‘KILLER BiSH’ Will Be Pre-released on iTunes

At this point, any cryptic overnight tweets from any WACK artist about news coming at a particular time in the very near future should be taken with a mix of awe of dread. Such was my response to seeing BiSH send out a note that news was coming at 20:00 JST.

“Something’s fishy,” I thought. The BiS audition finals timing, the Billie Idle turnover … too much potential for something malign to be in the cards (“Aina the End has been traded for Maina the End!” was very possible).

But nope! Just good news!

Basically, beginning on Monday (Labor Day, how considerate), BiSH will have their major-label debut KILLER BiSH for sale via iTunes for all of 300Y. That’s like $3.00, you guys, or 97 Euros or whatever (I do not understand exchange rates). There’s an additional note about that price and old music, too, but I don’t know what “pokkiri” means.

Here’s them in U.S. iTunes (along with everything else called “Bish,” apparently, because computers are dumb); here’s iTunes Japan.

Via Natalie.mu, here’s the track list:


  3. ファーストキッチンライフ
  4. オーケストラ
  5. Stairway to me
  6. IDOL is SHiT
  7. 本当本気
  8. KNAVE
  9. Am I FRENZY??
  10. My distinction
  11. summertime
  12. Hey gate
  13. Throw away
  14. 生きててよかったというのなら

So much for “earth” making it in there …

This is a full month before KILLER BiSH will be available in stores, and at way below price (probably). I say, buy lots of copies and share them with your friends!

Also, that little teaser track is pretty and all, but I’m going to be pissed if BiSH becomes the Coldplay in this whole scenario.

5 thoughts on “‘KILLER BiSH’ Will Be Pre-released on iTunes

  1. Trying to help rally the troops on this one and get people outside of Japan to understand that we need mark out hard for this thing. I’m seeing some resistance, mainly some grumbling that they’ve already pre-ordered and they’re not about to buy it twice, and others who just don’t like iTunes/digital media. (which I’m sympathetic to their feelings)

    But people need to understand that this isn’t just about buying music, this is casting a vote with $$$. If this album drops online and sells beyond expectations, this will be a message to BiSH, their manager, and to AVEX that there is a real demand from a serious fan base in the West. This low-price iTunes thing is a market test, and we need to pass it.

  2. Kick ass, 3 bucks US is less than 10 bucks Canadian! I’m an iTunes-hating Bandcamp boy, but maybe I’ll make an exception if it doesn’t show up anywhere else.

    First thoughts on the track list: Whaddaya mean there’s no “OTNK ’16 ’16?”

    AM i FRENZY?? Something tells me the answer is yes, they are frenzy. I wonder how much of the album has Ayuni and if Hug Mii is on any of it. How long has the new kid been waiting in the wings?

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