The HAMIDASYSTEM Saga Continues Its Singularly Beautiful Trek

What a thing to wake up to. After the first and then the second installments in HAMIDASYSTEM’s ambitious multimedia concept project, we were all aware of the depths of truth and beauty that were being laid before us. Today’s the day for the third installment, BEET’s turn to deliver her part of the story, and it’s putting me in some kind of mood:

Just one of these left to go, alas

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Your Homicidols Weekender #85

Hello friends! Welcome back to yet another Saturday. I hope you had a great week — personally, I had an exhausting, frustrating, hair-pulling-out, too-busy-to-think one, and it was amazing. And now it’s that special time of year when DC’s summertime switches from “oh jeez it’s hot and also quite humid” to “a heat index around 110 is no big deal, you baby,” which only leaves “the surface of Venus” as a more uncomfortable possibility, at least in the known universe. Ergo, I’m looking forward to lots of yard work, because tomorrow’s going to be even worse! Afterwards, though, I’m going to go drink some nice cold beers and hide from the light. It’s the American WayTM!

I shan’t implore you to do anything stupid or dangerous out there — you do you. Find cool things. Enjoy them. Play games with your friends. Other than the below, continue to ignore idol, as you can be doing other things with your time. Well, the below and anything else that I decide to post in the early hours while I’m awake but not yet feeling like punishing my body. Also, play the Fun, which is again excellent. And maybe think a little bit about who you’re going to support in Queen of the Scene, which will, I think, be in a couple of weeks.

Is It Really That Hot Out?

Party on outside with Attain Music:

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Whatever We Do, Please Accept This Friday Fun in Apology

Almost July! Why not take a look at last week’s entries?

Maniac is trying and failing to find a solution to Twitter being a butt; look at this and then here:

I already had a fun written and queued, but then I received this tweet regarding a topic much more relevant this week:

That’s right, its yet another WACK fun! Sort of.

The talk of the town this week has been their apologizing-in-advance campaign. It’s brought laughs, theories and even an old friend, so really, celebrating its conclusion seems like a good way to go this week. Continue reading

Bury Had Me at /Guitar/

Don’t you just love it when a song gets you right from the jump?* Maybe it’s my mood this a.m., or maybe it’s the dire need for more quality punk sounds in rock anymore, or maybe it’s the fact that I still haven’t eaten breakfast, but the only prevailing thought in my head as this new one from Bury got playing was OH YES!

I had been wondering if Bury was going to be doing anything soon — not because of any impending releases that I know of, but because I’d stumbled back over them in my playlists the other day — so this is a nice bit of serendipity. They’re still incredibly new-feeling, not even being a full year old now (and with minimal turnover!). In fact, I don’t get the why for this MV release. I will not complain about it, though! Continue reading

So Many Things Change, But Zenkimi Remains Stalwart

Hold on to your butts, gang; digital-I-don’t-even-know-what-anymore-core masters Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, hot off of their last teaser that put their usual through a blender, have another one for us:

And only about an hour late because of a stupid commute!

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Adventures in Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon #8

Previously on PuuTube
Lots of makeover montages.
Tentenko slaps Uika’s new boobs to funky music.

Episode 40: Dance In Your Pants

Oh, you thought the “First Summer Uika’s Magical Expanding Boobies And Bum Bum” episode from last week was cursed? Just wait until you see everyone put panties on their heads hands-free!

Episode 41: I got Puu Babe

“Non-chan, why are you so sad?” asked Megumi, concerned. “Did you have another nightmare about Saki in ganguro getup?”

“Not just that,” Nozomi weeped “I’ve got chronic flatulence!” -toot- Continue reading

Candye Syrup Is the Latest Reminder That Idol Is the Worst

You’ve probably seen it by now, considering that it completely trumped the BiSH stealth single release+MV yesterday, but, if you were living under a rock, Candye Syrup, new EP on approach and definitely on the rise, is now officially in their death throes, with full-on breakup imminent:

Yes, they’ll (minus one) still be performing in Arizona, though:

And wouldn’t you know it, while the members will be going their separate ways, Iku will be trying again with a new lineup in the near future.

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Maybe This Will Pique Your Interest in Aphrodite

Or, Wherein Maniac finally publishes a thing that’s a few months old.

We seem to be in one of those semi-regular doldrums period for idol, don’t we? I thought it was just a blip at first, given that summer singles were still popping up here and there, but no, it’s real. There’s like nothing new! And at these times, it’s helpful to take a look at new things. After all, mid-to-late spring is a big time for idol debuts; likewise, there are usually so many debuts that “catching up” means “see you in several months.” Silver lining: It makes for a manageable editorial calendar!

However, normal, useful, interesting idol stuff can get lost in the churning gluts of idol activity, and it can be just as useful to play catch up at opportune moments as well. Take for example Aphrodite, who are neither new nor particularly unfamiliar, neither in these parts nor if you pay any kind of attention to chika idol. This post was originally going to be an Aphrodite Digest! Why? Because they were doing lots of stuff! In April!

Yes, “lots of stuff” refers directly to a membership shake-up (of course) and going on one of those single-per-month-for-three-months things, which itself culminated in: Continue reading

Papermaiden’s Nightmare Fanfic Yields the Greatest Horrors of All

The setting is the Maniac Mansion. It’s the wee hours of the morning. All is calm, the sun is bathing us in kind rays before his overzealous hours.

Wooden floorboards creak, waking up the master of the house. A beret-wearing bespectacled, unhinged creature stands still in the doorway, blocking the most obvious issue.

“What the… Papermaiden, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I let myself in through the staff door on your secret stage on the roof.”

Maniac begrudgingly starts looking for a notepad, jotting down “Buy better locks and install them ASAP,” yet another bullet point on his never-ending list of renovations.

“That clears up part of the how, but none of the what.”

“Well, I just stumbled upon a new idol soloist and I was wondering if I could cover them.” Continue reading

Let’s All Agree to Only Let BiSH Do Sneaky Releases

BiSH seems to thrive on stealth releases — folks were tweeting about a mystery CD single that popped up in record stores early today (Japan time):

Which for some reason I could only find a really recent photo

What could it be! Would there be an official announcement or anything? Several hours later, yes, of course, but also an MV! Continue reading