Idols, Check out Wagamama Rakia

It’s official: I no longer have any idea how I first found this.

That’s Wagamama Rakia (Twitter). They’re new. Like brand new. Like “first performed at Freedom Nagoya over the weekend” new (I’m not sure if that’s true). While not exactly ground-breaking, just this one video shows more overall competence and intent than many an idol who comes over to the hard side.

They actually have a little stream player on their website; just scroll down a little, and it’s on the left. I’ll assume that those three tracks are the first single, and you’ll take me at my word because who’s to say that I’m wrong, and then we’ll all go blissfully into the night, ignorant as hell and still humming along to that chorus.

Hump day!

I Review Things: Guso Drop | “Mushi”

Cover art for Guso Drop's mini-album Mushi

If you’re something of a heavy idol regular, you know Guso Drop, and nothing about this should come as any surprise to you; if you’re new to Guso Drop or relatively unfamiliar with them, what’s the matter with you you can use this as a starting-off point: Earlier this year, when BiSH announced a ban on certain rowdiness at their live shows, Guso Drop decided to stay true to their underground, punk-as-fuck core and proclaimed that not only would they never dream of doing such a thing, but they were henceforward therefore to be considered the heaviest idols in the world. Continue reading

What Is Dead May Never Die: Psybou Kanojo Lives (Once) Again

In all the excitement of that mashup with BiSH, it was necessary to check in on the world’s most intense solo idol who as of March was d-u-n done, project canceled. What a good idea!

Yuki will be making an actual official farewell appearance as Psybou Kanojo on August 21. Oh, great, that’s stupid. No, don’t you get it? Obviously nothing is set in stone or whatever, but just the fact that they booked a performance gives hope that maybe, just maybe, Psybou Kanojo can live again. I think the logo got updated, too. Continue reading