Emomomomo Taking Interesting Turns

I stand in complete solidarity with Yellow on the issue of those poofy hair things

Things got a little heated online the other day when Hissatsu Emomomomo — bizarrely, not even close to the most ridiculously named thing in idol to debut just this year — started to get out some new, important things. For instance, there’s a new (venue-only) single on the way:

What a charming, if idol-typical, little track! I hope they release that MV onto YouTube soon!

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XYZ Will Live Again; I Have Questions

Lee shared this in the group the other day:

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May This Lift Wagamama Rakia to Real-deal Prominence

Oh heck yeah! It had been so long since Wagamama Rakia was legitimately on my radar that the last reference to them I’d seen was a not-recent Facebook post to year-old video of theirs. I knew they were around because the members are hilariously busy on Twitter, but whether they were ever actually up to much of anything, I legitimately didn’t know. And then today, exploding out of the fandom woodwork, came what must be their first MV in like … a really long time. Which would make sense, seeing as how it’s their second single. I had to think about that. It’s been a long time!

That’s solid work

They also uploaded a bunch of pro-cut live video from their one-man: Continue reading

What’s SHiX up to?

Ah, SHiX. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but: Remember when they were like the darling of the alt set for a hot minute about a year ago? I should hot-key that sentence.

But SHiX! I always genuinely got a kick out of them, with their weird guerilla marketing tactics and definite anti-idol vibe. I count … nine total posts and other references to them since we were first introduced; here’s the most recent actual post, wherein we heard one hell of an unfinished recording.

So, to answer the question in the title:

Their first official single, apparently. Give this a gander: Continue reading

Check out This Live One from WiLL

Man, do you guys remember that hot minute about a year ago when WiLL was one of the darling acts of the alt set based entirely on the fact that they sometimes do cool rock and electronic sounds? I do. That was a good time. I’d even link to an example, but, you know, the word “will” doesn’t search very well in an archive, and “world ill” just throws the dang directory into a tizzy.

You are not here for that! You are here for this:

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Would You Like a Preview of PiGU’s New EP?

You should! PiGU has established themselves as nothing if not a solid good time, and like a miniature membership soap opera to boot. I’m quite literally shocked that they didn’t get even more love for one of the most twisted MVs of the year, at the very least. But heck, it’s been a tough one for Osaka’s cosplay cafe house idols — membership turmoil and the like limited their releases to a mere handful in 2017. And there’s still time to get in one more!

It’ll be out next week. If you can get it, you should buy it. Continue reading

You’ll Have to Put up with My Takes on Up Up Girls Material Today

Kerrie, our wonderful weeaboo witch, had her computer crap out on her, so she begged off of doing her job as official Hello! Project correspondent and also WACK Meme Lord for Homicidols.com and instead asked that I do something with this new MV from Up Up Girls. I told her that she was more than able to continue to post from her phone, which she refused to do. I then threatened to withhold her pay, only to realize that contributors to Homicidols.com get paid in respect and bubblegum, so my threats were well and truly impotent. You’re stuck with me!

Good morning, friendly people who might still believe that I am Kerrie! Last week, in addition to the wrestling thing, there was also a solidly great new release from Up Up Girls. It was actually a B-side of their new single. Per Kerrie’s request and because it makes sense, here is the A!

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Babymetal May Have Just Confirmed a New Album

It feels like my timing was off for a Babymetal release by the end of the year (though I get a keep-the-seat-warm strategy, too), but today’s confirmation of an appearance at Rock on the Range in May — and thereby backdoor confirmation of a U.S. tour in 2018 — combined with other stuff that we already know, is screaming out that an album is impending.

By the way, that’s some good billing! I wondered where they were starting to rank in the overall heavy milieu — coming out ahead of Asking Alexandria and Trivium and Black Veil Brides, etc., that’s pretty good, or at least good marketing. (Also, Maynard, you’re gonna be a busy dude.)

I’m disappointed for Code Orange, though

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I Want to Carve out a Totally Unique Award Just for Himegami CRISIS

Everything about this gets all kinds of great.

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Well, Kaqriyo Terror Architect Isn’t Messing Around

We knew that “Yubikiri Genman” was a good track, but this new MV just sews up the package so well:

Komachi, how could you?!

Kaqriyo Terror Architect wouldn’t be a proper Codomomental outfit if they weren’t at the very least starting off in deliciously dark directions, and this is a hell of an entree for a second single. Leaving the song alone for a minute, the video’s mostly just straightforward idol stuff — except for that deeply foreboding love-in-the-shadows routine that, of course, culminates in Komachi’s murder of Megumi (WHY). I don’t know where this thing about love and death comes from, but it’s a company staple, and emerging as one of my favorite moves of theirs. Continue reading