Under Beasty Just Announced a Third Single

This is pretty fun! Under Beasty, whose name always makes me giggle a little bit, announced a soon-to-come third single at their show tonight (in Japan, the past is the future!):

Oh good, you’re thinking, I am happy for Under Beasty but come on, when are you going to do a BiStory Countdown #0? And to you, friend, I retort.

For one thing, of all of the metal idol acts rolling deep along the same sets of clubs with the same basic bills over and over again, Under Beasty has somehow managed to stick out as of a different caliber. Maybe their music catches on better, or maybe it’s the very straightforward way they present themselves, their soft-but-real embrace of visual kei, I don’t know. I just root for them.

And for another, they’re completely independent. Not we-do-our-own-thing-under-non-major-management independent, but we-manage-ourselves-thank-you-very-much independent. That’s great. That’s awesome. Appreciate.

Now that you deserve it, here’s some live video from tonight:

5 thoughts on “Under Beasty Just Announced a Third Single

  1. It’s strange, I did not think that Under Beasty were all the great when I watched their two promo videos but after going to Japan and attending their lives I absolutely fell in love with them and they’re now one of my top 3 favorite underground idol groups.

  2. Yua told me that she writes the music herself and does the choreography together with Yumu. They do have staff at events though. I remember this one guy in particular, who always wore a surgical mask and who I assumed was their manager, handling the money and taking (cheki) pictures.

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